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Easy EQ stuff

PostPosted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:18 pm
by Durdaen
Wanted to make a post for some easy quested items that people can do to get themselves upgrades and what not.

Stonefed Chip +50Hp/Mana/End, +3 Spell Shield
Nightmoon Stone +50Hp/Mana/End, +3 Spell Shield, +5 Avoidance
Relic Shopkeepers Charm +55Hp/Mana/End
Orb of Mystic Fury +50Hp/Mana/End, +15 Attack, +3 Mana regen
Runed Diamond +50Hp/Mana/End, Mana Preservation VI focus

Direwolf Battle Totem A must of those melee without an overhaste item (does not stack with overhaste clickies), increases Double Attack by 6%
Direwolf Totem of Spirit increase dodge by 20%, +6 mana regen
Orb of Duskmold Self clickie cleric symbol, +700 hp

Free Bracer results in a +205Hp/Mana/End, +5 Regen, +5 Mana Regen bracer for each class

Gorbak's Bag results in a 10 slot 100% WR bag, can only accomodate up to LARGE items
Kregnad's Knapsack results in an 8 slot 100% WR bag, can accomodate items up to GIANT
Mammoth Skin Bag results in a 10 slot 100% WR bag, up to GIANT sized items - note the quest is listed in the first post under Longbrow at Alla's
Ore Hauler's Haversack 10 slot, 75% WR bag, GIANT items

Will add more later