The Rise of Danortim

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The Rise of Danortim

Postby Danortim Alluvus » Thu Dec 11, 2003 3:36 pm

It was a balmy night outside in the realm of Lava Storm, inside the swealtering heat of the lava pipes brought forth power to the Temple of Solusek Ro. It was on this Balmy night that Danortim Alluvus met Thelaskir. A necromancer and leader of the Order of the White Hand.<br><br>Thelaskir stood their emotionless with the rage of Innoruuk in his blackened eye sockets. He stared down at Danortim, and the young Dark Elvin wizard was not scared because he was in the safety of Solusek Ro and his minions of the temple, but was concerned why this necromancer had made the journey form his caves to talk too Danortim.<br><br>The ambiance of the situation grew extremely intense and then Thelaskir spoke, "Your father is dead and was murdered by Mallo and the Cour de Lions!"<br><br>Not really knowing his father all that well but still having the need of a father was instantly enraged and shocked at the proclaimation. It was at this time that Villisa explained in detail the history of his father for whom he rarely saw. Realizing that his father was a great wizard and a good father for wanting to protect his son exclaimed, "Then Mallo and all who follow him will die!"<br><br>An impish, dark grin spanned the length of Thelaskir's face as he saw the spark of hate ignite within Danortim Alluvus. Thelaskir's lips opened yet again, "You father would have wanted you to have these things."<br><br>Thelaskir threw a backpack of Coruptus's goods that they salvaged from the dead body after annihlating the cyclopses that were fighting over his rotting corpse. Inside was a full set of magnificent clothing, garb and gear with great magics that would greatly boost the wizards already growing powers.<br><br>The next morning dressed in his father's garb and looking like the spitting image of his father minus some scars of war. He vowed to uphold the laws of Solusek Ro as well as saying goodbye to Villisa and his home that he had known for over one hundred years.<br><br>Danortim pulled out some of the maps his father had given him and found his way to the Dark Elf city of Neriak where he joined Thelaskir, Rogrog, Thoruk, Wraithin and the rest of the Order of the White Hand.<br><br>Danortim could not stand all the hate that the Order had for everyone, and the wizard knew that all races could work in unison to suit a single purpose, but knew his idealisms would only create waves of decenssion and right now Danortim needed to use the strength of the Order.<br><br>This was the begining of the rise of Danortim!<br><br>/ooc more to come :0) <p></p><i></i>
Danortim Alluvus

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