Verg raid

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Verg raid

Postby Nannwin » Tue May 06, 2008 12:40 am

This raid is the 24-person-max Vergalid pre-raid we've been talking about for awhile. We need probably 12-18 people who have finished the Sunderock tasks with Captain Zheren in order to trigger it; once it's up, we can taskadd anyone who hasn't finished those tasks.

That said.. Finish the tasks. They're easy. Just do it

Raid instance is a compass marker in Sunderock. Lots of trash to clear; most of it hits for 4k, some flurry. All mezzable. Treat with respect.

Kellak himself hits 6kish, no rampage or flurry. He AE's a 6kDD, magic-based, very resistable if your MR is high (600+). He also has a single cast cold-based 500DD + 500DoT which is really not a threat.

Kellak sits half underwater. His hit point, and his summon point, are above water. Everyone should be levved, and the main tank should stay above the surface to ensure that heals aren't lost to the waterline.

Kellak's hit points are plenty sufficient, but not horrible. When he hits 50%, he will spawn 3-4 adds, not mezzable, hitting less than 1k's. OT and kill them quickly, then get back on the snake. No other tricks, he gives up and dies.

Everyone must complete this task in order to request some of the advanced progression tasks in the TSS expansion- from Jenray, for example. Task lockout is 1 day 10hrs, so you can expect to see us doing this oftentimes when we have low attendance.

Max hit on MA (me, at ~3.5k ac, capped shielding): 5725
Max hit on anyone: 6140
Min hit: 493

Common was 1100 while defensive, 1213 while not. 83 of his 303 attacks were one of these two values. 44.49% accurate. He did 1542 dps against us.

Cast electrify 24 times, certainly not on a regular timer, and serpent's venom only once during the ~7 minute fight.

No fear, no doubt....All in, balls out

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