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Application from Thorengrum 80 Paladin (Non-Raiding)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2011 9:21 am
by Thorengrum
80 Dwarf Paladin
1100 AA's
Alts: I dont play any other characters regularly. I will occasionally box my friends druid and chanter to help him get some aa\'s. Their names are Parcatol(druid) and Insaneoh (chanter)
Days played, etc: 143 days
Timezone: EST (7-10pm weekdays weekends nights and whenever I get the chance)
Plans on attending 1 / weekly (last attended: Farming Anguish)
Flagged for:
Epic Status: 1.0
Enjoy questing: Yes
Enjoy tradeskills: Yes - GM in
Enjoy about the game: I like to crush things. I love smacking deadthings for 26k! I really like watching untargeted mobs drop like flys from my ripostes and damage shield!!
Former Guilds: Three, the first was two many years ago to remember the second Kocf, I joind ML after it was dead for use of the guild hall.
Orignal Owner: I am the original owner
Others have access to acct: nobody does now.
Audio Triggers: I have.
Reason for joining: Barl asked me if i would like to join. I thought it would be cool to be closer to him. I am happy currently with just having guild hall access. As soon as I get some more aa\'s I plan to level and then will raid if allowed to.
Applying as a: Non-Raiding