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This is the place to discuss all those "other" non EQ1 related games. ie EQ2, WoW, VG and all the other evils! [Public]

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Postby Vhaelrun » Sat Jan 13, 2007 6:04 pm

Greets again :)

Couple points for people saying Hi. And I'll be terse since I'm writing this while in game - if something wanders by its going to kill me.

I have the go ahead and rank to invite anyone to HC.

For those that do get guilded, I do ask that you register on the forums and say hello out of respect to HC. Its alot of new faces and they don't want a big clique getting invited that never says hi to anyone. That said, since no one knows you, its quite possible few will say hi at first. It's also extremely likely they are being chased by someone with an axe becuase they are a very pvp heavy guild. It's hard to type when being chased by people with axes. (I've tested it, its true) If you are hanging out just taking an EQ break, that's np. But think of it as going over to someones house and please give the owners some respect :)

After registering for the forums you must hit the join hallowed crusaders button. The officers will activate you if they recognize the name. Otherwise, guild forums will be invisible to you. Stickied in the main guildlounge is the server password for the guild FTP site and Vent servers. Plus relevant raid loot info should you plan to do that at some point. The FTP sight contains all current blizzard patches and most popular mods.

Raids are not frequent atm due to pvp changes. Most people are doing that. Before that it was 5-6 a week or 1 day for pvp groups. There is a planned exodus to warhammer in 1 years time by about half the people. HC changes games fairly frequently. Its been together for years but be prepared for that when it happens. cause it will. I've played: DAoC, EQ, Never Winter Nights and WoW with them. And thats 2 dif servers for DAoC and WoW.

2 month rule:
Unlike MLF, HC boots people that have been inactive for 2 months. Kat hates a cluttered roster with lots of inactive alts. She regularly declares war on them and /gremoves. You are welcome back in should you login.

And thats all I have to say about that.
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