Rogue Epic 2.0 - Nightshade, Blade of Entropy

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Rogue Epic 2.0 - Nightshade, Blade of Entropy

Postby Quix » Mon Jul 03, 2006 9:32 am

Epic 2.0 - Nightshade, Blade of Entropy
- short and sweet: Details w/o NPC text.

Nedaria's Landing
You say, 'Hail, Lirprin, Head of Affairs'

Now you have opened the 4 "spy" task. These can be done in any order.

Gulf of Gunthak (Lairyn Debeian)
Lairyn Spawns in the Gulf of Gunthak in the 2nd hut behind the big lighthouse.

2 groups (mainly because you need the bodies to keep the shadowmen off him, but it can be done with 1)

You say, 'Hail, Lairyn Debeian'
You say, 'Liprin sent me'

Lairyn proceeds to run to the beach. He stands too the side of the big rock in the middle of the beach. (neg 490 by neg 320). Lairyn shouts a few zonewide emotes about the shadows coming to get him. This is your time to find him and set up very quicly.

There are 4 waves of 3 shadowmen that you have to keep from killing Lairyn.

There were 3 types of shadowmen. The Assassins were mezzable, but the Thugs and Enforcers were not mezzable. The first wave had 1 Thug and 2 Assassins for me. By the last wave they were all unmezzable. I'm not sure if it's random or if it's intentional to progress to more thugs/enforcers.

Most shadowmen drop healing potions that should be given to Lairyn to help keep him alive.
The 5th "wave" is Krill the Backbleeder. Lvl 73 shadowman.

Wave mobs hit for 600-800ish max, non mezzable
Krill the Blackbleeder hits for 1000-1600ish

Kill him
Loot a Bloodied Torn Parchment.
Loot a Krill's Head.

Give Krill's head to Lairyn.
[ ] You have confirmed Lairyn's innocence.

Iceclad Ocean (Longarm Larithim)
Find Longarm Larithim in the Pirate Camp

This is a 4+ group raid, 6+ would be better.

You say, 'liprin sent me'
You say, 'hear the tale'
You say, 'what happened then'

Received a 4 slot air-tight strongbox.
Spawns a lvl 80 Polar Kraken directly south of Larithim. p2850 by p760

Polar Kraken

the Kraken is semi-leashed. You have to fight underwater (the water elemental illusion is useful if u can get it, but not necessary). I've found it's best to have everyone stand on the ground at bottom of sea. Gather on the tank so that when adds come, they are all comming to same place. Adds can be fairly resistant and hit hard - most times they take out half the chanty's on first wave. Our enchanters tell me that standing on the bottom of sea, and using the farthest camera angle helps them with the targeting of adds. The rampage is single target i believe. And the AEs can be resisted - i used Infusion of the faithful, and i only seemed to get blinded once or twice. This fight is all about handline the adds.

here's some info on the AEs

Squid's Ink
1: Decrease HP when cast by 1500
2: Blindness(-1)
Chromatic [Lowest] -350

AE Snare at 50% health = Binding Tentacle
1: Decrease HP when cast by 2500
2: Decrease Movement by 30%
Prismatic [Average] -320

Hits for Quad 2k
AE Rampage for 500ish
Single Target DD proc 2275
He has a very small tether range so you must fight him underwater.

Spawns adds 4 at a time, they are mezzable. They despawn after about 1 min. Spawns are timed? or % based?

Loot the Polar Kraken and combine in the box given.
Chest spawns

Return it to Longarm Larithim and recieve:
[ ] Strongbox Half Full of Velixite

Nedaria's Landing (Durgin Skell)
Form up your raid and have them in Everfrost.

You go to Nedaria's Landing and talk to Liprin. (use the magus)

You say, 'some foolish expedition'

This starts the expedition in Everfrost.

36 max. Can be done with 24 but more makes it easier.

This starts the expedition.

There are See SoS spiders so you can not scout.
Make sure YOU, nobody else, talks to Durgin. There could be some invis flags.

Upon zone in a couple spiders will rush your group. They hit about as hard as hard ldon/mpg mobs. Trash hits for 900 slowable/mezable.

After the spiders, you move out through the first hall and Trigger an Event.

Step 1

Hordes of goblins.

The object here is to kill the horde leaders.

When you move out of the first room a goblin will run off down the left side. DONT GIVE CHASE. This goblin will spawn the ring event.

2 horde leaders pop and you start getting zurged by little green goblins.


Find the horde leaders and kill them asap. Keep in mind you cant leave the area's or you will be ported out because the goblin horde successfully "repelled" you.

You can rush and engage the leaders or fight your way to them. Once there, burn them down asap and as soon as you get them dead the goblin horde will stop rushing you and retreat. (Depop)

Option 1, just start clearing south, then east, then south again, killing all the blue mobs and ignoring the greens. If you take too long you all get zone banished, just zone back and continue to clear.

Option 2, Split your raid up EVENLY into 2 teams. (That means tanks mez's slows dps and heals evenly spread) Call them Team A/B.

Once the raidleaders are dead it isnt over, You must kill all the spiders if you had to train there.

Next you plow to Durgin Skell, Hail him and follow the prompts he will give you his story of how his adventuring party has been slain, And he wants you to perform 4 tasks for him. The tasks are their own mini event.

You say, Hail Durgin Skell.

Task 1: The blobs.
In the room past Durgin there is the blob. There is also alot of adds in the surrounding rooms. Pull and kill them first, then start on the Blob

Stats on the blobs:
They hit for ~1500 and can flurry. All are mezzable.
When you kill the first he splits into 4 other mobs
Each of those mobs can split into 4 and each of those mobs can split into 4.
Handle this like you do the fire mephits in PoTime phase1.

After the final sludge is killed you get this message.

One of the four tasks has been completed

Task 2: The Skeletons.
The 4 skeletons must be killed at the same time so Remove all damage shields
The skeletons are called "A chromatic skeleton or An Icy Skeleton" they hit for ~1100.
Pull them and get them in a corner with 4 knights on them. Beat them down one by one until they are all RED. Then beat the red ones down to 1% and have your wizards blast them with a PB-AE.

Two of the four tasks has been completed

Task 3: Marrow the Broken
Straight forward fight. He hits for 1800, Rampages and has a AE.
He spawns adds. kill the adds as they spawn, and you should be ok.

Three of the four tasks has been completed

Check your progress with durgin at this point to make sure it looks like this.

Ah, you found a way to put the chromatic skeletons to permanent rest. Your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.
From the bits of dust and bone on your armor I can tell you have successfully handled Miragul's splintering bone golem.
Well now . . . I see you have destroyed the splitting sludge. Quite an annoying pest, isn't it?

Task 4: Protects Durgin's love.
This is a unique encounter, Because you can fail it and still Accomplish the task.

You should be the one to Hail, her warder.

You enter the room kill all adds and have everyone spread out about the room. You hail her warder mobs pop and try to defile Sharalla's corpse, Dont let them!

All four tasks have been completed.

You should return to Durgin and inform him of your success.
Telling durgin your progress and the boss spawns.

Your expedition is nearing its close. You cannot bring any additional people into your expedition at this time.


Laskuth the Colossus:
Located down the North passage: 2k hitter, he is on Ice with a pit area behind him so watch yourself. Levi or DMF or fight from the snow.

He has a proc targeted on Tank thats a Banish, Have your tanks fight for agro. The banish is not far just have people run back
He also Reflects spells 25% of the time. (Crystal Shield).
A AE's Ice Rain. The ae is only negative 150 and should be resisted or partialed.

Kill him
Loot his note

Return it to Durgin

You say, 'Lirprin sent me'
[ ] You have confirmed Durgin's innocence.

Spawns a chest where Durgin was.

Bloodfields (Keetra the Lost)
There are 2 ways to do this event, triggered and spawned.

This can be donw with 1 group with a lot of healing, or just take 2-3 groups.

Check the cave that leads to RCoD for "a reclusive girplan" (1750, 55) approx spawn loc.
It hits for 1k'sh and AE gflux 1500. Killing him will start a ring event

Once you kill this girplan another will spawn in another cave in the zone, so have a tracker with you.
Possible spawn loc's:
SW p100, p1000
NW near zone in on top of the castle gate, p1370, neg460 is entrance to cave he spawns inside
p1750, p55 (RCoD Cave)
NE neg 15 neg 1150 (this is where the named will spawn also)

After killing 3 or 4 Reclusive Girplan's a named will spawn in the NE Cave:

The untriggered version is Myrhee the Flightyty. Level 75. Hits for 1600ish, has super regeneration and a AE DD/knockback AE. He will memblur himself as well. He has a very short despawn time (under 5 min) so you need to engage him fast.

The triggered named is Rolthee Roundbelly. not as hard, but has the same AE. He will memblur himself as well

Bring about 2-3 groups for this to be safe.

After killing the named Keetra the Lost pops in the back of the cave.

You say, 'Liprin sent me'
[ ] She will give you a flag and despawn

Spawns a chest

If "a reclusive girplan" is not up, you can trigger him by turning in 4 pieces to Caller Donivin. (neg 570 neg 1145)

4 drops: random from Bloodfield mobs.
~Bucket Mute
~Brass Mouthpiece
~Thin leader Strap
~Polished Bone Horn

any mob carrying one of these items will have a lightsource making them glow lightly

Nedaria's Landing
The following can only be done after proving all the others but Wren Simsy innocent.

You say, 'Hail, Lirprin, Head of Affairs'
This opens up the Wren fight.

Ruined City of Dranik (Wren Simsy)
This fight can only be done with FOUR PEOPLE.

If you bring anymore (group or raid) it will spawn a ARMY of shadowmen (50+). There MAY be an option to have only 4 in the rogues group and have a totally seperate force help from outside. To make this work, im sure the rogues group MUST get the kill(exp) for Wrens death. This option has not been tried to my knowledge.

The member Lirprin references to is in the Ruined City of Dranik, Behind the Bridge Keeper before you go into the

back left tunnels looking at a map, His name is Daignal the Revered.

You say, 'Hail, Daignal the Revered

You say, 'What crime?'

You say, 'An assassin plans on killing you Daignal'

After he gives his little speach, Wren who is a shadowman wielding a fatestealer pops, and assassinates him while

you can do nothing but watch.
Daignal the Revered cries out in pain.

Wren Simsy:
Quads 2200
Has 2 summoned shadowed assassin's from the gunthak encounter. They hit for 1500 FAST.

This is a very tough encounter, You can not use more than 4 people, or like Lirprin said you will tip Wren off to your coming and she will have an army there as soon as she kills Daignal.

This is a pretty strait forward fight bring the best cleric enchanter and warrior you know and best of luck to you.

There have been reports of the adds warping when Wren is pulled, so be careful.

[ ] Loot "Wren's Fatestealer"

Nedaria's Landing
You say, 'Hail, Smith Dandi'

you recieve a message, and get flagged to loot "A Globe of Discordant Energy" from anguish.

Your progress report from smith dandi should look like this.

Smith Dandi wipes her sooty hands on her apron and smiles at you. 'So, it looks as if you'll need the services of Smith Dandi once again. I was hoping you'd stop by soon so we could talk. Fantastic work clearing the names of those innocent Wayfarers. I knew them all personally and they weren't bad folk. It's a shame Lirprin can be so quick to judge. Now, something tells me you're looking to get that blade of yours improved.

Let's see if you have what we need. . .'
From the freezing depths of Iceclad, you have recovered a lump of Velixite alloy.
You have slain Wren Simsy and recovered her blade, which courses with discordant energy.
Smith Dandi is unable to duplicate the enchantments on Wren's weapon without a source of discordant energy.

[ ] Loot "A Globe of Discordant Energy"

Nedaria's Landing
Return to Smith Dandi and Hail her, it should look like this

You say, 'Hail, Smith Dandi'

Smith Dandi wipes her sooty hands on her apron and smiles at you. 'So, it looks as if you'll need the services of Smith Dandi once again. I was hoping you'd stop by soon so we could talk. Fantastic work clearing the names of those innocent Wayfarers. I knew them all personally and they weren't bad folk. It's a shame Lirprin can be so quick to judge. Now, something tells me you're looking to get that blade of yours improved.

Let's see if you have what we need. . .'
From the freezing depths of Iceclad, you have recovered a lump of Velixite alloy.
You have slain Wren Simsy and recovered her blade, which courses with discordant energy.
From the deadly realm of Mata Muram himself, you have recovered a source of discordant energy.
Smith Dandi says 'Seems you're all ready to craft the blade. We'll need the Velixite alloy, the weapon I crafted for you last time, an example of someone else's weapon that I can use for a reference, and a source of pure discordant energy. Show those items to Lirprin and we'll get started!'

-Go to Lirprin hand him, The Globe, your Fatestealer, Wren's Fatestealer, and the Velixite Alloy.


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Thanks Quix, only part of this I have done is the Reclusive Girplan event. Looks like we better get to work on the rest. :)
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