Unleashed Thundersoul: A darkened path with a darker soul.

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Unleashed Thundersoul: A darkened path with a darker soul.

Postby DragonFinder » Thu Jan 01, 2004 8:36 am

Unleashed stood before the Lightfighter Guildhouse, looking at the doors whilst the rain poured down upon him. He stood there remembering his past... how he got here, and why....<br><br>The story begins with a young Iksar, and his younger brother. They were outside in the cold winter storm honing their skills. Their mother was out hunting for food, and their father on another of his journeys. Unleashed's father was a prized Swifttail monk for the army of Cabilis, his mother, a powerful shaman. Unleashed trained every day to be as powerful as his father, his brother trained to be a shaman, like their mother. Little did Unleashed know... that this night, his life would forever change.<br><br>He and his brother, done with their training, went inside to get warm after being outside for so long. Their mother had already come back with the night's meal, sabretooth meat from a tiger in the Overthere. She was busy preparing it as her sons walked in. This family did not speak much... they loved each other a great deal, but hardly ever spoke. Shortly after they sat down to their meal, Unleashed's father walked in the door from his adventure. They all gave each other a nod of welcoming, then his father sat at the table and they all began to eat.<br><br>Hours later everyone was finished with their meals and the boys were about to go outside to practice some more when three strangers walked into their house.. a barbarian carrying one very large battle axe, a human wearing a black robe followed by what looked to be.. his skeletal pet, and lastly... who appeared to be the leader, a high elven priest.<br><br>"What do you want with ussss?" Mishlak, Unleashed's father protested. His mother quickly rushed from the other room.<br><br>"Get behind usss boys. Hide yourssselves well." She ordered.<br><br>The high elf spoke next, "We, the Three have come to collect a bounty upon your heads. A bounty set there by the Elders of our peoples, the Barbarian tribes of the north, the Humans of the west, and the High Elves of the east. We are to bring back your heads, Mishlak and Ssakarii, to our High Council of Elders."<br><br>"Over our dead bodies." Mishlak growled with his lip curled in a sneer.<br><br>At that the Barbarian charged Mishlak, battle axe raised high, the necromancer sent his pet against Ssakarii while chanting something at them both... the priest began healing the barbarian as Mishlak fought hard... Ssakarii was quickly dispatched by the necromancer's pet and spells... Mishlak himself soon fell too... the Barbarian removed Ssakarii's and Mishlak's heads as proof of their conquest. He turned to the kids...<br><br>"One day, you'll want to seek us out... when that day comes, we'll be waiting..."<br><br>"That day is today!" Unleashed and his brother both yelled with hatred.<br><br>The barbarian flung them both aside with one blow... Unleashed fell unconscious... <br><br>When he awoke, he found his brother to be dead, his parents decapitated... and their assailants long gone... Unleashed clenched his fists...<br><br>"Sssome day, I shall find them... and when I do... all three will pay with their own headsss."<br><br>Unleashed blinked away the memories of his childhood... that was a long time ago, he has grown since then, stronger than his father, stronger even than his mother... the last thing he has of his father's is his old Shackle of Dust... he drew up the hood on his cloak and opened the doors to the Lightfighter Guildhall....<br><br>/ooc to be continued... will probably do more of Unleashed's past before the Lightfighters.... and Mishlak made it to 19 before i deleted him... and Ssakarii made it to 34 before my friend deleted her... <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=http://pub78.ezboard.com/bmysticallightfighters87964.showUserPublicProfile?gid=dragonfinder>DragonFinder</A> at: 1/2/04 4:30 pm<br></i>

Re: Unleashed Thundersoul: A darkened path with a darker sou

Postby Flintrok » Fri Jan 02, 2004 7:18 pm

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Re: Unleashed Thundersoul: A darkened path with a darker sou

Postby kuwe » Sun Jan 18, 2004 2:46 pm

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