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Free to return home

Postby Faliniel » Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:05 pm

((WARNING: This story written by a High Elf from her own perspective. This may paint certain people in a more "goodly" light, when in fact they are still jackasses even if she thinks they're secretly softies *Just for you Darkenr, because I know you're gonna think I made you seem like a pansy hahahaha*))

"Fal..." an insolent and melodic voice intruded on her weary mind.
"Faliniel, it's time to get up."

Sitting up she raked her hair back behind her ears with a sigh,
looking up at the dark elf standing before her with a tiredness that
spoke of trials and not travel. Looking around her in the growing
light she had been startled to see how the Nektulos forest had changed
so much. Looking at the expression on her friend's face she gave an
inward sigh, her image shimmering briefly until she was a female copy
of the form standing in front of her. "Happy now?" she mockingly said
to him, a smirk that was mildly mocking her only answer.

Turning her head she gazed in the direction she sensed the magical
tome in, her eyes full of longing. Looking back over to her friend
she took his hand and stood up, brushing off the dirt from her ragged
robe with all the dignity she could muster in such a state.
Shouldering the light pack (Darkenr didn't want her carrying anything
too heavy just yet, she was still recovering from her capture. He
could be cruel but not THAT cruel...) and hefting her staff she fell in
behind him after breaking up camp.

While they walked, she recalled the first night she had been sensible
enough to talk. She was huddled by the fire, watching the flames
dance within in silence. With gentle coaxing, she began to tell her
story. How first she was struck with wonderlust, desiring to see the
new sights that had opened up to all, and her arrest for not having
the funds for a room in one of the new places that viewed newcomers
dubiously at best. How she spent time rotting in the cells until she
was sent to an encampment that put everyone to work. At first,
there'd been hope she'd manage to work and buy her way back, but gave
up after the half-hearted attempt when earlier pleas to go to the
banker and obtain more money was ignored. She didn't blame the people
who imprisoned her or sent her to a labor camp...she'd experienced
worse just for being a High Elf in areas where the so-called "evil"
races lived.

Still, she was greatful that with some assistance from fellow
guildmates (more dark elves, mostly, and ironically...), she would now
be making her return home. She'd been away far too long from those
she'd missed most, and knew eventually she would be found and rescued.
Faliniel was also greatful for her friends persistance, for once they
almost had her free and she was recaptured again, this time to molder
in a scant building. At this point she fell silent for a moment, a
haunted look in her eyes. Without another word Darkenr had pulled her
into a quick embrace, silently telling her that all would be well
again, more needed to be said. He did not need to know why
her hair that was once a rich red was now a gleaming white. She was
safe now, and that was all that mattered. Dark elf he may be, but he
was her friend and a fellow guildmate, and they all did care for each
other in their own ways. She supposed her being raised away from her
stuffy ancestors probably had something to do with it.

Fishing out spell scrolls from her pack that she'd managed to save and
recover, she studied each of them in turn. Sadly, they still made
little sense to her, she had a vague idea of their purpose but
couldn't use them yet. Glaring at her friend as he peered at her over
his shoulder, she insolently stuck out her tongue as his words echoed
in her head of "give it time Fal, you'll be able to use them soon
enough", which only served to make him chuckle in that snide ways of
his that both infuriated and warmed her. Stuffing the scrolls back
into her pack she stepped up to the tome that was wound within a
living plant and placed her hand upon it, focusing on the Plane of

Startled at first by the emptiness of it she looked around slowly,
seeing only the guards with the occasional person wandering here and
there. Saving her questions for later she started off again, but
Darkenr snagged her arm and dragged her into an empty building.
Tapping the stones carefully he found what he was looking for and
pulled one free to set it on the ground. "We managed to put together
a welcome home gift...well, a handful of us anways" he stated
matter-of-factly and pulled out another pack, setting it at her feet.

Tears welled in her eyes as she pulled out the items one by one,
disappearing around the corner to clean up and change, the illusion of
a dark elf female melting as she did so. Examining herself in a dirty
mirror she smiled at the image, and returned to the main room with her
head held high. With an almost sneering chuckle her friend shoved
himself up from the wall and crossed his arms "Well now, there's the
High and Mighty elf I'm used to seeing..." and she made a rude gesture
while smiling. Gathering up their things they settled off with her
walking at first, then nearly running to the guild halls. Excitedly
she flew through the doors scant seconds after she murmured the
password and skidded to a halt in the middle of the stone floors,
panting heavily. Her smile grew wider and her image flickered into a
Vah Shir so she could give a roar in greeting, and the cheers of the
more familiar faces warmed her heart.

The illusion dropped she joined her guildmates in a rousing cheer that
had stayed etched in her heart and mind for all the time she was gone.
It was their creed, their motto, the very essence of each of these
people's deep-seeded pride and love. It was a light not only in her
darkness, but in others before her and likely others after. Raising
an ale that was handed to her by a dwarf bedecked in red and black
plate (she planted a kiss on his forehead for such) she lifted it high
into the sky and with the brightest of smiles she cried in her loudest
I'm not shy, I'm just examining my prey...
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