Corruption or Ro raid strats and suggestions

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Corruption or Ro raid strats and suggestions

Postby Nannwin » Tue May 06, 2008 12:52 am

This is a loot-a-rific raid in the PoR expansion. Instanced zone in Elddar, the big door on the big tree in the south center area of the zone.

Be careful zoning in, hostile mobs wander. Best to bring your OT's and healers in immediately and make sure someone's paying attention.

Clear all the trash mobs leading up to the boss. Rumor has it that if you don't, you get punished with extra DT's.

Now, on to the real meat of the encounter. Hailing the priest at the top triggers the spawn of the Guardian, a huge LDoN-type rock golem, and the non-targetable Enforcer.

Guardian hits for ~6k tops, flurries, no rampage. AE's Thought Corruption against anyone on its hate list. Guardian is rootable.

Every 20% of its life, the Guardian will pop a wave of adds. First wave consisted of at least 10 small golems, arranged into 3 categories: icecore golems, earthcore golems, and firecore golems. Max hit near 3k, but low atk; icecore mitigated slow, but the others slowed fully. Firecore are immune to mez, earthcore and icecore ARE MEZZABLE. Golems of all three types cast a spell called Grappling Roots; might want to put away blunt weapons.

Approx. 4mins after engage, the priest yelled to the enforcer that we were sucking too badly, and to make an example of us. There followed four random DT's. Presumably, we have to kill faster in order to prevent DT's. That makes this a dps dump fight.

Lessons learned:

- Keep clerics cured. RGC is a one-shot cure. By the number of curse counters, Resplendent Cure SHOULD strip it.. but apparently does not. Anyway, the spell haste needs to stay off the CH'ers. Druids and shamans are probably our best bet for spot cures.

- Keep groups alive. That 5kdd is going to be punishing across the fight's duration.

- Don't break mez. Got enough to worry about without a bunch of loose golems running amok. Kill firecores first, then stay on the MA's for the rest. Kill quickly.

- Keep the MA up. (Naturally)

- Abuse DoT's to keep some form of damage on the guardian while adds are up.


After a lot of digging back through old posts on the SOE forums, I found a revelation on what causes the DT. At the start of engage, Drekish begins walking a circle around the entire room. When he reaches his starting point, a check is made of current boss health to previous boss health and if it is <20%, 4 DTs fire.

No fear, no doubt....All in, balls out

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