Smallish epic fights - 10/7/06

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Smallish epic fights - 10/7/06

Postby Zenedia » Fri Oct 06, 2006 8:45 am

I'd like to get 2 groups of people together to try to knock out a few smallish epic fights on Saturday 10/7. I have 2 to take care of myself, and I'm sure there's a few others (I saw DK post for help recently, for example.)


When: Saturday, 10/7/2006
Time: 1PM EST(earlier if I get people.)

If you can give a hand this weekend, please post a reply. I'll try to keep track of what fights people need in this first thread. Also, don't pay attention to the order I put them in; depending on how many fights people come up with and when they can be on, the order will likely change (probably a lot.)

Also, this is -not- a wc run raid. These are 1-2 group ordeals, and if I get 6 groups worth of people, I'll split us up into 2-group raids as best I can.
Also, I'd like to go after confirmed targets - either they are triggered by a person at the right point in the epic, or they are confirmed up beforehand. Please post concise information about your fight (zone, location, damage, AE's, etc.)


- Elosia: JPF: Firwyn - hits for 1700 - snare AE - (130,-360) - 1 group - triggered

- Elosia: WL: a luminescent geonid - hits for 2300 - flurry/ramp - (-2500,0) - 1-2 group - triggered

- Speak: ML: Elemental Essence of Earth - hits for 1900 - ramp/rage/flurry + Stun/rootAE, 100dmg+dispellAE, 6kdd+FDAE(avoidable-emote) - triggered

Will add further fights as people post.
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Postby Speaknoevil » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:07 am

Hey Elo, you can plan on seeing me there to help out. Im working on an epic piece right now for a 3 groupable encounter in Tactics, but also have a 2 group encounter waiting to be defiled in Mons Letalis (could possibly take less with new stuff, but 2 is a safe bet)

Mons Letalis mob

Elemental Essence of Earth: hits for max 1900, rampages, rage, flurries, all that good stuff, and 3 aoe's......

Earth Elemental Strike: normal earth pet ae, stun and a root
Avatar Power: 100pt dd and dispell
Earth Wave: not much info on this one, apparently a stun and weak dd
Bury: This is the nasty one.....6k dd and feign death proc

You can stay out of the range of all the aoe's....and for tanks, and frankly everyone can avoid the Bury'll get an emote and if you move quick enough, you can avoid it. This really just needs a solid tank or 2 and some healers, dps will drop him fast. Spawns upon me zoning in, and will pop at the top of the spire, can invis all the way to him, he doesn't see either.

Plane of Tactics

Just some info, doubtful we could this one since I don't even have the final item to spawn him yet, and he takes a wee bit more people, but......

Elemental Essence of Fire: Max hit 1300ish+ ??, AE Rampages, and 2 AE;s.....

Flamewall: 800hp a tick dot, -300 ac
Pyrokinetic Hallucinations: Fear, 140hp a tick dot, -100 Disease Resist

Again, solid tank and some healers, and this fight is mainly bout resists and max melee......the fight takes place in the lava, but if you get feared, you could easily get thrown out into Tagrin's room and some nasties. I believes the resist check on both ae's is in the 350 FR range. So bards, PoSeasons, and my group ds for everyone would easily check the resists.

I'm not like begging to get this done, so others will clearly come first, just a bit of info if we manage the time to tackle one of mine.
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Postby whowhatwhere » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:36 am

This is going to be at 1pm pst or est?
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Postby Zenedia » Fri Oct 06, 2006 9:49 am

EST - Sorry bout that - I get to ignoring time zones sometimes.

Speak - I added that first fight to the list, but the second sounds big enough to make it a raid night fight.
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