Vald 1 and 2 strats for consideration

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Vald 1 and 2 strats for consideration

Postby Nannwin » Tue May 06, 2008 12:16 am

Valdeholm raid #1: Kangur the Spider Wuss - 24 people

This is a very easy raid, very fast, with good loot. It also provides a necessary piece for the next raid. So you can expect to see this one cropping up regularly in the future, particularly early in raid time as we gather people for bigger targets. This raid begins at a door deep inside the Wraithguard Leadership camp in Valdeholm; you can only get in if you have sufficient WGL faction. If you don't have enough faction, you can be CoH'd to the instance door. Don't wander around, or you will get kicked back out.

Start by clearing to the pit in Valdeholm, maybe 5 trash mobs total. Lev down to the pit and prep for the spider, Kangur Vafta Veor. Kangur single rampages, flurries, hits for plenty of damage (8k-ish tops? usually lower), has an annoying but infrequent poison-based AE with 100 range, and buffs itself with a proc buff that procs a 7kdd + stun on his target. Rangers can buff dispel the proc buff.

Promptly after engage, Kangur will pop out 10 small spider adds; a short time later, he will pop out a 2nd wave of 10 more. These adds (vella veor) are very weak and should be AE'd to death as they spawn. Enchanters can AE stun them. They proc or cast a single-target cold-based root on their targets; raid should be bunched up for these.

After the little adds are down, DPS on Kangur for a bit; then, around 85% health, he will pop out 3 larger spider adds (gjota veor). These hit hard enough to be a threat, but are mezzable. They AE a frontal cold root; try to keep them turned away from the raid. Mez the extras and kill them off one by one, then get back on Kangur. Another wave of the same 3 spiders will spawn around 25% on Kangur's lifebar. Kill Kangur, then finish off the remaining adds.

Kangur drops one loot item, and everyone in task is given a letter called Evidence of Treason. Keep this around for the next raid.

Valdeholm raid #2: Udengar the Traitor - 54 people

This raid is fairly fast, it will end within 35 minutes of starting. It is a timed event. There is minimal trash clearing and a pretty nasty named fight at the end. The goal is to intercept and kill High Lorekeeper Udengar as he moves from the Lorekeeper's Pit to the palace (aka, Royals area). But first, we have to get rid of some of his friends, and make some friends of our own. The event begins by clicking on a door in Valdeholm, marked (1) on the map below. (Map to come soon!) You will zone into an instanced copy of Valdeholm, starting at the same location where you clicked on the door.

1) Zone to instance; landing point inside instance
2) Lorekeeper's Pit, where Udengar is orating
3) Raid position after trash clear; rush 2 hostile mobs at this location
Green line: path from zone in to raid position
Red line: Udengar's path toward Royals

Once the first person clicks the door, the event timer begins ticking. Do not click the door until instructed. Do not go AFK while waiting for that call to be made. Be fully buffed, and invisible, before the zone-in call.

We're on a tight clock, so move fast. The raid will follow the path marked on the map. Any see-invis mob must be killed. If we're sufficiently close to the fight spot, we'll clear the rest of the way; if not, we'll reinvis and keep running. The idea is to skip as many mobs as possible in order to save time.

Once we arrive outside the Lorekeeper's Pit (marked 2), we will begin pulling the various Holmguard giants standing out in front. This part is critical and must be done quickly; the timer is ticking and we need to med up before the named engagement. For each Holmguard giant, one person carrying the Evidence of Treason must hail the giant and say to him "I have evidence of treason." (A hotkey would be useful here.) The giant will then stop attacking, and become unattackable. At this point, one person hands the giant their treason letter from Kangur. The giant will pause to read the document; then one of three things will happen.

- The giant will refuse the evidence, and attack again. Kill it.
- The giant will consider the evidence, and wander away. Leave him alone; he's no longer part of the event.
- The giant will agree with the evidence, and return to his position. When we engage the named, he will assist us.

There are 10 Holmguard giants in the area, with various names: Holmguard elite, rapt Holmguard elite, attentive Holmguard elite, cautious Holmguard elite, etc. We must get each of them pulled and provide them with evidence, or that giant will later become a hostile add while we fight the named. So- even if we have to kill the giant, or if he walks off, at least he's not trying to kill us while we work on his leader.

Positioning: as we approach the arena, we will pre-designate 2 evidence carriers. We will then rush the two Holmguard giants standing at location (3) on the map. The two evidence carriers will do their thing, rendering the giants non-combative at least for a time while we get everyone in place. Once the area is clear, we'll begin pulling the rest of the Holmguards. Pay attention for your turn to hand in evidence; if you are called, promptly hail, hotkey, and hand in for your designated giant. Because there's a 2/3rds chance that the giant will become a non-combatant, we might bring pulls in 2's.

During this time, Udengar is spamming us with his rhetoric from the podium. Ignore it. If you really want to read it, please use /log and read it later; we need your attention during the event.

17mins after zoning in, the audience in the amphitheater will walk out. If they run into us, they will attack, so keep positioning tight. By this time we should already have all 10 Holmguard giants dead, out of the area, or allied with us. 3mins after the audience left, High Lorekeeper Udengar and 2 friends (a Zek loyalist) will leave the amphitheater as well. If Udengar reaches the Royals area gates, we lose. He will use the path marked in red on the map.

Udengar himself AE rampages and has a feign proc of some sort. His two friends single rampage, hit for 8k's, and also have some variety of proc, which we don't yet know. (If anyone has logs of info that might help fill in these blanks, let me know.) Currently, our plan is to kite the adds while burning down the named; but stay tuned for developments.

The instant Udengar is aggro'd, any Holmguard giants remaining in the area will spring into action. Those who were successfully recruited to our cause will attack Udengar himself; any we didn't get to at all will attack us. It bears mention, on our first attempt, one of the Holmguard giants offtanked Udengar for probably 3 minutes and lost about 30% of his health Perhaps we can use this to our advantage and let the adds keep Udengar busy while we kill HIS adds.

Ideal timeline:
00:00- zone in
04:00- arrive at location (3) and rush 2 Holmguards there
15:00- finish trash clear and evidence hand-ins
20:00- engage Udengar and friends

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