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Application from boraque 90 Rogue (Non-Raiding)

PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 5:28 pm
by boraque
90 Dwarf Rogue
1974 AA's
Alts: painlord-synergy.
Days played, etc: 105days
Timezone: PST (almost everyday.)
Plans on attending 1 / weekly (last attended: flippy,beast)
Flagged for: Crystallos (group), Crystallos (raid), Void A, Void B, Void C, Void D, Void E, Tower
Epic Status: Not Important to me
Enjoy questing: Yes
Enjoy tradeskills: No - GM in
Enjoy about the game: havin fun
Former Guilds: mlf
Orignal Owner: yes
Others have access to acct: no
Audio Triggers: eq in game
Reason for joining: looks like a guild thats growing.
Applying as a: Non-Raiding
References: saave