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epic raids

PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2006 8:13 pm
by Blooddrive
did we have a different forum for this before? i forget.
anyway, ready for the next kill here. Details, you ask?

Kill Vuranish Xxuro in Vxed special raid instance. 24 person raid limit. You get this instance from Apprentice Udrana (same guy as normal instances). The only way you can get it is by being in a raid of 10 (i think we could do this with 10 people) to 24 people before requesting an instance. YOU must be the one to request the instance. YOU must have Reiya's Soulstone, and the first soulstone shard on you. It is the same map as the normal one, but the mobs are level 71-74. Vuranish Xxuro, a giant Aneuk, level 75, casts PoTime's Terris Thule's AE, Quivering Nightmares. Get to him by going up the right (through less mobs), or up the center. Melee range for spells, high MR, shaman slowable, hits around 2k. Loot: A Soulstone Shard.