Off to Vanguard for a while, change needed.

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Postby Myisha » Wed Feb 14, 2007 1:15 pm

LOL Ren!
I agree that it is a good game and has lots of potential. Yes it has its bugs but what game(or even expansion) doesn't?? As the months go on the things that need to be fixed, added, deleted or whatnot will and it will be a great game.

It is a nice change from playing EQ all of the time. I got burned on EQ. Plus with me being a student again and a mom...kinda hard to get back in the swing of things, as in raiding and grouping. So When I can I play VG just to see what I can see, do, or whatever, solo. I am in a guild but right now I am not grouping with anyone because I am having a slight problem with my video card when i play VG. Gotta get that checked out. Other then that I like is relaxed like EQ use to be. Now everyone is rushing to get things done or be the first to do something in EQ.
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Postby Blabberpuss » Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:57 am

I'm on Flamehammer, and I play a Paladin named Kikkit (go figure). It's purty and fun. I am a lvl 301 Diplomat, I went that way cuz it was something different.

Close this thread IF your system is average. You WILL be dissappointed. The graphics system is rough to handle. I bought a new video card, and ATI X1950 Pro or some damn thing, and MORE importantly, I defragged my hard drives with a GOOD defragger, and it fixed the skipping, warping.

I enjoy the peace and wide open spaces that Rags mentioned. And the ability for a Paladin to solo. Go to Qalia (Khan) and head out into the desert and just get lost. Truly amazing visuals.
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Postby Darkjakel » Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:08 pm

Woot hey Rags!!! Still a monkey eh?

I'm playing Vanguard, I'm on the Florendyl server. Name's Ugthok. Orc Dreadknight if ya must know! Level 17 at the moment. Yep, old DJ has alot more responsibilities now, so I don't play all the time like I use to in EQ. They are getting the kinks worked out and we are enjoying it alot. Everyone else has said it, so I will too... potential!

Anyway, if any of you do play Vanguard, get on Florendyl and shoot me a hello! And rags, if you tire of that server, you can come to Florendyl (role playing preferred server). Love to see you again. There are even times in Vanguard that remind me of EQ, but it can never be the same again <cries>.

That goes for any of my other old friends, you know who you are!
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