My encounter with the Blood Wolf

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My encounter with the Blood Wolf

Postby Gaionu » Sat May 11, 2002 6:18 pm

it twas my normall run though the great divide, to make my normall trading and banking in thurgadin my feet sped up with the speed of wolfs. As i approached the famed river near thurgadin i noticed mammoth strange paw prints in the snow . Bigger than any of the giants pet wolfs or the tracking wolfs of thurgadin. I used my mastery of tracking to follow the large prints until they suddenly disapered.... Suddenly i heard an ungodly howl, karana as my witness those red eyes sum up every evil in the world. I was scared, i shook it off and i ran for camoflauge in the nearest tree. But it was in vain this monster wolf with a thurst for blood was hot on my trail. I snared the vile creature it now approached me as a lesser rate. I called fourth all i could....... bees swarms of them. I watched as the wolf writhed and squirmed in agony a smile content on my face. I look around for some form of assitance but to no avial. I sat down to mediate while in my deep medition i felt a slight disturbance i quickly jumped to my feet but was assulted. The vile creature managed to pull its feet out of the ground and was on top of me snarling and baring its sharp pointy teeth i was fending it off with my hammer when i lost control and it took a bite a hearty full bite out of my arm. I writhed in pain but tried to forget about it. I then summoned foruth the cold chilling wind and the wolf was sent flying into a near bye tree it was down but not out. THe creature greatly wounded slowely stumped to its feet. I then used the nearest fauna i could find to bind the wolfs feet into the ground, it was immobilised. The plants slowly started to gain a stronger grip onto the wolf and began to snap its bones. Thats when i summoned fourth flame and fire from the deepest heart of the plane of flame to destroy the creature with a final strike of fire. The creature was now mortally wounded so i approaced it. It was wearing a odd device on its back some kind of...... harness. I unlached the buckle on it and took it and put it in my pack. I then examined the wolf and noticed its once evil red eyes had now gone back to a beatiful metallic black. The wolf called to me it reached deep within my soul as if to say "save me". Feeling very bad for this poor creature once under the control of the Giants of Kael Drakkel i used my control on nature to tend to its wounds, the burns from the fire, the broken legs from the roots, the stings from the bee, and the brused side from its toss into the tree. I bound its legs with bandages made of silks and used my magiks to heal it. The wolf Sprung to its feetwith a nod of its mighty head it ran off to join with his forgotten brothers and sisters. I took the harness the sign of my victory and resumed my normall trading and banking when i decided to head over to the local pub. Someone spoted the harness in my pack and reconized it he introduced himself as a coldain by the name of Voresh the Hunter he says " your indeed a powerful one lass the coldain could you use your services in eliminating an evil giant in the Great Divide bye the name of Fergul and so my quest to further assist the coldain began.......... <p><p align="center"><ahref=""target="_blank"><imgsrc=""border="0" width="330" height="175"></a><br>I took the <ahref=""target="_blank">What Mythological Creature Are you?</a> test by<lj user=peacefulchaos> !</p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=>Gaionu</A> at: 5/11/02 6:24:39 pm<br></i>

Re: My encounter with the Blood Wolf

Postby FafnerMorell » Sat May 11, 2002 7:15 pm

Woot! Nice story!<br> <p>"Sad is the man who doesn't know about the unseen forces in the universe."<BR>-- Joseph Campell</p><i></i>

Re: My encounter with the Blood Wolf

Postby Flintrok » Sun May 12, 2002 11:40 am

Wooot !! awesome ! <p><a href="" target="flintrok">-=Current Profile=-</a><br><img src=""></p><i></i>

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