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Patch - October 30th

PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:10 am
by Pherawk
*** Highlights ***

- Steamfont Revamp: The sounds of gnomish cheers and clockwork gears echo across the continent of Faydwer as the Steamfont Mountains transforms its appearance.

- Halloween Events: Citizens and denizens of Norrath and beyond will encounter new and old ghoulish tasks and fiends as the spirit of Halloween takes over EverQuest this eerie season. Visit the EQPlayers website for more information about the Haunted Activities.

- Hot Zones: New Hot Zones have been created! Be on the lookout for new items and content in the following zones:

Level 20 The Castle of Mistmoore
Level 25 The Permafrost Caverns
Level 30 Trakanon's Teeth
Level 35 The Warsliks Woods
Level 40 The Dawnshroud Peaks
Level 45 Velketor's Labyrinth
Level 50 The Deep
Level 55 The Temple of Droga
Level 60 Nobles' Causeway
Level 65 The Halls of Honor

*** Items ***

- Improved several Rogue usable 1HP weapons from TSS and TBS.
- The last stage of the smithing trophy has become easier to evolve.
- The cultural and template books are now also not tradable on the Firiona Vie server.
- Cultural items should now have a tribute value.
- The Elegant Ogre Cultural Smithing books now include the Warborn armor recipes.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The clockwork tailor near the loom in Ak'Anon should now be carrying the proper items. Additionally the high elf and wood elf merchants have fixed the problem with their deliveries and are now carrying their own items instead of each others.
- Some secrets to making Mistletoe Cutting Sickles and the Inferno Scepter have been discovered and they have become less difficult to make.
- Disabled the water of terror recipes, the rest had already been disabled.
- Duskwoven armor now uses the correct thread.

*** Previously Updated ***

- Gretamog in Ogguk, and Zok Drup and Zok Gleeup in Rathe Mountains should now be carrying the proper items. Additionally, the Tanner family in Freeport welcomes their daughter Josephine to their business. She offers the human and half elven cultural threads.
- Gralbug and Puglala in Ogguk, Frankle Ironhair in Rivervale, Draan N'Ryt in Neriak 3rd Gate, and Garren D'Vek in Neriak Commons should now be carrying their cultural items.

- The EverQuest Team