Unleashed: The History, Chapter 1.

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Unleashed: The History, Chapter 1.

Postby DragonFinder » Fri Jan 02, 2004 6:41 pm

Ten years had passed since Unleashed had seen his parents slain in front of him... he was still a young Iksar, but now, he was strong enough for the Swifttail Order to finally accept him in. He had received a summons from Grandmaster Glox that the time had come to be tested.<br><br>When Unleashed arrived before the Grandmaster of the Swifttail Order and handed back the summons Glox handed him a Shackle of Dust "This Shackle of Dust is yours Unleashed, it marks you as a member of the Swifttail Order. And this one..." Glox then handed Unleashed a second shackle, "Was your father's. He wanted you to have it when you were strong enough."<br><br>Unleashed gave Glox a nod then set about doing the tasks he was given... slaying a few scaled wolves here, a decaying skeleton there. The stronger he became, the harder the tasks he was given...<br><br>**********************************************<br><br>A day finally came when he returned to the Grandmaster after a long, arduous journey to the Sarnaks. The Grandmaster looked at him, then gave a nod of assurance to himself. "It is time Unleashed, you are finally ready to go out on your own. You no longer need the protection of the Swifttails to stay safe. You must now find your own path out there. Go find the Iksar Master in Timorous Deep if you need any help from now on. You have grown stronger than your father ever was Unleashed. It is time for you to seek your vengeance."<br><br>Unleashed packed what few belongings he had and set out for the mainland.<br><br>Upon arriving on the shores of Antonica, he met a strange High Elf... now, he did not take too kindly to High Elves, seeing as how his family were all killed by one. But this one was different... he could sense no hatred inside this one.<br><br>"My name is Eleile. I am a high elven priestess. Who might you be young Iksar?"<br><br>Unleashed walked up to her, he stood tall and proud... even though he was much taller than she, she was not intimmidated by his size. "My name is Unleashed Thundersoul... oldest, and last son to Mishlak and Ssakarii Thundersoul. I am a monk of the Swifttail Order of Cabilis. I have come to this land to seek vengeance upon my family's murderers."<br><br>Unleashed and Eleile became very good friends, they went on many adventures together. They went to Velious to kill Cougars... to the Crystal Caverns... they travelled all over Norrath. One day, Eleile was healing his wounds after a battle when she said... "Unleashed, I am a member of the guild Wraith Lords, and we would very much like it if you joined us in our cause."<br><br>Unleashed looked up at her, "I would be honored to join the Wraith Lords in their struggle."<br><br>**********************************************<br><br>Unleashed went on many adventures with his newfound companions, he became especially good friends with the founder, Yanuk. Yanuk even promoted Unleashed to general.<br><br>With the Wraith Lords, Unleashed grew strong and powerful. But, sadly, all good things do not last. A day came when greed overtook his new companions, they all set out for bigger and better things. They wanted more money, more power... things Yanuk could not give to them. So Unleashed said goodbye to them and watched them all depart... then he too left them because he could not bear to watch it fall apart. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=http://pub78.ezboard.com/bmysticallightfighters87964.showUserPublicProfile?gid=dragonfinder>DragonFinder</A> at: 1/13/04 1:43 pm<br></i>

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