June 9th, 2010 Update notes

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June 9th, 2010 Update notes

Postby Pherawk » Wed Jun 09, 2010 4:37 am

Here's a sneak peek at Wednesday's Game Update Notes:

*** Highlights ***

- A new set of Hot Zones are available. See Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge for details.
- DPS mercenaries are now available. See your favorite mercenary liaison and pick up a "Melee Damage" type which uses physical attacks or a "Damage Caster" type which will cast spells from range.

*** Items ***

- Lowered prices of Augmentation Distillers from Class VI to Class XX.
- Items in Tier 7+ mission chests can now be sold for Brellium tokens.
- Pulsating Crystallized Cosgrove Shards can now be bought and sold for Brellium tokens, but brilliant shards can only be purchased in the Shining City.
- Added a recast group to The Magic Lute's effect.
- Improved the Agreable Alleviation effects on Scepter of Creation, Battle Staff of Torment and Whisperwind, Kertrasia's Voice.
- Set a hate override for Brell's Blessed Soothing Wave and Brell's Sacred Soothing Wave.
- Increased the mana return on Brell's Blessed Invigorating Relief and Brell's Sacred Invigorating Relief.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Lowered the trivial for the Wood Panels and Ornate Trim recipes used in the quest 'I Hope You Can Hear This'.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Changed where the reward chest for Bonfire of the Adherents spawns so that it will no longer interfere with other peoples' chests.
- The chest given out when completing the Bonfire of the Adherents mission in Lichencreep will disappear (with warnings) if not opened after fifteen minutes.
- Removed the silver tokens rewarded from the quest 'In The Face of Danger' and added them to the quest 'Goos Gone Wild'.
- Unburrowing - Fixed an error that reduced the hit points of npcs in the early waves of the event.

*** Spells ***

- Second, Third, and Fourth Wind have been moved to a less-conflicting timer.
- Twincast should once again work properly on spells with recourses.
- Bard - Increased the range on Voice of the Mindshear to 75.
- Bard - Increased the effect radius of the Lively Crescendo line to 300.
- Bard - Raised instrument effectiveness caps on higher ranks of the SoF and SoD Chant songs.
- Bard - Increased the number of charges on Arcane Arietta and Arcane Anthem to 4.
- Enchanter - Compliant Lurch is now located under the Utility Detrimental - Movement right click spell menu.
- Enchanter - Increased the proc limit on all ranks of the Mana Resurgence Aura to 6.
- Necromancer - Corrected an issue with Bestow Undeath Rk. III that was not allowing it to proc on detrimental spells.
- Paladin - Reduced the cast time and global cooldown of Devout Cleansing.
- Paladin - Increased the healing component of Splash of Sanctification by 10 percent.
- Paladin - Splash of Sanctification has been converted to a more conventional cure. While it is no longer guaranteed to cure a detrimental effect, it can cure more than one effect at once now. It should no longer remove effects such as Cascading Rage.
- Ranger - Flusterbolt has been changed to allow for a more effective memblur effect.
- Shaman - Shortened cast time and increased recast time on Severilous' Spear of Venom and Ice Sheet.
- Warrior - Reduced the cost for Lionhearted Rally-Cry Rk II and Rk III to match the first rank. Further changes may be coming for this ability.
- Wizard - Harvest spells have been changed to an instant mana gain with a 12-second cast time and a slightly longer global cooldown.
- Wizard - The Self-Immolation spell will only backfire once per cast, and will not reflect back if all targets resist the spell.

*** NPC ***

- The Ash Golem's Rain of Ash ability in Lichen Creep should no longer cause other NPCs to aggro.
- The Mistress of Pain in Convorteum will not cast her Soulscream ability as often.
- Fixed an issue with The Collector's spell timer in Convorteum. He will no longer continually cast Burst of Unlife.

*** AA ***

- Fixed an issue that could cause those under Fade effects to appear invisible to other PCs after becoming visible to NPCs.
- Bard - Furious Refrain is now available to train at level 59, giving increased riposte chance on incoming damage as well as protecting the bard from enrage damage.
- Beastlord - Reduced the chance for Chameleon Strike to be resisted.
- Berserker - Frenzied Defense now has the ability to protect against enrage damage.
- Berserker/Warrior - Renamed Furious Rampage to Hastened Rampage to remain consistent with other abilities of the same type.
- Monk - Return Kick now has the ability to protect against enrage damage.
- Shadowknight - Moved the timer for Hate's Attraction so it no longer conflicts with Summon Companion.
- Shadowknight - Death's Effigy will now correctly cause NPCs to forget about you.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- DPS mercenaries are now available. See your favorite mercenary liaison and pick up a "Melee Damage" type which uses physical attacks or a "Damage Caster" type which will cast spells from range.
- Fixed an issue causing some mercenaries to not accept Bayle Marks.
- Fixed a potential zone crash caused by some right-click item scripts.
- The "auto-hater" state for the extended target window should now save and load properly.

- New Hot Zones are available:
- - The Lavastorm Mountains
- - Blightfire Moors
- - Firiona Vie
- - The Gulf of Gunthak
- - Goru`Kar Mesa
- - Natimbi, the Broken Shores
- - The Broodlands
- - The Bloodfields
- - The Barren Coast
- - Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
- - The Elddar Forest
- - The Loping Plains
- - Old Blackburrow

*** Previously Updated ***

- Hastened Fortify Companion should now correctly reduce the reuse timer on Fortify Companion by 2 minutes per rank for the first three ranks and 3 minutes per rank for the next three ranks.

- The EverQuest Team
"In today's content, HP doesn't mean anything, it's your AC that marks your progression as HP will always be there (you can't get upgrade without HP, but you can get upgrade without AC... the later being the bad choice)." - Yoda on TSW about warrior AC.
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