SoD End-zone access quest

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SoD End-zone access quest

Postby Pherawk » Thu Oct 16, 2008 10:58 am

Below is a partial list from the Sony boards of the quests needed to get access to one of the locked zones in SoD (Discord? I think the end-raid zone is the Tower of Discord or something like that, which is in the Discord zone). My understanding is that it's a Crystallos-like zone in that the intent is to be a loot zone. It can also be accessed by completing 3 SoD raids, but I don't think we'll be doing these any time soon. It has been indicated by Nodyin that they will be adding some other steps to this. The #s (7111, etc) I think are internal EQ identifiers.

Oceangreen theme

Task: 7111 //Familiarity is the Key - Ocean Green, Paladin Fortress, Captain Hiran Tillin
Mission: 7112 //Stopping the Contamination - Ocean Green, Paladin Fortress, Captain Hiran Tillin
Mission: 7113 //Dread Challenge - Ocean Green, Paladin Fortress, Captain Hiran Tillin

Bloody Kithicor theme ?

Task: 7159

Field of Scale theme :

Mission: 7239 //Audience with the WarMaster - Jaled'Dar
Mission: 7240 //The Brood of an Emperor - Jaled'Dar
Mission: 7248 //The Price of Knowledge - Jaled'Dar
Mission: 7249 //Defeat the Dragonbane Phalanx - Jaled'Dar
Mission: 7250 //Impenatrable Shield - Jaled'Dar

Invasion of earth theme - Korrascian warrens :

Task: 7276 //Retinue of the Frog-God - Sterik Gristmaker
Task: 7265 //Find Your Allies - Nedsin Tabbels
Task: 7277 //Whom Frogs Destroy- Nedsin Tabbels
Task: 7278 //The Wrath of Korascian - Nedsin Tabbels
Task: 7266 //Disrupt the Siege - Ylatra the Vassal
Task: 7267 //Champions No More - Ylatra the Vassal
Mission: 7279 //Murdunk's Last Stand - Ylatra the Vassal

Kuaa theme :

Mission: 7208 //Holding the Fort - Old Bloodfields, General Vurig
Mission: 7404 //Studying the Portal - Old Dranik, Yemall
Task: 7260
Task: 7261
Task: 7262
Task: 7263

You can do what you want with this info, but i think it would be bad to post an almost complete spoilier at release.
For Oceangreen you only need the individual task from Captain Hiran Tillin + his 2 group missions. you can either do Tabron or Bronal quests to be able to speak with him.

The fastest an easiest way to do it is :

Sergent Bronal ( close to karana zi )

Man the Defenses
No Cure for Death

It allows you to speak with Captain Hiran Tillin. Complete the explore task :

Familiarity is the key

Then you can gather a group and do the two group missions:

Stop the Contamination
A Dread Challenger
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Re: SoD End-zone access quest

Postby sitasha » Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:57 am

I havent got a chance to look at it all yet, are they doing tiered raids again, I thought that was pretty cool with SOF, even non end game guilds could get in on the action a bit
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