Story continues,The Heroic Slaying

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Story continues,The Heroic Slaying

Postby shaco » Sun Feb 03, 2002 11:19 pm

I've had some problems finding my own post,but thank you for whatever responses they had.<br>I don't know where I left of so I'll jump in somewhere.<br><br>They each fell asleep a good distance from the city.<br><br>The next day Luamili was the first to rise.She didn't wake anyone and she took a stroll.She wandered her way back to the valley and when she looked into the herizon she was terribly frightened.She ran back to the place where they all had set up camp and woke Shaco.<br> They both paced back to the valley.Shaco looked with Luamili at what had fightened her.It was an enormous tower extendinding high above the clouds just on top of a mountain.They headed to the mountain together where Shaco departed from Luamili.<br> Shaco turned many twists avoiding the gnolls scouring the area.One spotted him so he ducked into a small crook.The gnoll just passed him.He turned away from the main mountain area to find himself staring at a Techaol Troll.The troll Swung his humongus,bulky hand at Shaco and Shaco barely dodged it.Shaco Blasted it with lightning,but it seemed to barely affected it.Shaco seemed certainly defeated until a flash of light lit the morning sky and just infront of Shaco landed Doane,master paladin thought to be lost after the ultima war.Doane Slashed a burning gash into the giant troll and it responed by swinging its hand at him.Doane avoided it and struck it under the left breast.The troll then swung both of its arms trying to crush Doane,but he had leaped far into the air above the trolls reach.Doane came back down shoving his sword far into the trolls thick skull and it fell with a loud thud dead to the ground. <p></p><i></i>

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