Patch - September 27th, 2006

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Patch - September 27th, 2006

Postby Quix » Wed Sep 27, 2006 11:45 am

All EverQuest servers will be coming down at 4:00 AM PDT (-7 UTC) on Wednesday 9/27/2006 for a game update. Estimated downtime is 5 hours.

September 27th, 2006

*** NPCs ***

- Moved Ezna Connoy and Tavin of the Wild a little further south. While they are one with the animals around them, some of their customers were unhappy with their location.
- Increased the elemental essence drop rates off the four elemental gods in Planes of Power.
- Frannie in Surefall Glade now carries shiny new combine smithy hammers.
- Removed Spin Stun from the NPCs in Infected Paw.
- Improved run animations for both male and female Drakkin

*** Tradeskills ***

- Altered the systematic spell research spells Belt of Magi'Kot and Girdle of Magi'Kot to better match the systematic system.
- Added the spells Summon Glowing Bauble, Summon Platinum Choker, Summon Runed Mantle, Summon Sapphire Bracelet, Summon Spiked Ring, Summon Steel Bracelet, Summon Jewelry Bag to the systematic spell research system.
- Vergalid Clay, Medicinal Moss, and Vergalid Slave Manacles have all moved to Sunderock outside of Vergalid.

*** Spells ***

- Four of the mage summoned spells in Serpent’s Spine are now tradable.
- Damage from Necromancer and Shadowknight lich-type spells has been reduced by a third.
- The range on Mayong and Ayonae bane clicky items has been decreased.
- Several unresistable melee attacks no longer work on other players.
- Corrected a problem that was causing some spells to resist more often than they should.
- Bolt spells should now behave more consistently.
- Fixed a problem with illusion spells making everyone default to the same appearance.
- Invisibility should no longer stack with other forms.

*** Missions ***

- Several issues with the Finding Fibblebrap mission have been fixed.

*** Items ***

- The appearance of evergreen leaves on the ground has changed. They now look more leaf like!

*** AAs ***

- Corrected the level requirements for Greater Blood Tithe and Funeral Dirge.
- Players should now be able to get AA experience from Monster Missions.

*** UI ***

- Players using custom UIs should now be able to go back to character select from in game and see their characters.

- The EverQuest Team
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