Ghost gaurdian of Razorthorn

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Ghost gaurdian of Razorthorn

Postby Nannwin » Tue May 06, 2008 12:45 am

Hits for 4500ish, flurries, no rampage. Slowable.

Spawns waves of adds- first wave at 90%, then a new wave every 15% thereafter. Six adds spawned simultaneously. Adds were tall werewolf models. There were two of one type and four of another type- some tinted red, the others jet black. Some conned ligh blue, others conned dark blue. The jet black adds should die first, they are the greater threat.

Uses an aura on himself called Ghost's Guarding Aura. This cannot be dispelled nor overridden by cleric marks, so far as we can tell. It's a punishing DS for both melee (225 per hit) and casters (1000 per hit). Caster DS is seen on Vish as well, but his only hits for 250.

Lastly, Ghost has a strange effect that he casts on 8 random people from the raid (a la Vish DT or Tsikut curse), called Ghost's Vengeance. This first effect is a 10k rune and 1000hp/tick DoT, not curable. When it fades, it casts Ghost's Vengeance Doom.

To clarify: Ghosts casts a 10k rune on you. If that rune fades by damage- whether by things hitting you, or whether by hitting Ghost's DS- it will explode into a nasty AE. It appears that AE only hits your group, but still, it's something you definitely want to avoid spreading. When this Doom effect hits, it DoT's for 1500hp, 1000mana, 800end per tick, and adds a proc: Ghost's Vengeance Strike. This proc hits YOURSELF, and roots you, shadowsteps you, and DoT's you for an additional 500hp/tick, on top of the 1500 already running.

To counter this- if Ghost's Vengeance hits you, and you are a DPS class, you will run away from Ghost immediately and wait until it fades. If you are a healer, you will continue to heal and try to stay off add aggro. If you are the MA, punch a hotkey informing the raid they're about to get nailed with an AE. If you are an add tank, try to drop aggro.

Ghost boils down to: keeping the MA alive; not suiciding on the DS; controlling/killing the adds; and not dying to the secondary effects.

Audio Trigger summary

You feel the dark gaze of Ghost upon you. - You are a walking time bomb- try not to take damage until it fades

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