Application from Kreature 76 Beastlord (Non-Raiding)

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Application from Kreature 76 Beastlord (Non-Raiding)

Postby Kreature » Fri May 28, 2010 4:00 pm

76 Iksar Beastlord
185 AA's
Alts: No alts.
Days played, etc: 4 days, 14 hours.
Timezone: MST (11am - 10pm)
Plans on attending / weekly (last attended: none)
Flagged for:
Epic Status:
Enjoy questing: Yes
Enjoy tradeskills: No - GM in
Enjoy about the game: Hanging out with my friends. I enjoy tackling difficult content and do enjoy raiding as well, but my current RL schedule is prohibitive.
Former Guilds: I was a member of Revelations. Prior to this return to Everquest, I was a member of Realm of Insanity before I stopped playing in 2005. RoI was a hardcore raiding guild that conquered all end-game content in its time. I was also a 5 year member of Blood of Vengeance during my WoW days (top 100 US raiding guild).
Orignal Owner: Yes I am the original owner.
Others have access to acct: No one.
Audio Triggers: Do not use one, but can get one if necessary.
Reason for joining: My friends from Revelations all app\'d and joined MLF, and I would like to stay with them, as well as make new ones.
Applying as a: Non-Raiding
References: I spoke to Pherawk, who directed me to the post board and this application. My friends that have recently joined MLF include Kolshak, Closedfist, Endlesshealss, Quandry, and Nurisaki. Quandry and Nurisaki are both RL friends for many years.
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