Audio triggers and fun things to know

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Audio triggers and fun things to know

Postby Nannwin » Tue May 06, 2008 1:05 am

Zi-Thuuli of the Granite Claw

Zi-Thuuli growls in a booming voice - announces spawn and despawn of ZT
Your movements become stiff - DT effect, get cured; zone out and back in if you don't get cured

Sanguimanus the Redfang

announcing the arrival of Redfang - Redfang spawn message for each wave

Hatchet the Torturer

Hatchet levels his axe at your upper body - duck, stay down until clear message
Hatchet hefts a weighted throwing axe - run as far away as possible, stay there until clear message
Hatchet lifts his axe high - run under Hatchet's feet, stay there until clear message
Hatchet locks eyes with you and snorts - run away from Hatchet's charge attack; if for some reason you cannot kite Hatchet, run to the NE corner and let him catch you there

muscles become more defined and powerful - dispell Hatchet's uberbuff (must have NPC spells on to see this, and be close)

Hatchet the Torturer levels his horns at - Hatchet charging someone else, get clear

Tris Wallow III

Tris stares deeply into your eyes - turn character away from Tris and wait for clear message

Tris Wallow III shudders, as if she is about to change forms - form change imminent, helpful for adjusting to the next phase
Tris Wallow III screams as her flesh peels - phase 1 (werewolf) begins
Tris reverts to her original form - phase 2 (human, inactive) begins
Tris Wallow III regains her strength - phase 3 (human, combat) begins

Devlin Rochester

Devlin lobs a glass vial - run out to carpet area
Devlin's whip snaps around - remove appropriate piece of armor until clear message

Roley and Adrianna DeFarge

Adrianna stirs, as if remembering something terrible - Adrianna inactive and ready to port to bane weapon farm

Overlord Mata Muram

You feel a gaze of deadly power - click your mirrored mask
You hear a strange buzzing around your head - /yell a few times, to call the location of the incoming ukun swarm

Vishimtar the Fallen

You sense your doom approaching - cure DT; or if you can't cure, avoid it

Sullon Zek, Mistress of Rage

Your knees tremble from the wrath of Sullon Zek. - viral fizzlecurse/melee nerf, run to quarantine
You have succumbed to the ferocity of Sullon Zek. - viral DA, run to quarantine
- after these effects are completely gone from your buff list, run back immediately and re-engage

You fall under the curse of Sullon Zek. - slow, spell slow, instant DD/manadrain/end drain- get diseased cured

Daosheen the Firstborn

Required- entire raid:

Daosheen calls upon the elemental forces to contain his enemies. - AE mez hit - suspend single cures, click team enter red - blue
Allegiances shift as Daosheen speaks a cryptic phrase. - AE charm hit - suspend single cures, click team enter yellow - green
Your life begins to drain away. - AE DT hit - suspend singles cures, click team enter red - yellow - blue - green

Required- click team:

Doom of the Firstborn - if you are DA'd, the above DT trigger will not work- ensure you have Spell Awareness and use this one instead or in addition

HIGHLY Recommended- entire raid; click team optional:

A festering darkness saps your strength. - stats debuff on, click yellow
Your blood is tainted with magical essence. - DoT on, click green
You are dumbstruck by the presence of the firstborn. - silence on, click red
You lose your will to fight. - snare/slow on, click blue
....DO NOT click these cures if any of the AE effects is active, wait until:

A bolt of light joins the - mez or charm successfully cured, single cures may resume UNLESS Daosheen at 11% or 6%
The crystals emit a blinding flash of light before going dark once more. - DT successfully cured, resume single cures until next AE

Recommended- click team:
The (insert color) crystal begins to glow. - key this off the crystal that comes before you in the DT sequence; create another for your mez/charm cures if you wish. Trigger your clicks off those audio triggers rather than the previous person's hotkey. You WILL get false hits as crystals glow randomly throughout the raid; use this trigger only as paired with the triggers indicating AE casts.

Audio triggers, in a nutshell.

Click on your EQ button, go to Actions > Audio Triggers; or create a hotkey under your options window for the Audio Triggers window. I use ctrl-T to bring it up.

Once there, type a text string in the Pattern box near the top of the window. Then, click on the Sound box to the right, and pick a sound effect; it will sound, as an example. Choose a sound that seems appropriate for the text string- something loud and obnoxious for DT's, for instance. Once you've selected the sound you want, click the Create button.

Henceforth, anytime the pattern phrase appears in your text boxes, the selected sound will play.

See the Table of Contents thread for a link from Grizlycub to a free text-to-speech website, where you can create your own custom triggers.

The sky's the limit on what audio triggers can do. Some general triggers I've heard of people using, in addition to the standard repertoire of raid triggers:

tells you, ' -- incoming tell
You have fallen to the ground (or whatever it is FD'ers see)-- FD fail
has become ENRAGED -- turn off attack- unfortunately, this one triggers on injured pets too
executes a FLURRY of attacks on (yourname) -- good for tanks
Your spell fizzles -- practice yer spell skills!
You feel yourself starting to appear -- Cloudy Potion ftw
Your (spellname) has worn off -- awesome for tracking control spells like root, snare, mez, slow... Don't use for buffs
begins to cast the gate spell -- find a way to stop mob gate

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