Application from Volkarin 87 Druid (Non-Raiding)

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Application from Volkarin 87 Druid (Non-Raiding)

Postby Volkarin » Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:39 pm

87 Half Elf Druid
2786 AA's
Alts: one seldom played sk lvl 26, almost never
Days played, etc: 1002
Timezone: EST (varies- 8 am to past midnigjht)
Plans on attending 1 / weekly (last attended: COA)
Flagged for: Void E
Epic Status: 2.0
Enjoy questing: Yes
Enjoy tradeskills: Yes - GM in
Enjoy about the game: doing quests with friends
Former Guilds: Undivided Allegiance most recently, before that Eye of Eternity, before that Elder Blades
Orignal Owner: yes
Others have access to acct: no
Audio Triggers: no
Reason for joining: One of my best friends is in your guild and I want to group with her more often - and my current guild is very small and there are seldom any people on for me to group with
Applying as a: Non-Raiding
References: Venusia will vouch for me - also I have spoken extensively with Runena as well as some other I do not remember right now

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