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Postby Faliniel » Sun Mar 05, 2006 3:38 am

The form of a female high elf pops into existence in the Plane of Knowledge. Shaking her head and looking around, her eyes take in the bustling activity. "Not much has changed..." she says wryly, and takes up her staff. Slowly meandering around she waves to familiar faces and smiles at a few new ones. Walking up to the guild halls she swallows her nervousness and gingerly touches the door, whispering the password that hopefully will still gain her entry. Much to her relief, the door opens and she enters the hall.

Looking around and seeing few people, she slips quietly into the hall and tiptoes to a quiet corner where she can watch things unobserved for a moment. Closing her eyes she reflects on all that she's seen and learned during her abscence. Most of all she realized just how much she missed this place and the people within it. Briefly she looks around for her twin, but does not see him. Probing the atmosphere slightly she picks up a sense of pride and elation. "Good" she thinks, "They have made it into Qvic...I only hope I'm not too far behind." Sighing softly so as to not give away her position, she continues to watch as people filter in and out of the guild hall.

A voice catches her attention and she turns to it, recognizing a rather surprising form. Her eyes widen and she struggles to not cry out with joy, instead keeping to her quiet and shadowed post. Waiting for a moment she carefully slips around the stairs, her ears listening intently for indication that the one she saw was finally left alone. Straining to hold in a giggle she carefully tiptoes up behind him, then pokes him in the ribs. Shrieking and giggling she runs away as a troll bellows "ELF!" and takes off after her.

"It is good to be home!" she thinks as she smiles, her giggles echoing off the hall walls as she continues to try to avoid being caught and squished to death.
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Guild Hall

Postby Fleeting/Saeene » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:33 am

Hehe.. I like it :-)

Postby Euan » Wed Mar 14, 2007 3:29 pm

/bump to get this ahead of the restored archives
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