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Encounter EMotes: A compilation for use with Audio Triggers

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 6:57 pm
by Blabberpuss
'You feel a gaze of deadly power' Trigger Response: Click your mask
You have to respond by clicking your mask within 10 seconds!

fixes his gaze on one of your companions Trigger Response: Someone else must click their mask

You hear a buzzing Trigger Response: adds are incoming
AOE Dogs will soon arrive, keep them bunched so they can be efficiently AOE killed.

You hear a strange buzzing around your head Trigger Response: Dogs are incoming for YOU
AOE Dogs will soon arrive, and they are after YOU! Let the Raid know!

spell has been reflected by Trigger Response: OMM's gaze has been reflected
Whew, safe until the next EMote! OMM's gaze has been reflected safely.

's body shrivels Trigger Response: OMM's Gaze was NOT reflected
Someone missed their Mask Click!

'Mata Muram grows weak' Trigger Response: Attack OMM NOW
Take it to him!

The air stops moving around you Trigger Response: Silenced get a cure
Let your group/raid know you have been silenced and get cured by RGC or PB!

Hatchet the Torturer

'levels his horns at' Trigger Response: Back off and give Hatchet room
Hatchet is chasing some unlucky soul. It is best to: back off when he's charging and give him room.

'catches his breath' Trigger Response: Stop Running
Hatchet has finished chasing one of your companions. Look for Hatchet being trapped.

'locks eyes with you and snorts' Trigger Response: Run and kite Hatchet in a clockwise direction
Hatchet is after you! It is best to: Run and kite Hatchet in a clockwise direction for about 25 seconds until either (a) you see the emote that he catches his breath, when he will stop, or (b) you are able to run him over one of the traps and someone traps him. If Hatchet catches you, he DT's you and everyone around you.

'levels his axe at your upper body' Trigger Response: Duck until he misses
Duck down or you will get smushed!

'passes harmlessly overhead' Trigger Response:It's safe to stop ducking
Hatchet missed you and you can get back up.

'bring it down upon you' Trigger Response: Get between his legs
Get between his legs and stay there until he misses

'By darting between Hatchet's hooves' Trigger Response: Its safe to come out
Hatchet's axe has missed you and you can move out from between his legs.

'throw it in your direction' Trigger Response: Run at least 150 range away
Run away, at least 150 range away, until he misses you.

'You out distance the reach' Trigger Response: Stop running
You have run far enough away and lived. Safe to stop.

// Devlin
Devlin lobs a glass vial exactly where~vial thrown at someone
Devlin Rochester frowns and discards his weaponry~run to safe hall
Devlin's whip snaps around your weapon and he prepares to brace himself~remove weapon
You release your grip from your weapon, and the whip shakes loose~replace weapon
around your right bracer~remove right wrist
Devlin draws back his arm and prepares to snap his whip around your neck~duck now
Devlin's whip passes harmlessly over your head~stand
shattered my shield~shield is down
Devlin Rochester retrieves armaments from the rack!~safe now run back to Devlin

// Tris
Tris Wallow III shudders, as if she is about to change forms~changing forms
tris stares deeply~look away
averted your eyes~safe now

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:48 pm
by Sandytoes
Thanks Blabber.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 8:59 pm
by Zzzapp
My eyes are getting bad. I use the white background. I can see the orange words, but not the yellow ones.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2007 9:37 pm
by Revolution
You have been marked for death (You have the DT - Cure poison line to remove)

Overlord Mata Muram:
You feel a gaze of deadly power focusing on you (Personal emote - You have 10 seconds to click mirrord mask)
Mata Muram fixes his gaze on one of your companions (someone else has to click mirrord mask)
You hear a strange buzzing around your head (Personal emote - AoE dogs are coming for you)

Ture roars with fury as it surveys its attackers (Heavy Rampage incoming)
Ture's eyes roll into its head as it goes into a frenzy

Hatchet hefts a weighted throwing axe in his offhand (Personal emote - Run far away)
Hatchet lifts his axe high, preparing to bring it down upon you (Personal emote - Run between hatchets legs)
Hatchet levels his axe at your upper body and prepares to swing (Personal emote - Duck)
He's about to charge directly at you! (Personal emote - Kite Hatchet in circles around the big room)

You sense your doom approaching (You have the DT - Need to hail a cloud and say "shoulder my burden")

You feel a curse of death (Message of the AE - 1 minute between AE's)

Queen Sendaii:
Sendaii glances to her right as she adjusts her footing (Heavy Knockback on right side of queen)
Sendaii glances to her left as she adjusts her footing (Heavy Knockback on left side of queen)

left arm, preparing to rake (Rampage on left side of the dragon)
right arm, preparing to rake(Rampage on right side of the dragon)
tail, preparing to attack (Rampage on rear side of the dragon)
inhales, preparing to unleash (Nuke on the front side of the dragon)

Porthio the second born:
Nightshade! Kill that blasted healer! (Sends Nightsahde one a healer class)
Nightshade! Get rid of that troublesome caster! (Sends Nightsahde one a caster class)
Nightshade! They're trying to seperate us! Channel my shadow magic and finish them off! Hurry, then return to my side!

You are dumbstruck by the pres (Personal Emote - click red)
You lose your will to fight (Personal Emote - click blue)
Your blood is tainted with magical essence (Personal Emote - click green)
A festering darkness saps your strength (Personal Emote - click yellow)
Allegiences shift as Daosheen speaks a cryptic phrase (AE Charm)
A Blot of light joins the yellow and green crystals for a moment (AE Charm cured)
Daosheen calls upon the elemental forces to contain his enemies (AE Mez)
A Blot of light joins the red and blue crystals for a moment (AE Mez cured)