Application from Ailyen 75 Cleric (Raiding)

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Application from Ailyen 75 Cleric (Raiding)

Postby Ailyen » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:34 pm

75 High Elf Cleric
150 AA's
Alts: Selasen-70 ranger (unguilded)

Days played, etc: 23 days on ailyen. Had a Ranger on The Rathe with 140 days played.
Timezone: PST (5pm-12am (not always on but am available))
Plans on attending 3 / weekly (last attended: Werewolf from DoDh i wanna say Shyra? Over 3 years ago :))
Flagged for:
Epic Status:
Enjoy questing:
Enjoy tradeskills: - GM in
Enjoy about the game: Bein social and killin time
Former Guilds: Whit\'s End-> Started to progress, Then took a break due to frustration with getting groups and guild motivation.
Orignal Owner: Yes
Others have access to acct: No
Audio Triggers: ? I have a mic.
Reason for joining: Back in 00\'-06\' I played on the rathe and raided with a couple guilds,Blood of war (through velious/luclin), Audacia Venator (OoW,GoD,DoDh) I have never had as much fun since then and want to get back into progression.
Applying as a: Raiding

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