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Patch - October 25th, 2006

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2006 3:30 pm
by Quix
*** Highlights ***

- The way that AA experience is granted within each con range has been adjusted. NPCs that are higher level within the con range will now give more AA experience than NPCs that are lower level, but con the same.
- In order for Sony Online Entertainment to provide you with the best possible customer service we will be integrating a new SOE Customer Service interface into EverQuest which will allow us to provide you with a Unified Front of customer support where all forms of service will have the same general look and feel in a centralized location. You'll also be able to view support and service requests in an archived history regardless of how you contacted us or what game you contacted us about! For more information on this change please read the announcement in "The Town Crier" on the EverQuest forums at

*** Items ***

- Warweaver has been corrected to be a Paladin / Shadowknight only weapon. Players who looted the item before the patch have had the item exchanged for a different weapon: Warsorrow.
- The damage ratios of several high-end TSS weapons have been retuned.
- The Cartographer's Loadstone has been modified so that stat increases are better spread over the quest's progression. The final stats are now achieved at the final step of the quest instead of the preceding step.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The recipe names for some of the poisons that use sketches have been made clearer.
- Some poison-making components have had their stack sizes adjusted.
- Fixed a misspelling in the title of Brodder's Lost Diaries.
- Enabled Fierce Heraldic for a more appropriate expansion on the progression servers.
- Crow in North Qeynos has decided to use the same supplier as the ones in AbysmalSea and now has a full stock of his brew.
- Smith Gyasi in Crescent Reach should now properly get more supplies when you offer him a completed ore shipment.
- Halima and Baker Kosey now carry a supply of beans.
- Rylin Coil will now give players any missing Tinkering Mastery books if they have already completed the task.

*** Events ***

- The Muramite Proving Ground trials will properly flag everyone currently in the zone when a raid is successfully completed.
- The Stitch event should now spawn properly after the ambush event is completed.
- The Cursebearers in Inktu`ta should no longer warp shortly after spawning.

*** Quests ***

- Many of the Ashengate faction quests should take less time to complete.
- Fixed the combine for the Flowers for Veldyn task.
- Shryyn's Quest "A Fair Trade" is now repeatable. Since this is now repeatable the experience given upon completion has been reduced. Additionally the quest item is now lore.

*** Raids ***

- Made some fixes to the King Odeen raid in Valdeholm. He will take a little longer to escape and will give warnings if you have almost given him enough time to escape. When he does escape the mission will fail outright. Also corrected some errors with the Commander Clanghor (his assistants won't run off without him) and with the High Keepers. You will now have to defeat them before moving on to the next part of the event and their ability to heal has been removed.

*** NPCs***

- The inhabitants of Frostcrypt will be more likely to see invisible individuals than they did previously.
- Reduced the level of Expin in Greater Faydark so he can be successfully pick pocketed again.
- Mesa Snakes have a bit less poison than they used to have, though the effectiveness of the poison is the same.
- Librarian Hemfar in Crescent Reach should now be willing to offer you the charm reward for turning in artifacts. If you did not receive the offered reward, hail him again.
- The swarm pet from the Savage Platinum Fists now functions correctly.

*** AAs ***

- Corrected the description of Mercy Kill so it properly reflects that it works on NPCs below levels 66, 68, and 70.
- Adjusted the way that AA experience is granted within each con range. NPCs that are higher level within the con range will now give more AA experience than NPCs that are lower level, but con the same.

- The EverQuest Team