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Patch notes - March 9th, 2011

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:52 am
by Pherawk
March 9th, 2011

*** Highlights ***

- The Neighborhood Beautification Board needs you to vote for the best house or yard in the neighborhoods. Go to your favorite house, click on the plot marker, and vote!

*** Items ***

- Removed haste from the House of Thule cultural raid seals. It didn’t stack with other worn haste and didn’t belong on those items.
- Corrected a math error that was causing Underfoot cultural charm stats to be too high when used with House of Thule cultural armor. They will once again have the correct stats.
- Bard instruments should now face the proper direction when mounting them on the wall in your house.
- Most housing items can now be shrunk even smaller when placing them.
- The Everlasting Chocolate Bar now correctly says who you are giving chocolate to.
- The Everlasting Chocolate Bar and the Box of Chocolate now have a one minute reuse time, and the food they produce will now have stats.
- The descriptions on Magician class armor have been changed so they no longer cut off in the examine window.
- The Profane Runebelt, Patchwork Animal Fur Belt, and Dreamer's Cord now have the appropriate number of potion slots.
- Changed the focus effect on the Maculatumite, Hemlock's Poison Band to Projection of Living Knowledge.
- The following mounts will now properly match their speed to the owner’s maximum mount speed - Armored Snow Puma Saddle, Sessiloid Saddle, Venomous Raptor Saddle, and Firescale Wrulon Saddle.
- The following weapons should now appear properly in the secondary slot - Hunter's Claw, The Alpha's Claw, Mesmerizing Ripper, Majestic Dreamclaws, and Maleg's Claws.
- The Ethereal Arrow now more closely resembles an actual arrow.
- The Gnomish Lightwave Inhibitor will now properly allow you to adjust the light level in your house. This item requires post effects be enabled to function.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The Half Elven cultural storage task now requires a Half Elven book as intended.
- Some cultural storage tasks were returning the incorrect book. This has been fixed.
- Celestial Solvent is now purchasable from the spell research merchants in starting cities.
- Spell hides are now able to be crafted on the progression servers.
- Removed some incorrect restrictions on some merchant-bought tradeskill items on Progression Servers.

*** Quests & Events ***

- The Eye in the Sky - Corrected a problem that was causing this task to fail with auras, mercenaries, or mounts in the area.
- Poison masters will now be more clear about why they refuse to assign quests.

- Vergalid's End - Goru Uldrock should be more willing to let adventurers test their might against his.
- Terror in the Dark - the Sticky Sap spell will no longer be triggered multiple times per Protofission cast.
- Terror in the Dark - the failure timer will now function properly. When it tells you that time has run out, it will actually run out.
- At World's End - Slowed the spawn rate of adds slightly.
- At World's End - Slowed the spread rate of the Whirling Distemper spell used by the book dervishes.
- The Essence of Dreams - Shadow of the Heart's spell Worried Dreams has increased in radius.
- The Essence of Dreams - The spells Reverie and Quiet Slumber have had their durations reduced.
- The Cages of Testing - Fixed a bug that could cause the event to reset incorrectly.
- The Cages of Testing - Players should no longer be stuck in a cage alone. When the raid changes phases, all players should be teleported back to the boss.
- The Cages of Testing - Fixed an issue that was causing some adds in Phase 2 to chain cast.
- Morell Ascendant - Wisps will no longer respawn once the event is successfully completed.
- Morell Ascendant - Fixed a number of targeting issues with the changing ground.
- Morell Ascendant - Fixed an issue that caused double spawns in the second phase of the raid.
- Morell Ascendant - Wisps in the second phase have been tuned down and will activate sequentially (as they do in the first phase).
- Morell Ascendant - The Nightmare Wisp's portal effect has been changed to be less punitive.

*** Spells ***

- Removed the spells Invigor, Extinguish Fatigue, and Jaxan's Jig o' Vigor from merchants. These spells have no effect on players and can safely be deleted if you have them in your spellbook.
- Re-tuned most Type 3 augments that modify House of Thule spells so that they grant their originally intended bonus percentages. The majority of these effects were increased.
- Player abilities that execute skill attacks will now do less damage in PvP combat. Damage against NPCs should be unchanged.
- Cleric - Fintar's Channeled Mark has had its effects and resist modifiers adjusted to match Mark of the Devout.
- Necromancer - Changed the Irae Faycite Shard: Splirt to Durus Faycite Shard: Splirt. Instead of adding damage to the spell it will now extend the duration by one tick.
- Necromancer - Scorch Bones will now properly add the Smoldering Bones debuff to your target.
- Paladin - Swapped values on Denouncement and Denouncement Heal so that the spell will now heal more than it damages.
- Paladin - Increased the refresh time of Righteous Indignation by three minutes.
- Paladin - Armor of Courage Strike can now stun enemies up to level 93.
- Warrior - Corrected the spell land message for Bazu Roar.
- Warrior - Flash of Anger Effect can no longer be affected by buff extension effects.
- Wizard - The Irae Faycite Shard: Pure Wildmagic line will no longer affect the Mindfreeze line of spells.
- Wizard - Corrected the description of Irae Faycite Shard: Ethereal Empowerment.

*** NPC ***

- Action Lashun should no longer have a name-tag above his head.
- The denizens of fear are no longer perplexed by Dread, Fright, and Terror's mysterious misshapenness.
- Vendors who sell weapon augments in starting cities will also carry the distillers needed to remove those augments.
- Fire opals have returned to any vendors that had stopped stocking them.
- An artist, Claire Nybright, has moved in to the neighborhood. She has several paintings available for your home.

*** AA ***

- A new ability, Tranquil Blessings, is now available. This AA is a fast-recast version of Mass Group Buff that will help guilds get back into action faster following a failed encounter. Players must be in 'fast regen' mode in order to cast this ability.
- Glyph of the Cataclysm has had its damage bonus reduced from 75% to 60%.
- Bard - Lyrical Prankster swarm pets have had their damage increased.
- Bard - Song of Stone swarm pets should now bash correctly.
- Bard - Increased the effectiveness of Dance of Blades rank 13-15.
- Cleric - Hastened Divine Intervention will now function for the upgraded spell Divine Intercession.
- Magician - Modulating Shards can now be created while in combat.
- Rogue - Hastened Frenzied Stabbing should no longer display duplicate entries in the AA window.
- Shadowknight - Increased the damage bonus slightly for Destructive Cascade, Soul Abrasion, Consumption of the Soul, and Harm Touch ranks 18-20.
- Shadowknight - All ranks of Mortal Coil should now be moved to the short duration buff window (some ranks were there already).
- Shadowknight - The AA version of Bobbing Corpse will no longer cast mana to cast.
- Shaman - Shaman now have access to the Extended Wild Growth ability.
- Warrior and Berzerker - Hastened Leap has been refunded and replaced with a new version of the ability. Its functionality is unchanged, but you will need to purchase the new version.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Removed several quest items that were dropping too early on the Progression servers.
- Titles have been added for the Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak'Aerr servers.
- Spell hides are now able to be crafted on the progression servers.
- Removed some incorrect restrictions on some merchant-bought tradeskill items on Progression Servers.
- Added a special poll for allowing corpse runs on Progression servers. Go to the Polls option on the EQ Button menu to vote!

*** Zek ***

- Player abilities that execute skill attacks will now do less damage in PvP combat. Damage against NPCs should be unchanged.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Erudin Burning - The horizons of Erud's nightmare have faded to a more sullen hue.
- Fixed a real estate layout details issue where if the first inventory item of a needed type was in a bag, it was not correctly counted.
- Fixed bug that was causing the loading screen progress bar to not show.
- Made some small tweaks to improve texture memory management.
- Removed several quest items that were dropping too early on the Progression servers.
- Titles have been added for the Fippy Darkpaw and Vulak'Aerr servers.
- Added in new Swap Houses right click functionality for real estate items. This is available when the player clicks on a stored house while in a yard they own and they have another house placed in the yard. The house swap will succeed if all of the items in their placed house can fit in the stored house (following total, archived, and npc item limits). Also, they cannot have a crate placed in the house or the swap will fail. If the swap fails they will receive an error message informing them of why. The previously placed house will be moved to wherever the stored house came from (it can go to the shed, the closet, or the moving crate).
- Fixed a bug where the quantity window did not work on merchants while the real estate items window was open.
- The slash command /outputfile realestate will now output your real estate items.
- The client will no longer crash when using Auto Inventory with an item on the cursor when the same item is also in the Ammo Slot and an Inventory Bag.
- Fixed a rare crash bug caused by Cleric Mercenaries.

*** UI ***

- Added a Polls option to the EQ Button menu.
- Made modifications to the Real Estate Layout help window.
- Changed the tip window so that if a new tip is opened, the scroll bar resets to the top of the window. If the same window that was previously opened is re-opened, the scroll bar should stay where it was.
- Changed the flow of the marketplace interface.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- Fixed an issue causing versions of windows older than XP to no longer run the client.
- The Shuddering Fungus and its placeholders will now spawn at the same rate as the rest of the zone.
- Returned Ghanlin Skyphire to his rightful position on progression servers.
- Bodbin Gimple and Bartle Barnick have decided they are not as scared of the flood of beings to Rivervale and have reappeared. Some of their goods will not be available until new supply chains open.
- Barkeep Clurg is now less apprehensive toward those wishing to form an alliance with him.
- Some gnomish translocators were recently caught taking unscheduled vacations. They have been shipped back to their posts and should once again help you in getting to your destination.
- Scout Rahjiq has left Progression Servers until it is his time.
- Corrected some rare NPCs in Erudin Burning that were not properly resisting slow effects.
- Terror in the Dark - The raid has been repaired and should function normally now.
- Ritual of Terror - General Grime's Glyph of the Horror will no longer be a possible requirement for defeating the auras of the Tae Ew leaders.

- The EverQuest Team

Re: Patch notes - March 9th, 2011

PostPosted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:53 am
by Pherawk
Warriors, please note that Flash of Anger has been reduced from 18 seconds to 6 because we weren't dying often enough.