I have an Elaborate Stalwart BP, but my Aug is crap

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Postby Baldary » Tue Dec 11, 2007 4:41 pm

To be able to make exalted augments, you need to complete a quest. To be able to make sublime augments, you need to complete a different quest. Just because you complete the sublime quest does not mean that you can make the exalted augments. to make both types of augments you need to complete both quests. While the augments are deity restricted, there is no deity restriction for those making them.

As Leiph said, the rare items to make both elegant armor and sublime augments is exquisite spinerette fluid, exquisite marrow and porous loam. The fluids are use for silk tailoring, the marrows for leather tailoring and the loams for smithing. Due to the rarity of these drops, a good stopgap augment is the exalted augments. The rare items for those are flawless spinerette fluid, superb marrow and alkalai loam. Again, the fluids are used for silk tailoring, marrows for leather tailoring and loams for smithing.

Since I am 300 in both smithing and tailoring, I will be able to make augments using any of the rare items. Balmey Will be able to them with smithing items and Canil will be able to do them with tailoring items. I am not sure if Senorril can do both smithing and tailoring.

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Postby Blabberpuss » Tue Dec 11, 2007 6:46 pm

You guys are great, and taking the time to explain this, and good god, for your hi end skills in TSing and passing those hours spent working your TS onto us, I thank you!
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