For the Dain!

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For the Dain!

Postby Pasquatch » Mon Mar 31, 2003 11:18 am

An old, grumpy cleric here, with a short tale of a war...<br><br>I sat in Thurgadin one day, practicing the skill of fletchery... why on Norrath the gods decided it was important for me, a dwarven cleric to master the art of fletching still boggles me. <br><br>But, I digress.<br><br>As I was busily practicing my craft, I overheard the rumblings of some adventurers, it seems as though the Coldain were mustering outside the walls of the city, preparing for an invasion by giants! A little closer look revealed these adventurers to be a guild I was familiar with, the Mystical Lightfighters.<br><br>Now, having been around the proverbial iceberg a time<br>or two, I remembered occasions when the giant force succeeded in breaching the gates of Thurgadin and how they mercilessly slaughtered the poor citizens of this peaceful city. As an ally to Coldain, and friend of the Dain, I could not sit by and just let this happen, could I?<br><br>So, knowing that the lives of every citizen in Thurgadin, as well as those of hunting partners and friends was being placed in jeopardy, I offered my assistance as a healer, and was assigned a group to fight with.<br><br>Our assembled forces were strong, and with the aid of the Coldain, I saw that victory would be ours. Although the fights were long, and the Giants pressed the very gates of Thurgadin at one time, they were repulsed, time and time again. No giant would enter Thurgadin, not today.<br><br>The war ended, as all wars do, and the spoils divided, congratulations and celebratory chants rang through the crisp, cold air, and the Great Divide returned to it's usual state. The Dain and his people would be spared today, thanks to the Mystical Lightfighters.<br><br>All in all, it was an exciting, well fought campaign, and I was honored to be a part of this heroic occasion.<br><br>Sadly... responsibility beckons, and now I must continue to practice this infernal craft of fletching. Because one never knows when one might have need of a bow and a quiver of arrows, does one?<br><br>/salute<br><br>Venerable Boraf Undertall<br>62 Priest o' Brell<br>Protectors of Kindred Souls<br>Friend of the Mystical Lightfighters <p></p><i></i>

Re: For the Dain!

Postby Flintrok » Mon Mar 31, 2003 12:14 pm

Was indeed a great victory that day! I have no doubts that the added blessings of Brell which u imbued us with were much a part of that my brother. <br><br>The Dain and our brethren are saved once again by the blessings of Brell!<br><br>May your fletching run smooth, and may Brell guide your path my friend...till we meet again!<br><br>/salute <p><a href="" target="newFlint">Baron Flintrok Ironforge</a><BR>Crusader of Brell<BR>Proud Guild Leader of<BR><a href="" target="newMLF">The Mystical Lightfighters</a><BR><BR><a href="">Trilain, 36th lvl Druid</a></p><i></i>

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