Crystallos Access

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Crystallos Access

Postby Blabberpuss » Wed Feb 13, 2008 1:19 pm

Have been working on this lately, pretty fun group of tasks, except for the need to open up empty bag slots! Here is a great Website page with some info: LINKAGE
Beyond the Barrier is technically the only task you will need to complete for Crystallos Access, at least that is what I have read. The other missions you do not have to complete, just need to loot the drop from the dead gollem. If you die during any of the gollem encounters, you won't get credit on that one mission, but if you can manage to come back and LOOT the item from the dead gollem, you will finish Beyond the Barrier and get keyed for Crystallos.

The following quote was shamelessly cut and pasted directly from a post on Samanna's:
To get the task "Beyond the Barrier," speak to any of four npcs in Dragonscale Hills: Tonas at 2200, -53; Jashy at 165, 374; Aring at -24, 1815; or Vesiss at 1660, 2280.

You only have to do the MMM key quest up to the point where you can physically enter the zone.
Essences can be collected at any time.

The ONLY task you must complete task given by anyof the above NPCs is Beyond the Barrier and even that doesn't have to be finished for Crystallos access.

Crystal Bases
You have to pick up four crystal bases ground spawns that can be picked upany time after you get the BtB quest. The bases are 2- or 3-slot containers, so have a main inventory slot open when you pick them up.

Clear Crystal Base in Dragonscale Hills at 3920, 2066. None of these mobs are KoS.

Cloudy Crystal Base in Loping Plains at -108, -2702. This is in one of the Minotaur mines near the zin from Steamfont. On the map, it looks like a cave system with 5 rooms in it, but this is decieiving. You want the second mine entrance as you decend from the plateau where the Fangbreaker camp is. The minos do not see invis.

Glowing Crystal Base in Hills of Shade at -322, 489. This drop is near zonein from LP. As you exit the tunnel from zin, take a left, follow the wall and enter a little valley whose western exit is by the Krithas village. The drop is in the roughly circluar room in the cave system below this valley on the SE portion of the room. There are both living and undead mobs here, so the easiest way to do this is to Invis yourself and then have a cleric or paladin cast Invisibility vs. Undead on you (Sun Cloak preferred).

A Light Blue Crystal Base is in MMM at 693, 48. This is the step that requires you to have access to that zone. Best way to get to the area of MMM in which this lies is to go through the Steam Factory. Once in the Steam Factory, invis to the MMM zin (labeled Majestic Mansion on my map). None of the mobs are SI in my experience. When you zone into MMM, the zin is NOT safe, SI mobs near zin, so be ready to back up in a hurry. Once you're safely in, you can back up a little and be out of the roamers' agro range. If you back up too much, you'll zone back to SF. The drop is in a large rectangular room west of zin, about 1/3 of the way across the room and directly out from the door. If you want to unclutter your map, find the field on your map window marked Low:. Set this to 80 and press the Height Filter window. There are a ton of mobs between zin and the drop, so the way I did it was to DA and run for it. Miner is better at this game than I am, so he invised and used the tick timer to sneak past mobs and get his.


There are 10 essences that have to be looted in Dragonscale Hills off of named golems on the eastern side of the zone. These can be looted at any time at all, when you loot them has no bearing on completing the main task, BtB.
In order to spawn these, someone in the group needs to loot the bases listed above (after getting the Beyond the Barrier task) and return to talk to Tomas, Jashy, Vessis, and Aring. Doing this gets you the subquests, Our Lost Brother -

A Clear Crystal, - A Cloudy Crystal, -A Glowing Crystal and -A Light Blue Crystal

Only one person should have these tasks active when you go to kill the golems. There are 10 alcoves off of a path that starts near the Mechanotus cannon, each of these alcoves contains a pool; the golems spawn in these pools and there will be a named drake roaming around near the pool and some static trash spawns. When I did this, we cleared out all the trash to be on the safe side, but this isn't strictly necessary. The bare necessities here are that the named drake be killed, so he won't add during the fight, and people that don't have the Our Lost Brother - A XXX Crystal task should invis into the pool and move to the back side of it. The person that DOES have the Our Lost Brother task should wait til the rest of the unit is situated, invis up and run into the pool, spawning the named. The golems are pretty easy kills, I've done them with Wulfguar and Deurgeran, and I've healed it solo when Deurg was tanking/defensive with just Kilgaroz. As you progress south, the named add tricks, small AEs mostly. On many of them, mobs will spawn outside the pool area, but these can be avoided by fighting in the pool itself. Each golem drops 6 Essences, so if you're doing this for more than 6 toons, you'll want 2 people to have the OLB tasks, and only bring one toon with the task into the pool at a time.

Combining the Essences
Once you kill all 10 golems and loot all 10 essences, and have picked up all of the bases, you need to combine the essences. Here's a list of the bases with the Essences that are combined in them. The names may be slightly off, but it's close enough for you to get the job done.

Clear Crystal Base: Essences of Decay and Life
Cloudy Crystal Base: Essences of Tunder, Arcana and Water
Glowing Crystal Base: Essences of Fire and Ice
Light Blue Crystal Base: Essences of Mana, Sadness and Rage

Each time you pick up a base, you'll get a task update on BtB. Each time you do one of the combines in the base, you'll get a task update. You DO NOT have to do any other sub quest to complete it.Once you have obtained all the bases and done all the combines with the Essences, the task will instruct you to Locate Laiyken. He's an NPC at 1982, -1091 in Dragonscale Hills, in a cave marked in green on my map southwest of the zin from Steamfont. Hail him and he'll give you a container in which you combine the crystals resulting from the Crystal Base combines. Once you've done this combine, you're Crystallos flagged. Sadly, this doesn't complete the Beyond the Barrier task, you still have to explore Crystallos.

Exploring Crystallos
Go down the path that led you to all those wonderful golem fights all the way to the south to enter Crystallos. Once inside, you have to explore each of the four wings of the zone. You'll get a popup once you've hit each spot, but you won't get a task update in green on your task window until you've explored all four. As far as I can tell, the only mobs in the zone that see invised toons are the watchful sentries, big evil eyes that roam around the zone. There aren't many of these, so this task isn't very difficult to complete.

The next step in BtB requires you to go back to Laiyken, and he sends you out to find the lost crystal of Kerafyrm in MMM.

This task is a "sub-quest" in the task Beyond the Barrier and is given to you once you reach the point in the task at which you're given access to Crystallos.

It is given by Laiyken who is located at +1984, -1090, -362 in Dragonscale Hills.

Explore the Ice Wing of Crystallos (0/1) - Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened

/loc is near +360, +1575, +300.

Explore the Fire Wing of Crystallos (0/1) - Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened

/loc is near +1680, -900, -150.

Explore the Air Wing of Crystallos (0/1) - Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened

/loc is near +925, +1880, +200.

Explore the Earth Wing of Crystallos (0/1) - Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened

/loc is near +2550, -200, -375.

This can be completed with a level 70 Goblin Rogue shroud, provided you are aware of the following:

A) The mob "a watchful sentry" (appears as an evil eye) can see through any kind of invisibility, sneak, hide, and possibly the rogue's SoS ability. However, it does not see sneak and hide for as long as the mob is facing away from you.
B) These evil eyes have their own patrolling routes, so it is easy to avoid or run past them. Be aware that they often stop close to doors, and having a form of Eye of Zomm is especially helpful.
C) By the way, monks can mezz these evil eyes.
D) All of the non-named mobs, other than evil eyes, do not see invisible, and rogues can simply use sneak and hide to move undetected.

Completing this task will automatically update the task objective 'Explore Crystallos' in the Beyond the Barrier quest.

What makes me angry about this task is that it will be hanging around our Task List for a long dang time! The final fight is a Raid battle, like the DON progression the end mob: MMM drops only 6 of the pieces required to close out this mission/quest. I dunno about any of you other 'questers', but often times, my quest/task space is very limited, and having a task in there that I can't complete..... :evil:
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Re: Crystallos Access

Postby Tamerlayne » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:17 pm


Only 1 person needs open bag slots so they can trigger the golems. The others can get the associated bag tasks later, i.e. pre-loot the drops from the golems then run around and get the quests for the bags which are ground spawns.

It is preferable to have a FD class be the "spawner" though, as some of the golem fights the adds will despawn and the golem won't -- i.e. fd peep runs ina nd spawns and fd's >>> waits for adds to despawn >> pulls golem and group murders it.
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Re: Crystallos Access

Postby Liamm » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:30 pm

their is another easy way to avaid the adds for the most part or at most get 1 or 2 :) if you want to know how i got it done anyone can send me a tell in game
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Re: Crystallos Access

Postby Leiph » Wed Feb 13, 2008 5:08 pm

As long as the group all goes together when moving into the pit, and stays in the center of the back wall, you'll avoid the adds and only have to deal with the golem. Anyone that doesn't have the containers/container quests can even pre-set up in the pit.

If I can find some time, I may try to pick an XP night in the next few weeks to run anyone that wants through the Crystallos access quest. Probably will make sense to break it into two separate nights. One night just to do the container quests (mostly running around hailing and picking up ground spawns, and a little rogue shrouding). Another night dedicated to running a few groups through the golems.

In order to get one of the containers and get the access completed though, you'll need to have completed your Meldrath's Mansion access. You can still do everything else for the Crystallos access quest without having MM access done, but you won't be able to get a needed container from Meldrath's Mansion (and do a combine with it) until you finish your MM access.
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Re: Crystallos Access

Postby Tamerlayne » Wed Feb 13, 2008 7:41 pm


Please keep me in mind if ya get the time to run them; I would definately be interested.
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Re: Crystallos Access

Postby Kiadorin » Sun Mar 30, 2008 11:42 pm

I had some difficulty getting the base from MMM, largely due to a bit of a lag problem. However, I did finally come up with something that worked for me and I hope this saves some time for anyone else who might have trouble with it.

I used the kobold cleric shroud method that someone suggested to me (I think it was Liamm?), but was never quite fast enough to pick up the drop before DA ran out. Soo...I bought myself a stalking probe in bazaar. The probe helped in two ways: first, it let me see exactly where the thing was. Second, and more importantly, the eye opened the doors so that I didn't get stuck waiting for them to open during the run. Cast the eye, let it run to the room with the base, and immediately click off the buff icon for the eye once the last door is open. At that point, you'll have just enough time to cast DA and run through both doors before they shut again.

Most people probably won't need to do this to buy themselves extra time, but if you have a bit of lag, try this out.
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Re: Crystallos Access

Postby Loraly » Thu Apr 03, 2008 8:48 am

I have mmm access now and would like some help on this. If someone has time on one of our xp nights to help me I would appreciate it.
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Re: Crystallos Access

Postby Jorrell » Thu Apr 03, 2008 9:15 am

I know that Aeri, Havic, Toag, Zelima and Dawgrit all need drop from the golems in DSH if that is what you're referring to, Loraly. I'd be willing to go along and help too. I've got the quests to spawn the golems.

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