I didn't think...

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I didn't think...

Postby Shaco » Thu Feb 07, 2002 12:41 am

I didn't think that I could add to many more than Flintrok and Doane,but each of you that wanted in I believe I can make room for you all.<br>Shaco Mysticsoul<br><br>Characters are-<br>Flintrok-Dwarf Paladin,Hero,Stops everything for a beer,Master Drunken.<br><br>Doane-Human,Master Paladin,Unbeatable so far in his class,Knight of Valor.<br><br>Merien-Halfling Druid,Saved many times by the Great Flintrok.Very young,but still persistant on aiding Flintrok on his many quests.<br><br>Intrinix-Enchanter of all,Adored by many women.High elf enchanter.Best in his class.<br><br>Taggas-Devourer of much,Master Drunken.Warrior respected by all.Halfling of the Underfoot.<br><br>Pyronious-Erud mage,Master of pets.Summon of most.Defeater of all. <p></p><i></i>

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