OMM strats and suggestions <lets put a nail in his coffin>

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OMM strats and suggestions <lets put a nail in his coffin>

Postby Nannwin » Tue May 06, 2008 12:48 am

A full update will follow soon. For the time being, here's how OMM boils down in relative brief. The fight is all about maintaining control while OMM pulls every trick known to EQ-kind out of his proverbial hat.

First, the basics: OMM doesn't hit too hard individually, warriors can hold him down pretty easily. He single rampages. Paladins and warriors should aim for RT; the RT will probably change repeatedly over the course of the fight due to memblurs, so call ramp when you're on it. We can tank OMM on the platform itself, or in one of the corners between the ramps on the ground floor.

At the fight's beginning, two Coerced Lieutenants spawn, one on either side of the central platform. These must be charmed by enchanters and sent to attack OMM. They will deal the vast majority of our damage throughout the fight. Keep the enchanters standing!

OMM has a Quarm-like set of AE's, all hatelist based. Buff all resists (except Corruption), there are several prismatic and chromatic effects. They are:

Gaze of Anguish- DD, hp/mana DoT; disease cureable
Relinquish Spirit- spell slow and atk debuff; curse cureable
Torment of Body- DD, hp DoT, major fizzle increase, accuracy debuff; curse cureable
Void of Suppression- silence, disease cureable
Wail of Anguish- fling and 10sec stun

Many of these effects should be familiar already. AMV uses Gaze of Anguish; Hanvar uses Wail of Anguish, as does the stun mob in Jelvan. And so on. Only now they're all piled up onto one mob. I haven't picked out a pattern of the AE's, but there might be one. In any case, it's important to cure the silence and fizzle curse on healers.

OMM also has two types of emotes that he sends out periodically throughout the encounter: gazes, and ukun swarms. In both cases, there is an emote the entire raid sees, and an emote received by the individual person on whom the trigger is going to happen. All of these emotes show up in yellow text and fall under the "Other" filter for purposes of chat windows.

Ukun swarms

Emote received by the entire raid: You hear a buzzing in the distance. (Do not create audio triggers for this)
Emote received by the single person: You hear a strange buzzing around your head (DO create a loud audio trigger for this!)

When this emote goes up, there is a 6-second delay before a swarm of ukuns spawns at the current location of the single person who got the 2nd emote. The ukuns must be controlled, preferably by SK's with hate spells, and AE'd and otherwise roasted by all available DPS. Rumor has is that the ukuns multiply if they aren't killed quickly. This isn't a problem if we're alert, because the ukuns have about 7khp each, but we must be ready to respond to this emote each time it comes up.

Whoever got the single emote, should /yell a couple times before the ukuns spawn, letting the AE'ers and SK's know where to find you.

Gaze emotes

Emote received by the entire raid: Mata Muram fixes his gaze on one of your companions. (Do not create audio triggers for this)
Emote received by the single person: You feel a gaze of deadly power focusing on you. (DO create an extremely loud audio trigger for this!)

OMM's gaze is the fastest way to wipe an OMM raid. When you get the gaze emote, you have 10 seconds to click your Mirrored Mask (minus the 0.5sec cast time). You must have a buff slot open for the mask click to land; it automatically targets yourself, no need to change targets.

If you successfully click your mask before OMM finishes his gaze, he will gaze at you; your mask click will reflect the spell and it will hit OMM. Within 1 tick later, OMM will deactivate with an emote: "Mata Muram grows weak as he is afflicted with his own magic."

At this point, ALL of OMM's defenses come down. He walks back to his spawn point and stands there for 15sec (starting from the emote above). His resists drop to zero and any melee mitigation also drops. This is the DPS cue to jump him with everything you've got.

However, 15 seconds after the first emote, OMM will wake up, with another emote: "Mata Muram roars in anger,'You dare use my own magic against me!'" His defenses are still down and DPS is still good; but you'll acquire hatelist (and thus AE's), and he starts swinging again, though slowly to start. Rampage needs to be set. Thus, treat this like Hatchet after a charge or a trap hit. Count 12 seconds or so when OMM deactivates; then DPS jump off, let the tanks set aggro and rampage; then DPS a bit more. 15 seconds after he reactivates, OMM's defenses come back up, with a third emote: "Mata Muram shakes off the effects of his affliction." Resists are back up, and DPS should retreat and start patrolling for ukuns.

Now, if the person who got gazed does NOT click their mirrored mask, that person will get nuked with Mata Muram's Gaze, which will cause OMM to buff himself with Mata Muram's Gaze Recourse- which causes him to start hitting for 7500+. If this happens, the tank should say a prayer, and the rangers should all pile on their buff dispells on OMM, bringing his damage back into line. It is very likely we'll lose at least one tank if OMM lands a gaze, and this can't happen.

If this all weren't enough, OMM has some other tricks to throw at us as the fight progresses. At 70% on his lifeline, he will cast AMV's deathtouch on everyone on his hatelist, and then trigger that DT a VERY short time later. We need to arrange groups beforehand with Radiant Cure in every group. The instant that DT lands, every group fires Radiant Cure3 or better, and the DT goes away. This is crucial.. and it only happens once. Save your RC's for this, and then use them freely afterward.

Furthermore, at 50%, two languished converts spawn. These are AMV's adds, but more resistive. They must be pulled by SK's and tanked, then burnt to a crisp VERY quickly. Enchanters, pull your pets off OMM and put them on the converts. The converts' damage will scale up just like on AMV, so it's absolutely essential that they die in microseconds.

As a last rabbit in the hat, OMM will deactivate completely at 30%. Some Riftseekers show up to hold him in check, but he has enough time to port all of us down to Ture's room. At this point we have precisely five minutes to run all the way back up to OMM's room, click in, and re-engage, before he *despawns* and ends the encounter. (It might be that the timer only begins once someone clicks into OMM's room, I don't have accurate information on this. Regardless, OMM is regenerating the whole time; the sooner we can get back into action, the better.)

After the port, it's business as usual- charm the charmables, click masks, burst DPS on OMM when his defenses are down. No further tricks, he keels over and dies this time around.

Complex encounter, but VERY fun, and not really all that difficult. Review your information, check your Mirrored Mask

No fear, no doubt....All in, balls out

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