Patch Notes - November 10, 2010

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Patch Notes - November 10, 2010

Postby Jorrell » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:01 am

November 10, 2010

*** Items ***

- The outdoor items available from Lorekeeper Arbel Neklene can now be traded.
- The "Box of" place-able items that show a particle effect now have no collision on the box.
- The ice cream churn, mixing bowl, and fly making bench intended for housing placement are now able to be placed properly.
- Corrected the description of the Alleviating Burst item spells.
- In order to prevent looting problems, Tangible Dream Fragments (for rank III spells) will no longer stack.
- Added the Twist of Nightmares IV focus that is present on the Ritualistic Doll to Sharra's Ritualistic Doll as well. Corrected the spelling of both item names.
- Corrected the appearance and name of "All Rare Ear." It is now named Engraved Prayer Earring.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Tradeskill vendors Rathen, Graylenn, and Trepek have moved closer to the gates of the House of Thule.
- A new tradeskill trophy carry-all is available for the highest tradeskill trophies. You can either trade in the temporary bag to Jolum as with the others, or simply use the temporary bag in place of the essence in an appropriate tradeskill container.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when opening tradeskill containers if too many recipes were memorized.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Looting the Rod of the Sandmen and Buckets of Timekeeping sand should now properly update "A Few Buckets of Sand" when looted from any sandman in Morell’s Castle.
- The task steps to loot the tomes should now be active at the same time the task step to kill the heretic pillagers is active for the "Raiders of the Sacred Tomes" task in Erudin Burning.
- Corrected the description of the loot task step in "Raiders of the Sacred Tomes."
- The Tattered Expedition Journal from the task "Uncovering the Truth" will no longer disappear when used outside of the Feerrott.
- The zone-in location for the Redemption mission from the first floor of the House of Thule has been moved to a safer location.
- Corrected text errors in the mission An Offering to Thule.
- Corrected an error that could cause players to not get credit for defeating the final encounter in the mission An Offering to Thule.
- The new cowardly shade in the mission Miragul's Vendetta now provides a way to leave the mission.
- The Librarian's Nightmare - When the raid resets, all players will be returned to the starting area.
- Ritual of Terror - Added new reset mechanisms to the raid. If the Tae Ew leaders are left alone for too long the event will reset. If the major terrors from Plane of Fear (Grime, for example) look for someone to kill and can’t find anyone in the area, the event will reset. Also, the mechanic that reset the event if it had gone on too long was tightened up and you have 25 minutes to finish the event once you get to the final stage.

*** Spells ***

- Increased blocked buff slots from 20 to 30.
- Fan Faire Request - Auras will no longer cancel each other out when multiple people in a group use the same aura.
- Bard - Added Wave of Dreams to the same option as Denon's Dirge of Disruption for Glowing Dream Fragments. If you already turned in a fragment for Denon's Dirge of Disruption alone you will need to choose that option again to get Wave of Dreams. You should have a new Glowing Dream Fragment in your possession if this happened to you.
- Bard - Added Sotor's Chant of Flame to the same quest option as Lyssa's Lively Crescendo for Glowing Dream Fragments. If you already turned in a fragment for Lyssa's Lively Crescendo alone you will need to choose that option again to get Sotor's Chant of Flame. You should have a new Glowing Dream Fragment in your possession if this happened to you.
- Beastlord - Changed the Growl of the Tiger pet buff from a reflected spell to a triggered spell. This should allow it to affect your pet correctly.
- Beastlord - Increased the damage done by Spirit of Kron Strike.
- Beastlord - Increased the attack and AC portions of Incomparable Velocity.
- Berserker - For legal reasons, Slap in the Face can now only be used on NPCs. It's a... well, you know.
- Cleric - Removed the mana cost from Fintar's Retort Effect.
- Cleric - Moved Healing Splash from the cure category to the normal healing category.
- Druid/Shaman - Increased the HP regenerated by Spirit and Talisman of the Relentless.
- Druid/Shaman - Increased the Corruption counters removed by Chant of the Tae Ew.
- Druid - Adjusted the stacking blockers for Timbercore Skin and Blessing of the Timbercore so that the group version can overwrite the single version (of the same rank).
- Druid - Corrected the illusion component of Arboreal Absolution.
- Druid - Increased the AC debuff on Argent Frost.
- Druid - Increased the AC and damage shield granted by Bonebriar Coat.
- Magician/Shaman - Increased the resistance debuffs of Malosene. The spell damage modifiers were not changed.
- Magician - Increased the damage absorption cap of Tellurian Stance.
- Monk - Increased the damge done by ranks I and II of Dreamwalker's Synergy.
- Monk - Increased the endurance returned by ranks I and II of Five Breaths.
- Necromancer - Removed the lifeshard requirement from Dismay.
- Necromancer - Moved Burlabis' Swift Venom from the corruption memorization category to the poison category.
- Paladin - Corrected the description for one of the spell options for the Minor Dream Fragments. This now correctly lists Earnest Purity and Propitiate rather than Earnest Fury and Respite.
- Ranger - Increased the AC on Protection of the Vale to match Cloak of Quills.
- Ranger - Called Shots is now located on the right click menu under Direct Damage-Physical.
- Ranger - Rotharran Radhelm has added Spell: Summer's Storm to his list of wares.
- Shadowknight - Increased the AC on Drape of Fear to match Cloak of Quills. Increased the HP granted by the spell.
- Shadowknight - Reduced the cast time and increased the recast time of Touch of Dyalgem.
- Shadowknight - Gorgon Lifedraw and Gorgon Shattering will no longer be able to trigger Gift of Mana.
- Warrior - Resolved a conflict between Flash of Anger and Weapon Affiliation. They should no longer interfere with each other.

*** NPC ***

- Fixed some flag issues with Buck Witherspoon and Salvonius in Sanctum Somnium.
- Professor Glumb in the Library will now call for help instead of running away from you. This change should prevent cases where he could fail to leave a corpse when killed.
- Wolves in Fear Itself now give the proper experience.
- The population of the new Feerrott should be more static now.
- Corrected several NPC text errors.

*** AA ***

- Enchant Feymetal and Mass Enchant Feymetal should now work at the correct level for each, and will appear in your AA window correctly.
- Wizard – Pyromancy Ranks 13 and 14 should now work correctly as described.

*** Player Housing ***

- Added code to allow placement of stationary pets on top of furniture without them falling through it. Moving pets may still fall through.
- Added in 3 new mappable item placement hotkeys: Rotate Pitch 90 Degrees, Rotate Roll 90 Degrees, and Rotate Heading 90 Degrees. Rotate Pitch 90 Degrees has a default value of Shift-D. Rotate Roll 90 Degrees has a default value of Shift-F. Rotate Pitch 90 Degrees has a default value of Shift-G.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Fan Faire Request - Guild banners are now un-targetable. The Legendary Norathian Standard no longer requires you to target the guild banner - it will work automatically if you are in the same zone as your guild's banner.
- Evacuating in Miragul’s Nightmare should no longer place you next to an ooze.
- Moved the safe spot in Fear Itself to a safer location.
- Made several refinements to pathing in the upper floor of the House of Thule.

*** UI ***

- Added in the "Done" button ability to the container window. It can be activated per type (standard, augment, combine) in the right click menu. Note when it is set it will close all of the currently opened windows.
- Fixed an issue where augment and tradeskill containers were not properly storing their sizes in the UI ini file.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Returned missing cultural items to vendors in the Plane of Knowledge. Corrected problems with the Halloween quests involving the Plane of Knowledge.
- Removed see-invis flags from NPCs in the upper floor of House of Thule as it is primarily a travel zone.
- Tick Tock - Corrected an issue that was causing the raid to hang before getting to the clock phase.
- Tick Tock - Fixed an issue that was causing NPCs in the to reset and lose agro.
- Tick Tock - Added a reset mechanism to the raid. Leave any of the NPCs alone too long after getting them angry and the event will reset.
- Tick Tock - Fixed an issue that could spawn multiple copies of Gananorn.
- A Cunning Plan - Reduced the damage done by the Architect, Monarch and Taskmaster slightly. Also, the Taskmaster’s Bullwhip Grab will no longer hit his most hated.
- Trial of Creation - Reduced the hit points of the insubstantial force.
- Death Beetle - Hatchlings will no longer spawn as a big group and will spawn in slightly varied locations.
- An Audience with Brell - Lowered the damage done by Armored Visage of Brell and Brell himself. Also set up a check to ensure that if somehow both the Arcane and Armored visages have the same person as their most hated target directly after they swap who they hate most, Arcane Brell will find a new person to hate most.
- Increased the number of Tangible Dream Fragments that will appear in House of Thule raid chests from 1 to 4.
- Increased the experience modifier in the following House of Thule instances that were set too low: Feerrott, House of Thule Second Floor, the Grounds, the Well, the Library, Erudin Burning, Al'Kabor's Nightmare, Miragul's Nightmare, Fear Itself, and Morell's Castle.
- NPC Trebor Ollijurt should now respawn in Field of Scale.
- All task NPCs for Halloween 2010 quest "Terror of Illis Taberish" should now repop after 7.5 minutes
- A few missions were displaying generic names upon zone in. Each of the zones associated with these missions now have new long names.

- The EverQuest Team

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Re: Patch Notes - November 10, 2010

Postby Migraine » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:25 am

Fan Faire Request - Guild banners are now un-targetable!!!!

I know there are class issues, spells and NPC stuff that was fixed but out of everything they did this is the one made me smile and dance!! !! Yay

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Re: Patch Notes - November 10, 2010

Postby Krrak » Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:08 pm

- Increased blocked buff slots from 20 to 30.
- Fan Faire Request - Auras will no longer cancel each other out when multiple people in a group use the same aura.

Actually these are the two lines that tickle my - uhh - well - you know what I mean :mrgreen:
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