Its good to be a Wood ELf

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Its good to be a Wood ELf

Postby Grenebulax » Fri Sep 06, 2002 1:10 am

One day when the JP forest was still new and exciting to everyone i decided to go and explore, i was killing the poachers (not very easy i may add alone at my lvl at the time) Suddenly i had a named add, so i tryed to root to get away but of course it resisted, so i thought hmm lets run just then my sow was fading not knowing what to do i had a choice either stay and fight a battle i know i cant win or run like a little crying girl. Well i ran hehe, i only had about 120 hit points and no mana while getting beat on from behind i noticed a bear in front of me, next thing i new the bear was attacing the named poacher then several other animals joined the fight. I noticed that i wasnt getting hit anymore so like the fool I am i stopped and turned around, and what did i see!!!!! There were 3 bears 2 griffs 2 wolfs and a panther defending my life!! SO i sat down and watched them and was just amazed how they helped me. Now everytime i see a wood elf killing an animal I jsut tell them shame shame if ya only know how much they loved ya! <p></p><i></i>

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