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SoF Faction - Ladies of the Light

Postby Euan » Fri May 02, 2008 12:18 pm

From: Guide posted by Eanelder.
Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:39 am
A post I made on my guild forums about LoL Faction:

There 2 quest that you can do in Loping plains for a fairly decent faction hits. They are soloable (by a mage at least) and can be cycled so you get about 5 hits every 30 minutes.

The Quest givers are located in Loping pains by the bridge to Mistwynd city which is pretty much located in the center of the zone. The 2 NPCs your looking for are:

Tissidrelle Windracer - The Talking Tree
Patron of the Arts - The festival of Nightmares

The festival of Nightmares (keyword: work)

requires you to loot / acquire 4 intstruments and turn them into the quest giver "Patron of the Arts".

a drum and flute are ground spawns. The drum drops in the entrance to the large tent on the West side of the city, while the flute drops in between a group of carragies on the east side. 10 minute respawn

The wand and lute drop of mobs called "Remains of Averaana" and "Remains of Fendarma" which spawn single on the south part of the city. Each kill provides 6 of each item and the corpse expires in 30 minutes so you can get 4 turn ins from 1 kill. I was able to solo these no problems (as a mage [I fire kited these]).

best way to do this is loot the 2 ground spawns, then kill the 2 mobs and loot the 2 items. By then the 2 ground spawns have repoped and you can get a 2nd turn in done. While waiting for the next ground spawn you can move on to the next task.

The Talking Tree (keyword: oracle)

requires you to find the tree (pointed out below), hail the fairy inside, kill a Girplan at the end of the tunnel below the tree, loot its heart, then return the heart to the fairy.

Part of the task is killing the Girplan, which is on a 15 min respawn timer so you will have to wait on this one. He does drop 6 hearts though.

I was able to solo the mob (a mage) by burning every disc and heal that I have and using all my defensive AAs / Spells. He is a yellow con, no idea how hard he hits

by the time hes dead and the turn in done, the 2 ground spawns have repoped. I usually did that turn in, then gated to check my faction in time to return and repeat the process.


It is fairly easily, process and actually provides some AA. Solo I was getting at least 1aa every 30 min killing only those 3 mobs and completing the quest. The Girplan task is nice to get a bunch of people faction hits at once because he drops the 6 hearts, but you'll want to do the the festival task solo i think.

Good camp for bot factioning.

I focused my efforts on The Festival of Nightmares task, and offer the following additional tips/info:

* The 2 mobs are kitable
* bring ITU potions, the festical is full of undead
* watch out for Wirlen, the big named at the north side of the festival - he sees through itu
* pull the 2 mobs away far enough from the camp so you can loot them without aggro later
* ground spawns are 9 or 10 minutes apart, so to maximize the dropped items, I started as follows:
1) get quest
2) get ground spawns
3) kill mobs
4) loot mob drops
5) hand in quest

The I would repeat the following 3 times while the corpses were up (30 minutes)
1) get quest
2) loot mob drops
3) wait for ground spawns
4) hand in quest

There are additional quests for LotL, such as Mashing Brownies and the fairy killing one in DSH, but this seemed best for intermittent AFKs. For 8 minutes of killing, and probably another 4 minutes of actual running around, you get 4 faction quest hits. The rest of the time you can be safely afk without worry of wanderers.

I'm ally after 68 LotL faction quests (5 Mashing Brownies, 2 Talking Tree and 61 Festival of Nightmares, plus whatever faction I got along the way).
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