Fafner's tale - Part 2. "Last Train to Halas"

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Fafner's tale - Part 2. "Last Train to Halas"

Postby FafnerMorell » Sat May 04, 2002 11:01 pm

(As continued from Part 1...)<br><br>No sooner than I had began my long run back to Halas when I heard a scream “NO! YOU FOOL!” I turned back to see the dark elf shouting at Delas, who was bent over the decaying giant corpse in the Permafrost gateway. Suddenly, from out of an immense archway, a living ice giant appeared. It spotted Delas and charged. Then, another giant appeared out of nowhere and joined the fray.<br><br>The first giant tossed the dark elf aside, interrupting her attempts to cast a spell. Her loyal skeleton leapt to her defense, but being sandwiched between full strength ice giants, was quickly ground to dust. With that, the giants turned their attention to the original perpetrator.<br><br>Delas fled to us, his ill-gotten sword in hand, as we stared in horror at the two giants behind him. There was no need for McCleary to command us to run – we all realized that there was no way we could withstand the onslaught, and off across the open tundra we ran.<br><br>Across the hill, across the plain, and then falling down onto the frozen river we fled. Tossing aside the precious steel, for we could barely carry ourselves. To Bandl we fled: Bandl who guarded the way to Halas, and who slew the mammoths or orcs who ventured too close. For overly adventurous youths to run to Bandl was both a tradition and a disgrace. At this point, we did not care about the disgrace.<br><br>The two towering giants charged across the tundra, crushing anything in their path. The thundering footsteps could be heard for miles. Moth, McCleary, and I all exchange glances as we ran, all realizing in the same instant “Could Bandl kill two giants? Could ANYONE kill two giants?”. As that thought crossed our minds, fatigue set in. The spells which McCleary and I had cast much earlier began to fade, and we felt weak and slow. The remaining steel we carried felt heavier than lead.<br><br>“Snowflake” said Mothball. “SoW” said McCleary. “Strength” said I. And with that, a plan was formed.<br><br>McCleary and I halted on the northern isle where the river forked. Mothball dashed towards the giant, but angled to intercept the one further back. McCleary cast his spell upon her as I cast mine, and suddenly, a burst of speed and strength encompassed her. Bathed in blue light, she slashed out at the giant – her great sword slicing but the smallest nick in his toe.<br><br>Still, it was enough. That giant charged after her, while the other continued towards McCleary and I. We would take our giant to Bandl, and Moth would take hers to the guards at Snowflake. We cast our spells on each other, and then ourselves. By the time we finished, the raised foot of the giant was directly above us – falling like a wall. We darted to the side.<br><br>WHAAM! The blast of wind from the near impact of the giant foot threw me forward. I stumbled as I resumed my run, but regained my footing despite sliding down a steep decline. I could no longer see McCleary, and had a sinking feeling that he might have been crushed. But there was no time to check.<br><br>I could see Moth, now ahead, her ice giant in tow, heading east towards the brilliant red sun. I headed southeast with mine. Delas also heading to Bandl, a short ways behind me, waving his sword as he ran. I could see a pack of mammoths ahead, and turned to avoid them. Delas charged on ahead.<br><br>“Giant to Snowflake” called out Mothball, her voice resonating in across the canyons of Everfrost. Folks would have risen from their slumbers at this hour.<br><br>“Giant to Bandl”, I also exclaimed. <br><br>“Giant to my ass” echoed back some wisecracker far in the distance.<br><br>Nearing Bandl, I could see his reaction as he watched me bring the giant in. A look of intense determination crossed his face, and he tightened his gloves to ensure a firm grip on his sword. He had fought giants before – he knew this would be a close battle, one which he would barely survive. But survive he would, if the Tribunal willed.<br><br>Some days the Tribunal is not kind. For as Delas passed through the mammoth herd, his sword struck a calf. As it howled in pain, the normally placid mother mammoths turned and attacked the foolish rogue. A band of orcs heard the commotion, and they too joined the fray.<br><br>I paused at the base of the mountain where Bandl was posted to watch the epic battle. I saw the swarm charging towards us. Five mammoths, three calves, three orc troopers with a shaman, and lone ice-boned skeleton followed Delas, and perhaps more. It seemed as if every ill-willed creature ever created had decided to join in the assault on Halas.<br><br>“Tundra to Bandl” I hollered, standing beside him. He snickered. “They’re not going to believe you, son. Hell, I wouldn’t have. Better run – this ain’t going to be pretty.” And with that, he rushed out, swinging his sword, to meet the giant.<br><br>“Time to die, ice giant!”, he hollered, launching himself into the attack. They traded blows of devastating force – the expertly wielded weapon versus sheer size and strength.<br>It would have been an amazing sight to watch, but there was no time.<br><br>I shouted to Delas “Don’t come here – he can’t fight all of this at once”, but to no avail. He continued his path, straight for Bandl – running past him, and the stampede of mammoths plowed over the mighty warrior. They washed over him like a tidal wave over a sand castle.<br><br>I ran through the maze-like canyons leading to Halas. I saw Mothball ahead of me, yelling “Giant to Halas, Giant to Halas”. Apparently the guards by Snowflake were mismatched as well. Our paths interested – I could see the wounded giant behind her, near death, but still deadly. And behind me was Delas, followed by a giant, and a parade of mammoths and assorted villains. We linked up, now running side by side, and her giant joined with the mob behind me.<br><br>We were nearing the side passage which led to the caves and the river around the village of Halas itself, and many people traveled here. The morning air, normally filled with the quiet sounds of chipping birds and snow falling, was filled with screams and shouts as folks saw the army of destruction bearing down on the city. Those that saw turned and fled back to the town, but for every person who left, a dozen more came to investigate the excitement.<br><br>“Go South”, Moth said to me, and rather than turning right towards Halas, we went past it and headed through another series of twisting corridors through the icy mountains. “The giants won’t be able to follow through to Blackburrow”.<br><br>The run seemed to last forever, and we never dared to look back. We could still hear the shouts of the townfolk, further and further in the distance as we ran on. We bolted past the guard Arnis, through gnoll-infested caverns, past the deep pit within, and then finally out into the sunny grasslands of Qeynos Hills, where we collapsed in exhaustion.<br><br>As I regained my breath, Mothball turned to me and said, “Have you ever been to Freeport? Perhaps a journey is in order.”<br><br><br>(To be continued, perhaps <grin>)<br>(editted - added a missing carriage return) <p>"Sad is the man who doesn't know about the unseen forces in the universe."<BR>-- Joseph Campell</p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=http://pub78.ezboard.com/ufafnermorell.showPublicProfile?language=EN>FafnerMorell</A> at: 5/5/02 10:15:21 am<br></i>

Re: Fafner's tale - Part 2. "Last Train to Halas"

Postby Threndor1 » Sun May 05, 2002 2:11 am

OUCH! I am laughing too hard!<br><br>WOOT! Nice telling of the tale, Fafner. <p><u><a href="http://www.magelo.com/eq_view_profile.html?num=120436">Threndor Zemporium</a></u>, 54 Illusionist<BR>Mystical Lightfighters, Morell-Thule<BR>Jewel Craft (250), Smithing (200), Tailoring (167), Brewing (200), Baking (153), Pottery (155), Fletching (200)<BR>Wearer of the 7th Shawl of the Coldain<BR></p><i></i>

Re: Fafner's tale - Part 2. "Last Train to Halas"

Postby Mothball Wabbithugger » Sun May 05, 2002 3:28 pm

Woot! That was Fantastic! ROFL<br><br>Boy, do I remember that day. And how I checked the MT board for days, afraid to log on anything but an alt, waiting to see a post about "Some IDIOT trained the Halas newbie zone with Ice Giants."<br><br>Mothball <p></p><i></i>
Mothball Wabbithugger

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