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Alluvus History

Postby Danortim Alluvus » Wed Dec 10, 2003 1:55 pm

When the world of Norrath was first born and scarred by Veeshan and elves planted by Tunare upon various planets of the universes Innoruuk enters the picture creating a vile and deadly race known as the Tier 'Dal or commonly called the Dark Elf.<br><br>It was at this time a dark elf named Coruptus was born in the old city of Gukta when the Tier 'Dal ruled it's slimy underworld caverns and halls. Coruptus was baptized in the blood of Innoruuk at birth and grew up his first 25 years knowing his place in the world.<br><br>When Coruptus was 25 years of age the great Troll - Froglock wars began. It was a time of brutality, death and indiscrimenant killing out of fear. The war which lasted ten years had ran the Tier' Dal out from under the world and forced them to seek a new home. Many of them died by the hands of humans who worshipped Quellious who felt they were defending their lands from the hoardes of evil.<br><br>Coruptus's mother and father were slayed before his eyes which caused great hate in the young child of darkness. Quicker than he could react something swooped him up, paralyzed him, and ran into Nekulos Forest with great speed like none Coruptus had even heard of in his short thiry-years of Innoruukian schooling. Through the forest he carried Coruptus Alluvus passing amazing creatures and large rock people. Half-dazed and partially unconscious Coruptus could not tell whether what he saw was real or not.<br><br>Suddenly it seemed there was a great smell of sulfur and brimstone and the heat was almost unbearable. The captor kept running at a dizzing speed over volcanos and across rivers of lava.<br><br>Coruptus knew this would be the end of him. He had heard stories of the hideous light races and the humans who live above ground and about the evil and terror they would bring upon the Dark Elf race. Coruptus was taught that lighties were evil and killed without mercy and from what Coruptus saw this was true.<br><br>Atop of a huge volcano the man stood with Coruptus still in his arms looking down at a cave on the side of the crater. The heat was unbearable as they passed into the cave. They came to two huge steel door which opened for the human.<br><br>Inside where beasts never seen by the eyes of coruptus. Flying creatures and the odd part was every race could be seen in this temple of fire. Corutpus was boggled to see that these various races that he had heard about worked in unison for a single purpose.<br><br>Coruptus heard a voice of a female, and then the captor with his blazing silver platemail threw Coruptus to the ground and said to the female, "Hail Villisa".<br><br>Villisa in turn replied, "Hello, always good to see you Artrone or any worshipper of Mithaniel for that matter. What have you here?" Villisa smiled at the young Tier 'Dal who was still half conscious.<br><br>Artrone looked at Villisa and spoke, "Take this one and show him the truth so that he may start the new outlook for the dark ones."<br><br>Villisa looks back at Artrone, giggles, then mumbles, "well at least this one may be young enough."<br><br>Many years Coruptus unlearned the ways of Innoruuk while learning the ways of Solusek Ro and Wizardry. One hundred and seventy-Five years passed and it was time for Coruptus to leave the confines of Solusek Ro's Temple.<br><br>Coruptus did not know where his kind lived but had heard rumors that the dark ones had set up and built a new home under the forest of Nektulos. He was nervous about going back to his kind as he no longer hated nor believed in Innoruuk.<br><br>It was at this time that he met Thelaskir and together they started the Order of the White Hand to eradicate and bring justice to the humans and elves who made their journey to Neriak so bloody.<br><br>Day in and day out for the next hundred years or so slaughtering elves and humans were the order of the day. Nightly raids were made on outlying cities and towns. Elves and humans died by the groves. The bloodshed and entrails laid across the East Common lands and Greater Faydwer causing Tunare to command another group to create an army to stop the pointless slaughter of her minions. Her answer came in form of the Cour de Lions. A group of foolhardy, brash and brazen races dedicated to wiping out all evil.<br><br>The Cour de Lions battled furiously against the evil ones. Norrath had essentially become a land of blood and darkness. These were the dark ages of Norrath.<br><br>Coruptus during these times had a child named Danortim which he hid away in the Temple of Solusek Ro for fear of his child being assasinated by the evil humans and elves. Unbeknownst to everyone Danortim Alluvus learned and grew smarter and faster than his father could ever have imagined.<br><br>Coruptus and the Order of the White hand met on the plains of South Karana by the Paw Gnolls. With a single mighty blow the matron of the Cour de Lions was annihlated. Coruptus then yondered out of sight and Mallo decreed Coruptus public eneny number one.<br><br>One unfortuneate day Corputus was found by his guildies being chomped on and fought over, torn in half by two cyclops arguing over who was going to eat the half rotten carcass. It was on this day that Danortim swore that every Cour de Lion would lay breathless under his feet.<br><br>/ooc this chapter is done :0) Corutpus made it to level 31 before I deleted him like 3yrs ago heehee./ooc <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=>Danortim Alluvus</A> at: 12/10/03 1:11 pm<br></i>
Danortim Alluvus

Re: Alluvus History

Postby Flintrok » Thu Dec 11, 2003 10:35 am

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