The Mission That Make Me A Legend

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The Mission That Make Me A Legend

Postby kuwe » Sun Nov 24, 2002 10:51 pm

The night air was cold, but the moon bright. Bright moons are a human’s <br>best friend on a night<br>journey. Human eyesight is not the best in the lands. Soon I would be <br>home. Home. It had taken me a long time to find a place to call home. <br>Not really a place, more like people. Mystical Lightfighers.<br><br><br>My mind drifts back to the night that has lead me on this journey. A <br>Family Meeting was called. Our supplies were running low in certain areas. <br>Certain people or groups of people would have to travel far and wide to <br>replenish our vault of treasures. It was announced that most of these <br>missions would be dangerous. It would involve risking our lives. It was <br>imperative that was stand For Honor and Light in each and every battle. If <br>we failed, another family member would have to attempt the task.<br><br>I sat listening as the assignments were being called out. A name was <br>called, then a seal envelope given to the person who would be leading the <br>mission. On the envelope was the destination of the mission, inside <br>disclosed the mission itself. It was not to be open until the outer limits <br>of the area. Name by name was called. Groups were formed. I watched as <br>my brothers and sisters grouped off and discussed provisions to take, what <br>route was best, and wondered what was their mission. My feet began to <br>shake. I so wanted to go on a mission. I wanted to help the family. I <br>was not the best paladin, but I had slain my share of dragons.<br>Then it happens. Aaylia Templaer. My heart jumped a beat as I ran to <br>the podium.<br><br>On my envelope was written " Freeport : You must go alone". Freeport. I <br>could not possibly go to Freeport. I mean I could, but I had to travel the <br>sewers once inside. Everyone knew that. I had burned ears off telling my <br>story of killing Lucan. The corrupt guards would kill me on sight. I <br>had been forced to travel there in my youth. I had not been to Freeport in <br>ages. I almost protested, then realized that this must be a very <br>important mission. I was being instructed to go alone. My pride and ego <br>was about to burst. I had been picked for the most important mission of <br>all. I was to go alone, so that must mean that I was the only one <br>qualified for this task. Perhaps I was the best Paladin in the family.<br><br>I headed off to Freeport. The route to take was simple. No dragons, no <br>lava, no nothing really.<br>I had a month to complete the mission. I would hurry to Freeport because I <br>felt a heavy battle lay ahead. My thoughts were that the corrupt militia <br>had completely taken over all of Freeport. Perhaps because Freeport was my <br>birth land, it was assumed that I knew all the secrets. I did not know any <br>secrets and my mind raced as to how I alone would fight such an army. <br>Certainly, it would was known that the entire family would be needed to <br>conquer such a force. Maybe I was to capture only one guard. Maybe Lucan <br>had been returned from the death somehow. I certainly was the most capable <br>to kill him, easy. Maybe we had allies in Freeport who were going to <br>assist me in my defeat of the cruel militia. There were a lot of ‘maybe’ <br>running through my head. Whatever the mission was, I would complete it for <br>Honor and Light.<br><br>I finally reached East Commons. I could hear my knees shaking. This was <br>it. My mission.<br>The envelope safely hidden in my backpack held the destiny of myself and my <br>family. This mission would make me a legend. Even if I died, I would be <br>on the lips of man, woman, child, and beast.<br><br>I slowly opened the envelope. Inside it read:<br><br>Aaylia,<br>Thank you for accepting this mission. Collect as many batwings as you can <br>from the West Gate area of Freeport. I know you are kill on sight, so <br>watch for the guards. Stay for as long as you can and still be back in a <br>month’s time. Remember, collect as many as you can. Hurry back as soon <br>as you have all you can carry. Our family has always had a special sweet <br>tooth for batwing crunchies. Report to the Master Bakers as soon as you <br>return.<br>Thanks again. <br><br>-Aaylia Templaer <p></p><i></i>

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