85 ranger rangerq

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85 ranger rangerq

Postby rangerq » Fri Sep 03, 2010 7:55 am

85 human ranger
1112 aas
Alts: mag kelien.
Days played, etc: almost 3 years
Magelo: have no magelo .http://eqplayers.station.sony.com/chara ... 8151799833
Timezone: 7:00est
Plans on attending 5/ weekly (last attended:Queen in OGV.
Flagged for: Void E UF T9 .con access
Epic Status: no
Enjoy questing: yes
Enjoy tradeskills: No
Enjoy about the game: i like playing with cool players ,clean fast and really fun. and make friends with them will be cool . beause they are cool people
Orignal Owner: Yes i am
Others have access to acct: my sister
Audio Triggers: No
Reason for joining: MLF was Old and cool guild. and i want join them for higher update and new raid target for fun.
Applying as a: Raiding
References: //
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Joined: Fri Sep 03, 2010 6:27 am

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