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My story

Postby shaco » Fri Feb 01, 2002 12:14 am

From now on I'm going to start writing my story portion by portion here on the website.<br>To catch you all up Shaco Human mage,Striffer Iksar monk,and Luamili Human Paladin all are traveling to Chail Shaco's home city. And they are just entering a valley now with weapons drawn.Its night time.<br> If Shaco wouldn't of had his pet they wouldn't of been able to see anything.Shaco stepped into the shadow and when his pet caught up he found himself face to face with two skeletons.He yelled,"run!".Striffer and Luamili turned to do so and found themselfs encountered by two more skeletons.Luamili and Stiffer began hacking,slashing, and bashing the skeletons,but the skeletons seemed to keep comeing and the broken bones mended themselfs.<br> All chance at winning seemed lost until they saw what they thought was a a blue streak of lightning striking somewhere in the shadows.What the saw come out was a Woodelf bard in full lambatien armor.She was also weilding two Crystallyne Blades.The woodelf ran into the army of skeletons and began destoying all that tried to stop it and this time they stayed destroyed.Soon she was at Shaco and the skeletons retreated. <p></p><i></i>

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