A mother's love

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A mother's love

Postby lalaody » Fri Oct 04, 2002 2:18 pm

A bolt of lightning dance across the sky and lit the path ahead. I had two choices, I could keep traveling and hope there was shelter ahead, or I could lay down and die right here. Laying down and dying seemed preferrable at the time, but my mother had instilled a perverse stubborness in me that made me keep going. I had been traveling for weeks in search of him and I would find him or die trying. <br> That morning.<br><br>"Glory!" I screamed. I ran downstairs and screamed again. In a rage, I tore thru the small house in search of her. I yanked open the front door and there he was. Her new "friend". He was huge. His teeth were rotting and his breath smelled worse then the outhouse in midsummer. He was large for our kind and was obviously used to the easy life, for his middle was prutruding and his flesh was sagging. I spit in his face. "I will not let you do this, you filthy disgusting vile odious blackguard." I pulled my arm back to slap him but he grabbed my wrist. "Now girly, are ye sure you do not want to take yer mothers place? I like em with a lil spunk." He threw me down against the floor and laughed savagely.<br><br> "Lala dear, so good to see you up and about." I turned to see Glory standing there looking as tho butter wouldnt melt in her mouth. "Mother" I spat. "What are you doing..you know you cannot remarry...and I am quite sure this man has no holding to take you to. The cottage is mine, daddy saw to that before he died. He at least knew what you were by the end." I loathed her. With all my being I wished she would shrivel up and die right there on the spot.<br> "Belong to you, child? Ha! Unfortunately, my only daughter died of the breathing sickness not two days past...such a tragedy, but these things do happen and we must struggle to go on. Trovis...see to it." And I sat there, stunned. Of course, my mother has always been this way and it really should not have shocked me as much as it did.<br><br> Trovis reached for me but I was small for my age and ducked under his massive legs. I ran, like the devil was chasing me, for if he caught me I had no doubt he would do just as my mother asked. Luckily he was out of shape and could not keep chase. By the time I stopped running I was well beyond the furthest I had ever been and quite completely lost. Exhausted, I sat down. Shaded by a large maple tree, I threw myself to the ground and cried and cried. Then I raged. I lay down on the dark moss and slept, I would need more energy to go on again.<br> They were burning me! They found me, I dont know how, I ran so far... No!! Please Please dont!! SHE was standing over me waving the torch in my face....kicking me over and over. And then she changed. No longer was my mother standing there, but a tall dark man. He spoke to me softly, in a language I could not understand. But somehow, I felt at peace with him, as if all were right in the world. <br><br> A large bolt of lightning struck the tree and sent sparks flying. I sat bolt upright, still groggy from sleep. Fire! The tree was in flames and the fire was spreading rapidly. I rolled away and began to run. Wildly, I ran, half afraid of the fire, and half afriad they would find me somehow.<br><br><br>End of chapter 1<br><br> <p></p><i></i>

Re: A mother's love

Postby Flintrok » Fri Oct 04, 2002 2:27 pm

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