Domi SOD Progression

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Domi SOD Progression

Postby sitasha » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:49 am

EQ:Seeds of Destruction

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Seeds of Destruction Guide
The Beginning
What's Going On
New Features
Gear in Seeds of Destruction
Spells in Seeds of Destruction
Seeds of Destruction Zones
Progression Through Seeds of Destruction
Major Quest Arcs

Seeds of Destruction Guide
This is a guide to the new features, zones, gear, spells and lore of the Secrets of Faydwer expansion.

The Beginning

Seeds of Destruction was announced on August 14, 2008, and was launched on October 21, 2008.

The initial announcement may be found here and the expansion-release patch message may be found here.

What's Going On
Seeds of Destruction
The Seeds of Destruction expansion is required to access this content.
Live: October 21, 2008

A new rift has opened in the Plane of Time. This rift leads to a bleak prophecy of the end of existence. The world of Norrath lies in ruins. The planet has shattered into millions of shards, spinning in a silent void around the rapidly blackening star of Ro.

In the wreckage on a small shard of the world, a lone figure sits quietly tending a small seedling growing between the rocks. The lone figure is none other than the fallen god Zebuxoruk.

Zebuxoruk is certainly insane, but has a unique insight into the current state of the world and possibly might hold the knowledge to guide adventurers in the quest to prevent the destruction of Norrath. Only he can direct adventurers towards specific moments in time where the armies of Discord were able to disrupt the timeline.

If they are able to stop the forces of Discord, the destruction in The Void will slowly be repaired. If not, all hope will be lost.

The story (as told by the "Unfolding the Lore" series from EQLive):

Part 1: Overview; The Void
Part 2: Oceangreen; Blackburrow; Temple of Bertoxxulous
Part 3: Bloody Kithicor
Part 4: Field of Scale; Kurn's Stronghold; Kaesora
Part 5: Toskirakk, Korascian Warrens, and Rathe Council Chambers

New Features

Mercenary player-controlled NPCs. (Click here for a guide to mercenaries.)

A level cap increase from 80 to 85. New high level item sets, new Alternate Advancement ability lines, new spells, and new skill caps come with this increase.

Twenty new zones of re-imagined classic content as well as brand new realms to explore: New themed realms for adventurers to explore including Oceangreen, Bloody Kithicor, Field of Bone, Invasion of Earth, Kuua, and Discord. Travel through the rift in Time solo, with a group, or in raids to complete new quests, tasks, and events to acquire new items, spells, tradeskill recipes, and abilities.

Gear in Seeds of Destruction

A guide to armor in this expansion can be found here (information forthcoming).

Spells in Seeds of Destruction

Spells are structured in a three-rank system, as in TSS, TBS, and SOF.

Rk. I spells and tomes are bought from vendors:

Level 81: Oceangreen Hills
Assistant Josephine at loc +5065, -955, +105 (NW of port-in in a building in the fort)
Level 82: Bloody Kithicor
Assistant Joseph at loc +1260, -155, +12 (just north of port-in from The Void)
Level 83: Field of Scale
Assistant Josic at loc +1950, +960, -28 (next to Phara Dar, far south from the port-in from The Void)
Level 84: Toskirakk
Assistant Josienisa at loc +335, -380, +20 (just north of the port-in from The Void)
Level 85: Bloodfields
Assistant Josoth at loc +2065, -1915, 0 (near the port-in from The Void)

Rk. II spells and tomes are dropped by level-appropriate mobs or bought off of vendors requiring faction.

Rk. III spells and tomes result from turn-ins of runes from raid events or are purchased off of elite vendors after unlocking via a combination of faction and group and/or raid missions.

Seeds of Destruction Zones

A list of zones in this expansion can be found here.

You can download maps of all of the new zones here.

The in-game map of zone connections can be found here.

Group content in SOF is separated into tiers:

Tier 0: The Void (a non-combat zone used to access other zones in the expansion)
Tier 1: Oceangreen Hills, Oceangreen Village, Blackburrow, Temple of Bertoxxulous
Tier 2: Bloody Kithicor, Commonlands, Highpass Hold
Tier 3: Field of Scale, Kaesora Library, Kaesora Hatchery, Kurn's Stronghold
Tier 4: Toskirakk, Korascian Warrens, Rathe Council Chambers
Tier 5: Bloodfields, City of Dranik, The Percipice of War
Tier 6: Heart of Discord, Citadel of the Worldslayer

Progression Through Seeds of Destruction

There are six "themes" (or tiers, as above) in this expansion. Each one has a progression line.

Revolves around the faction, Cirtan, Bayle's Herald. It is not known for certain which specific tasks are needed for progression. It seems, however, that you need to deal with Captain Hiran. And to do so, you must perform some tasks for Sergeant Bronal Cadran. Here are those tasks, along with the Captain's tasks:
Sergeant Bronal Cadran #1: Man the Defenses
Sergeant Bronal Cadran #2: No Cure for death
Captain Hiran Solo: Familiarity is the Key
Captain Hiran Group #1: Stop the Contamination
Captain Hiran Group #2: A Dread Challenger
What other tasks, if any, are involved with Oceangreen progression?

Bloody Kithicor:

Field of Scale:




Major Quest Arcs
Like Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand and various faction bonus lines from Secrets of Faydwer, Seeds of Destruction provides added incentive for completing all quests in a given theme.

Heraldic Crest
Timeshear Crystals

Bloody Kithicor:

Field of Scale:
The Grand Illusion

Miniature Rallosian Armor


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Re: Domi SOD Progression

Postby sitasha » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:52 am

Seeds of Destruction Overview
A new rift has opened in the Plane of Time. This rift leads to a bleak prophecy of the end of existence. The world of Norrath lies in ruins. The planet has shattered into millions of shards, spinning in a silent void around the rapidly blackening star of Ro.
In the wreckage on a small shard of the world, a lone figure sits quietly tending a small seedling growing between the rocks. The lone figure is none other than the fallen god Zebuxoruk. He is the only survivor of the end of the world, and perhaps the only one who knows how to prevent it.
During the invasion of the Plane of Time, mortal adventurers were intent on the release of Zebuxoruk from his eternal stasis. The goddess Druzzil Ro was forced to reorder the timeweave in order to prevent Zebuxoruk from escaping. This rethreading of the timeweave created a small weakness in the flow of time. For many years the weakness in the fabric of reality went unnoticed.
During the events of the Gates of Discord and Omens of War expansions, the forces of Discord poured through a portal into Norrath. The first invasion, headed by the overlord Mata Muram, was turned away by the combined forces of the heroes of Norrath. However, Mata Muram's forces were only a portion of the greater armies of Discord. These forces all worshiped a dark god of the discordant pantheon.
This dark god was infuriated by Mata Muram's failure but was also intrigued with the power that was able to repel the Muramite forces. While investigating Norrath the dark god became aware of the small weakness that Druzzil Ro had created in the timeweave and made plans to exploit it. The weakness in the weave allowed the dark god a limited access to the history of Norrath. He then sent agents to key points in Norrathian history to hamstring the development of Norrath and ensure an easy victory for his armies.
The dark god's meddling with the timeline did not go unnoticed. The inhabitants of the Plane of Time were immediately aware of something manipulating the continuity of Norrath. Rifts began to open in the plane. One such rift leads to the end of time where the shards of the world of Norrath float silently in space which foretells a horrible catastrophe.
How can mortals hope to stop it?

The Void
Because of Discord's interference in the timelines of Norrath the world has been destroyed completely. The only objects left are the drifting asteroid shards called The Void. Sparking time portals in The Void drift in the ether and lead to the various rifts in time: the Plane of Time, Bloody Kithicor, the Field of Scale, Oceangreen Hills, the Bloodfields, the Invasion of the Plane of Earth, and realm of Discord.

The only living creature in The Void is the god Zebuxoruk; torn from the flow of time by the combined might of the elder gods of Norrath. His only "companion" in The Void is a single small seedling that he tends as best he can with next to no resources beyond his severely limited divine powers.
The Pantheon of Norrath was destroyed when the world was broken. The only remnants of these gods are the discarded relics that drift throughout the void of space.
Norrath's Sun, Ro, is rapidly shrinking in on itself and turning into a black hole. Massive solar flares spark off the surface constantly. Even The Void will disappear soon unless someone repairs the damage that has been done to time.

Zebuxoruk is certainly insane, but has a unique insight into the current state of the world and possibly might hold the knowledge to guide adventurers in the quest to prevent the destruction of Norrath. Only he can direct adventurers towards specific moments in time where the armies of Discord were able to disrupt the timeline.
If they are able to stop the forces of Discord, the destruction in The Void will slowly be repaired. If not, all hope will be lost.
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Re: Domi SOD Progression

Postby sitasha » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:53 am

After the fall of the Combine Empire, the majority of humankind spread out and occupied the center of what was then called Tunaria. These humans lived in small villages upon the fertile plains of Karana and in an area along the western coast called the Oceangreen Hills. Over time, several villages prospered and grew into small towns. Two of these towns were so successful as to eventually grow into full-fledged cities. On the eastern coast, Freeport grew to be a bustling port frequented by those braving the journey across the Ocean of Tears. To the west, the city of Qeynos grew from the foundations of Oceangreen village, under the noble rule of Antonius Bayle, the Great Unifier.
Oceangreen was made up primarily of lush green grassland and gently rolling hills. To the north, the Jaggedpine forest hampered travel towards the barbarian Northlands. To the east, a set of very high and steep hills cut off all access except for a tunnel that led to Blackburrow, home of the gnolls, and a narrow valley that led off to the great plains which are now known as the Plains of Karana. On the western borders of Oceangreen, several sets of steep hills existed in the northern region and an ocean bay in the southwest. The region was also the home to several different clans of Gnolls. However, only the largest of these clans, the Sabertooth clan, was violent towards human settlers.
Despite the growth and prosperity in the area, a dark specter loomed on the horizon. A plague had slowly begun to take root in the Oceangreen region affecting not only humans but animals and plant life as well. Travelers brought horrifying tales of twisted, gruesome animals that have been disfigured by the blight. The source of the plague lay undiscovered for many years.
Unbeknownst to the founders of Oceangreen village, a powerful temple to Bertoxxulous had been constructed along the outskirts of the city. As the village grew, so too did the power of the temple. Even the gnolls, once a real threat to hunters in the area, retreated into Blackburrow and barred the entrance. Then Antonius Bayle was born, and grew into a strong leader during the years that the plague from the hills began to infect the creatures and plant life of the Karanas.
Bayle led a group of hunters and warriors into the hills and founded a stronghold on the edge of the forest and began a campaign against the followers of Bertoxxulous. Over time he overcame his enemies and the druids of Karana were able to wash away the taint of the disease. Slowly things began to return to normal and Antonius Bayle went on to found a city on the bay and called it Qeynos.
But now the future of humankind is once again in jeopardy. The influence of the god of Discord has reached back through time to strengthen the plague and followers of Bertoxxulous. At such a critical moment in human history it will not take much to push them over the brink and forever change the history of Norrath. Without help the inhabitants of Oceangreen will surely be overcome by the power of this plague and usher in a new era of darkness for all humanity. Who will help to save them?

Oceangreen Village
Oceangreen Village is a small human village within the Oceangreen Hills. With its simple wooden structures and humble surroundings, this small hamlet is on the edge of prosperity under the direction of Antonius Bayle. The plague has begun to creep towards the village, but has not yet infected the population at large.
The village is currently under attack by a force of Bertoxxulous worshippers and hordes of undead that spread disease and decay, infecting all life in the area. The temple can be accessed through a shard of corrupted stone that has breached the earth to the north of the village proper. Luckily for the villagers a force of heroes has risen up to help defend the village. These heroes are lead by a charismatic man named Antonius Bayle. Thus far the village has been fortunate enough to not have had to deal with the threat of the gnolls of Blackburrow, as they have shut themselves off from the Oceangreen hills in order to avoid the plague.

Blackburrow is the main home of the Sabertooth clan of gnolls in Oceangreen. The Sabertooth clan has recently claimed this lair as their own, locking themselves away from human invaders and the dark plague that threatens Oceangreen.
Along the western mountain side lives what remains of the Darkpaw gnolls, who seem to be disinterested in the affairs of human kind, as they are completely focused on returning to their home in the mines of Blackburrow. Though they hold no anger towards the growing human population they have no reason to trust in them either. Several are willing to form a tenuous truce with the humans in order to help drive the combative Sabertooth gnolls from their previous home.
Unfortunately for the gnolls, an agent of the Discord has a plan of its own. The agent is well on its way to corrupting the Sabertooth gnolls within Blackburrow; transforming them into a dark twisted reflection of their former selves. It will not be long before even the gnolls outside of Blackburrow begin to fall under their influence. The gnolls have already begun to show signs of increased aggression that surely can not bode well for Antonius and his followers.

The Temple of Bertoxxulous
The Temple of Bertoxxulous is a hidden temple to the god Bertoxxulous. Bertoxxulous was so happy with his followers and this temple that he helped construct it himself, carving it out of the very stone with his own powers. The temple is dominated by human worshippers of Bertoxxulous and their numerous undead minions. They are a strict theocratic order that is fiercely militant in structure. They have also constructed a variety of magically animated guardians to discourage would-be heroes from interfering with their machinations.
The worshippers of Bertoxxulous have lived here secretly for decades, but have only recently become emboldened enough to spread their influence to the surface. Their once troublesome interferences have festered into a full blown plague that now threatens all of Tunaria. They must be stopped if the future of humanity is to remain intact
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Re: Domi SOD Progression

Postby sitasha » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:54 am

The Battle of Bloody Kithicor

Part 1 - Nurgal's Stone
The goblins of the Pickclaw tribe were not known for their wit. In fact, because of their extreme lack of intelligence, they have been abused in trades by just about every merchant in Norrath. If one were to wonder why the citizens of High Keep permit the clan to live in the mines beneath their homes, the answer is quite simple, they are good miners and they trade the ores cheaply.
The goblins would slave day in and out looking for the "shiny rocks" for which the stupid humans gave them coin. The fact that these same rocks actually made the coin is a feature that has escaped them thus far.
In addition to the humans of Highpass Keep, the goblins also make secret trades with both the Teir'Dal of Neriak and the Fier`Dal of Faydwer. The Teir'Dal would reward the goblins with decent arms and generally paid the best. They were dangerous to deal with as they were just as likely to kill you as pay you. Trading with the Fier`Dal was rather uncommon. The Fier`Dal only came seeking the few rare stones they used to create their arcane runes, which was fine for the Pickclaws as no one else wanted those dull looking rocks.
The Pickclaw miner Nurgal was on par intellectually with of the rest his clan. Nurgal was quite happy this day as he had found a new vein in his section of the mines. In fact, he'd already pulled three shiny yellow bricks today and was sure to get at least a fistful of copper for them! After chipping a few more layers he hit something very hard with his pick, so hard that his pick bent.
"Whaza!" he exclaimed.
In the crevice he revealed was a slightly glowing blue rock. "Hmm," he thought, "me never seen a blue rock afore." He tried chipping at a little bit more but could not even put a scratch into it. Finally in a display of rare brilliance, and after ruining several more tools, he decided to carve around the rock and yank it out.
The rock was spherical in shape, about 8 inches in diameter. Nurgal's eyes gleamed with a dull brilliance as he guessed how many allies he could buy with this rare find. He quickly concealed it in his belt pouch, wary as always that some of the larger goblins might see it and take it from him. He quickly scrambled out of the hole he was working in and started off to the city to find the dark elf ambassador. The dark elves had always given Nurgal the best prices for rare finds, and this would be no exception he decided.
Tyrana Slil was quite pleased with Nurgal, especially since he swore that he brought this new find straight to her without telling anyone else. As one of the Teir'Dal ambassadors in High Keep, it was Tyrana's job to be both spy and broker for materials gained in the keep. Although Tyrana enjoyed the dark end of her work, she really wanted to be back in Neriak. Working with these lesser races day in and out was, after all, beneath her standards. She thought, "And thanks to this stupid creature, I may just have a ticket back there."
"So, you pay me big?" he asked with a disgustingly lustful gaze.
"Sweet, sweet Nurgal, you've been so kind to me, how can I ever repay you… more wine?" Gods how she hated having to play the role of seductress to this loathsome creature, but nevertheless, her tactics were effective. Nurgal gulped the wine, most of which ended up on his gut, and seemed most pleased with himself. "Now, let us see just what kind of properties this find of yours has."
She had the orb centered on the table, although she was not the most practiced geologist, as a necromancer of Innoruuk she did have some powerful identification spells at her disposal. As she finished her minor enchantment there was a bright flash of blue light and a burning sensation that caused her to jump back, shrieking. Nurgal promptly jumped under the table wanting no part of the dark elf's wrath that was sure to follow.
But instead of draining Nurgal's life as she stared at her now burnt fingertips, Tyrana begin to cackle with unabashed glee. "By Innoruuk's hand this is no mere metal! Its magic properties alone are the strongest I've seen!" Realizing that his mistress was happy again Nurgal pulled himself up from the floor and smiled. "Nurgal…. Are there more of these where you found this one, in the mines?" she asked.
"Umm, me not know…but usually when me find one type of shiny rock me find more later," he replied.
"I must get both this rock and this information to Neriak at once," Tyrana thought to herself, "But, before I leave, I must have this wretched creature show me where he found this, so I can be done with him."
After Nurgal was appropriately intoxicated, Tyrana tried to convince the goblin to show her where it was he found this vein of strange blue ore. Nurgal was hesitant to reveal the location of his find to the dark elf but after Tyrana offered him a sizeable reward, the goblin finally agreed. Calling for a guard from the keep to escort them, Tyrana followed Nurgal down into the mines where he revealed the location of the strange blue vein of ore.
Tyrana was very pleased with Nurgal's find and complimented the goblin on a job well done. After inspecting the vein of ore, Tyrana turned to the goblin and grinned, her hands began to glow with a pale green light.
Nurgal jumped in fear as the magic began to swirl and build around Tyrana. The coarse hair on the goblin's body began to bristle with the building energy. Ducking his head, Nurgal blathered, "What you doing, you not hurt Nurgal now?"
Tyrana continued to smile at the goblin and said in a sweet voice, "Why Nurgal! I'm not going to hurt you; I'm simply creating your reward!" No sooner had the Teir'Dal uttered these words did she draw away the full sum of Nurgal's life-force. With a pitiful squeal, the goblin slumped to the ground, a dry and empty husk. Tyrana laughed.
Concealing the large blue sphere in her packs she prepared to journey back to Neriak to report of her find. Tyrana sought out Grigog, Bgug, Sagg, and Glunn a trio of Orcs of the Shralok clan. Tyrana often used these three as escorts for her journeys between Neriak and High Keep. Though she always paid the orcs well for their services, they were always willing to help protect the "bootifal" Tyrana Slil and likely would do the job free of charge.
Grigog was the leader of the mercenaries, slightly bigger then the others and a rather powerful shaman to boot. Bgug was the most demented of the Orcs and delighted in the torture of his already dead opponents. He would usually cut small openings into different parts of the body trying to guess the identity of certain anatomical parts. He would do this until Grigog kicked him in the back of the head, breaking his morbid trance.
Saag was easily one of the biggest and dumbest orcs on the lands. He was utterly useless when given complicated orders but once someone gives him a target it was assured that it will stand no more, be it human or inanimate object. When not fighting he enjoys staring into empty space and drooling. Glunn was another matter altogether. He was as happy-go-lucky as an orc could be. He was celebrating his 12th birthday but because he could not remember exactly when he was born, he had been celebrating his birthday for several days now and planned on continue celebrating it for a few more, just to be safe.
Tyrana was very good at ignoring the orcs. She cared only that they were strong fighters and were fiercely loyal to her. They proved their usefulness to her once again that day.
The group met with some minor resistance along their way to Neriak, in the form of some humans that assumed the worst upon seeing a dark elf being escorted by a group of rather large orcs. Sagg and Glunn were left behind in the battle and as the remaining three slipped away during the commotion. Sagg and Glunn were presumed to have been slain during the conflict. Tyrana could have cared less for the sacrifice of her protectors. From that point onward, they moved quickly as word spread of their travels and further resistance began. Tyrana and the remaining orcs were soon joined by other curious Teir'Dal who, ever loyal to their own, helped to drive back the attackers.
With her now rather large retinue of curious Teir'Dal and others friendly to the dark elven cause, they arrived in Neriak Commons. There, Tyrana met with Laarthik K`Shin and they proceeded to go to the Neriak Academy of Lesser Magics. She handed the stone to Laarthik, whispering quietly with him as the crowd of onlookers looked on curiously.
Turning the stone over in his hand a few times, Laarthik K`Shin looked to Tyrana and said in a stern voice, "Very well Tyrana. You may return to Highpass at this time."
Shocked at being ordered back to the place she disliked, even in the face of this momentous discovery, she began to protest, "Surely you will not send me back to the den of humanity! The place reeks of those sightless fools and the filthy creatures that war daily with them! Does not my discovery earn me the right to be freed from such lowly duty?"
His face twisting in disgust, Laarthik shot back, "Hold your tongue woman before I remove it from your head! As a member of an insignificant and non-noble house, you have no 'right' to anything! You will do as you are told and be happy that you are allowed to serve us."
Moving sharply, he wrote upon a parchment with quick, jagged motions. Thrusting the parchment toward Tyrana, he barked, "Here are your orders. Leave me at once."
Removing a bag from his vest, he scattered a pile of gold coins upon the table behind him and said, "Those loyal brethren that wish to escort Tyrana back to High Keep may take their payment now." Turning quickly, he marched from the room.
Mouth agape, Tyrana stood in shock for a moment. Then, snarling to herself Tyrana strode indignantly from the Academy, her escorts following close behind.
The Wood Elves are thought by some, to be the least active race on Norrath, content with living their lives in their beloved forest fighting off the occasional Orc incursion. This is far from the truth however. Tunare's Martyrs have many operatives throughout Faydark and Antonica, even keeping one stationed in Erudin. Felinin Deepwood is the High Keep operative and is charged with keeping tabs on the Teir'Dal actions within. He was young for his rank and eager to please his superiors and Tunare. For weeks his main target, Tyrana, had done nothing but buy various types of Ore from the goblins and made a few shady deals with the local Merchants.
Word of Tyrana Slil's strange and sudden journey to Neriak convinced him that the Teir'Dal were up to something terrible. He made the decision that he would take action, figure out what was going on and try to stop them. He gathered those folk in the area that were willing to help stop the Teir'Dal and began to lay plans for an ambush.
Tyrana, Grigog, Bgug and the few Teir'Dal escorts brave enough to get close to the human keep stepped into the dark forest of Kithicor. Her head still filled with rage from Laarthik's cold rebuke, she was taken by surprise as Bgug slumped to the ground suddenly, clutching at the arrow in his back. Her violet eyes wide with sudden terror, she shouted, "Ambush! We are under attack!"
Suddenly, the forest was alive with arrows flying, the sound of metal clanging against metal. Everything was electric as spells were channeled and great explosions erupted sending lifeless bodies sailing through the air. Drawing forth her dagger, she faced off with Felinin, a feral snarl flashing across her face.
Lunging forward to stab the Wood Elf in the chest, Felinin dodged easily and slashed with his scimitar seriously wounding Tyrana's leg. Suddenly fearful for her life, Tyrana began to call upon the dark art of Necromancy to steal the precious life energy of the Fier`Dal and heal her grave wound. Felinin's attacks were relentless and the dark elf was not able to channel forth the energy necessary to complete her spell. A final cruel blow to her chest sent Tyrana Slil reeling. Stumbling to the ground gasping for breath, she died.
Tyrana Slil defeated and her escorts dead or fleeing for their lives, Felinin congratulated those that helped him on a job well done. Searching the now lifeless body of the Teir'Dal, he found the note that had been given to Tyrana from Laarthik. The note held grave news for the citizens of High Keep and indeed, all of Antonica. The Teir'Dal had decided it was time to take High Keep as their own.
Wasting no time, Felinin made his way to the keep and delivered the grave news to Lord Tephys, the High Elven ambassador. Lord Tephys was greatly concerned by the news. Lord Tephys called for a meeting of the all allied races at the keep. Runners were dispatched immediately to all corners of the known world, taking the news and begging representatives to attend this meeting of serious importance.
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Re: Domi SOD Progression

Postby sitasha » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:55 am

The Battle of Bloody Kithicor

Part 2 - The Council
Lord Tephys of the Fier`Dal and Carson McCabe of High Keep stared at each other with long faces over the council table in High Keep. The meetings were not going well. Upon hearing of the Teir'Dal's plans of conquest, Tephys had immediately dispatched word to Felwithe petitioning help. He had yet to hear a reply.
Carson's biggest problem in drafting forces for High Keep was that most of the merchant lords on the council were just that, merchants. They spoke endlessly of buying their way out of the fight, that the goblin was lying, or that they should just cut their losses and leave.
Carson and Tephys held no such disillusions. They knew that the Teir'Dal would not bargain, and those that surrendered were doomed to a quick death at best, with a long life of torture and servitude being the alternative.
"Have we received any word from Antonius Bayle yet?" Tephys asked not for the first time since the council had convened.
"I'm afraid that my messengers have returned with the same news we expected Lord Tephys," Carson explained. "He cannot lend us much support, if any, in our struggle. He is afraid, and with good reason, that were he to make any attempt to do so the rival factions in and around Qeynos would be quick to take advantage of the city. He envisions everything from the gnolls of Blackburrow overrunning the city to the Bloodsabers taking it from underneath him. And the sad thing is I can't really say I blame him."
"What of Freeport?" asked Taliman Yurick, the leader of the cities brewing merchants. "Surely they're in the best position to help us, practically bordering Nektulos and all."
"Freeport is in no position to help us either," Lord Tephys was quick to point out. "The Militia and the Paladins keep each other in check constantly. Both know that if either were to support us the other side would only use it as an excuse to try and take complete control of the city. No my friends, I'm afraid it looks like both of the great cities of Antonica will not be aiding us in this fight. And we can count the dwarves out as well. As I suspected, my emissaries to King Kazon were met only by the damned dwarven logic of, 'all the more reason we should stay here and prepare to defend the shores of Butcherblock'."
"I too, have contacted my people across the sea," spoke Pracil Micus of the Erudite. "They have agreed only to bring it up in the next High Council meeting for discussion, at which point they may decide to send some sort of help."
"Great!" shouted Thubr Axebringer. The prominent dwarven smith from Kaladim jumped up from his seat fuming, "The way ye blasted Erudites discuss things in yer meetins we should be getting help just about this time next decade!"
Indignant, Pracil Micus retorted, "Why you little bearded wretch, I suppose I should expect such manners from a…."
"SILENCE!" bellowed Carson as he banged his gavel upon the table. "I'll have no bickering between us, especially at a time like this. You think the Teir'Dal are fighting over which of them are going to attack us!? No…they're not because they ALL want to attack. And if the stories I've heard of late are indeed true…that the Teir'Dal have indeed united under this prophet, this 'child of hate', then we may not just be facing a few Teir'Dal war parties, but rather the whole of Neriak itself!"
"But Carson," Taliman protested, "If what you're saying is true then we're doomed already! We have no armies save the guard of High Keep, no allies to call upon, and all against an entire nation of Dark Elves!"
"Perhaps you are not alone as you think my friends…," said a voice from the crowd. Two high elves step forward, resplendent in their ornate armor. One, an older male with lines of battle etched into his face, the other is a younger female with the beauty of a goddess herself. Both appeared to be a bit travel worn but fully armed.
Lord Tephys stood, an obvious wave of relief flashing across his face. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the council, allow me to introduce Galeth Veredeth, High Paladin of Tunare and chief advisor to King Tearis Thex." The members of the council were impressed and quickly invited the newcomers to join their meeting.
"Thank you Tephys my old friend," Galeth said with a look of sympathy for the tired elven Lord. "The young lady accompanying me is Firiona Vie, Paladin of Tunare and my finest student yet."
Firiona bowed politely to the table saying, "The honor is mine your lordships."
"Ah yes!" said Tephys with sudden recognition. "You have truly grown in the grace of Tunare since last I saw you young Firiona, we welcome you to our table. Now…please tell me you bring good news Galeth."
"Indeed I do," replied the Paladin. "I'm pleased to announce that the entirety of the Paladins of Tunare are at your disposal."
Cheers erupted from the council and the crowd. Galeth held up his hand for silence and continued, "As we speak our legions are sailing across the Ocean of Tears and should arrive in a fortnight. The remainder of the Fier`Dal forces shall have to remain in Faydark however, as we are constantly besieged by the orcs of Crushbone. This is all King Tearis can spare. The only stipulation we insist upon is that Lord Tephys must lead the armies defending High Keep."
Lord Tephys attempted to argue against this at first, but was quickly and unanimously outvoted as the entire council, led by Carson McCabe, insisted that it was a grand idea. A messenger stepped forward and whispered something in Carson's ear.
Carson stood up with a smile on his face and spoke, "In addition to this most fortunate news, I've just been informed that adventurers from all over Norrath are volunteering by the dozens to aid our cause!" Again the crowd and council were swept away by rampant cheers of thanks.
Lord Tephys once again stood and addressed everyone saying, "With that said gentlemen, I believe this council is adjourned. We all have a lot of plans to make and little time to spare. By the grace of Tunare, we just might have a chance…"
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Re: Domi SOD Progression

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The Battle of Bloody Kithicor

Part 3 - The Final Battle
All throughout Antonica, forces prepared for war. Quartermasters scrambled to equip hastily recruited troops. Men both military and mundane trained and practiced diligently for what would surely be a most terrible war. Anyone who could carry a weapon, carried one during those days for none knew when the army of dark elves would advance.
The Teir'Dal likewise prepared. They were confident that they would be successful. Indeed, they had the blessing of Innoruuk and his very daughter Lanys T`Vyl to lead them. Together with her mentor Laarthik K`Shin, the two would lead their great army against the forces of High Keep further increasing the strength of the nation of Teir'Dal and dividing the two cities Qeynos and Freeport, setting up a stranglehold upon the races of light.
The morning was rainy and cold when the dark elves began their march. Lead by Laarthik K`Shin and Lanys T`Vyl, the hordes of Teir'Dal were a consuming fire upon the Commonlands. Platoons of Teir'Dal broke off to crush the rag-tag bands of allied forces that rose to stop their advance. Regardless of the opposition they faced, Lanys and Laarthik pushed forward toward their goal. All around the sounds of war rang out; metal against metal, battle cries and screams of the dying.
As the army approached Kithicor forest, a rear guard was left behind to prevent the advancement of any of the races of light through the Commonlands. It was then that the dark army began to splinter and spread throughout Kithicor forest like a goblet of wine spilled upon a table. Slinking through the forest, a group of 30 Teir'Dal crept into Rivervale. They struck quickly and the peaceful halfling city was occupied and subjugated under the brutal heel of the dark elven oppressors with little or to no resistance. The Teir'Dal raided the shops and took whatever meager wealth the halflings had. Any who protested were quickly struck down by the new rulers of Rivervale.
As the army continued to work its way through the forest, they began to meet with heavier resistance as the allied races of light sprang forth from their hiding places and ambushed the Dark Elves. Battles began to erupt in every corner of the forest. As quickly as a Teir'Dal was struck down, another would come forward to take its place. As soon as a Teir'Dal platoon survived one ambush, they would be ambushed yet again. Both armies were relentless. Neither side knew who was winning. The smell of death and of blood began to replace the usually fragrant smells of the forest.
Lord Tephys, Galeth Veredeth and Firiona Vie waited just outside the entrance to High Pass with the assembled forces of the Paladins of Tunare and all others that were willing to assist them. The situation was very grave. The Teir'Dal army's approach was heralded by a stampede of frightened animals all scurrying in fear of the approaching dark elven menace. It was shortly thereafter that they began to hear the sound of marching boots, the clang of weapons, and the rattle of armor peppered with the occasional scream approaching through the forest.
It was there, near the entrance to High Pass that the leaders of the two armies met, face to face. The forest seemed to groan and the very earth trembled. Cruel laughter was heard echoing through the trees.
Lord Tephys raised his mailed fist into the air and swore aloud, "By the grace of The Mother, you will be stopped Child of Hate! Your cursed army shall go no farther then where I stand."
Lanys's derisive laughter seemed supernaturally loud as it rang out, almost hurting the ears of those around her, "Old fool, you feel such hate for me and in that I am glad. This only proves the strength of my father and his power! However, the hate you feel toward me is nothing compared to the sheer depths of hate I hold toward you and your kind. Prepare to feel the full force of the power that is hate itself!"
And with those words, the two armies clashed. Lanys seemed to close the gap between her and Lord Tephys in but a single leap and struck at the old Paladin with a vicious fury. Like a hammer unto an anvil, Lanys's swords struck again and again against the upraised shield of Lord Tephys. The Paladin struggled valiantly under the harsh blows of the Child of Hate. Her attacks were relentless and only seemed to become more violent as they continued.
Finally, the shield of the old Paladin failed him and Lanys landed a blow squarely upon the aged shoulder of the holy fighter. Dropping his shield, he staggered backward but clutching his wound as it bled freely he whispered for aid from Tunare. A soft blue glow covered his hand as the wound healed and he smiled to himself as he felt the love of The Mother. His smile quickly faded as he looked up to see Lanys's hands glowing as well, a cruel smile upon her face.
Shouting out words in Ancient Teir'Dal, Lanys made a sweeping gesture toward her enemy, great streams of magical energy coursing from her outstretched hands and enveloping the High Elf. Lord Tephys clutched at his chest as his whole body was wracked with incredible pain. Stunned from the sudden and unexpected blow, Lord Tephys failed to block as Lanys struck a final terrible blow. Lord Tephys fell quietly to the ground and into the bosom of the Great Mother.
Meanwhile, across the field, a much different battle was being waged. Two seasoned fighters, leaders of men, and ancient veterans of countless battles squared off against each other. Like a deadly game of chess, Laarthik K`Shin and Galeth Veredeth engaged in a deadly ballet of thrusts and parries. Their skills were at parity, but Laarthik, through the dark power he practiced, had the body of a young man. Galeth on the other hand, though in excellent physical shape for his age, was still very old.
Lowering his guard ever so slightly, Laarthik allowed Galeth to bash him square in the chin with his shield. Striking like a serpent, Laarthik's hand shot forward enveloped in a blaze of fiery magical energy. Stepping inward and snaking his blazing hand under the upraised arm of the High Paladin's shield, Laarthik touched the chest of the Galeth as the fire left the hand of the Teir'Dal and enveloped his mortal enemy.
A cry of shock and pain erupted from the lips of the elder fighter. But with unexpected speed from an old man he quickly jumped back. As he laid his hand upon his blistered and still smoldering skin, the wound disappeared completely though the smell of burning flesh was still heavy in the air.
Galeth smiled briefly at his mortal enemy and laughed, "It appears we are still even, my worthy adversary." Then feigning surprise, he raised his eyebrows and taunted, "Oh wait, I see your lip is bleeding now! Perhaps it is I who have the upper hand!" They resumed their deadly dance.
As Lord Tephys fell Firiona Vie moved to assist him but she quickly realized that she was too late to save her companion. Lanys T`Vyl sprung upon Firiona like a hunting cat after its prey. Firiona was surprised by the uninhibited fury of Lanys T`Vyl and by the sheer strength of her blows. Shifting her weight she dug the side of her foot firmly into the ground in a back stance as she began to parry the fierce thrusts and savage slashes of Innoruuk's chosen.
Again and again, Lanys's weapons struck down upon Firiona's shield and sword. Unlike Lord Tephys, she was able withstand the force of her attacks. She did not forget the training she received from her mentor Galeth. She realized the importance of remaining calm and level headed during combat. Firiona and Lanys were polar opposites on the field of combat. Lanys foamed at the mouth and struck viscously while Firiona was calm, almost relaxed, as she turned aside her blows. Biding her time and saving her strength, Firiona simply parried the blows of Lanys T`Vyl.
Laarthik and Galeth continued their deadly ballet. The body that housed Laarthik's evil soul was young and strong but Galeth's old body was growing weak. Little by little, he felt himself losing his edge. He began to realize that this was a battle that he could not win. He resolved himself to hold off Laarthik for as long as possible, regardless of the outcome.
As Lanys's attack continued against Firiona, the Chosen of Tunare noticed the fury begin to fade just a bit from the dark elf's strikes. In a single fluid motion, the Paladin parried both of her opponents' blades downward with her single sword as she circled swiftly to the side of Lanys. Swinging her shield in a back handed motion as she spun, she struck Lanys brutally in the back of the head, pushing her off balance momentarily.
Though surprised and momentarily dazed by the sudden attack, Lanys regained her composure in time to turn aside the deadly sword thrust that was aimed directly for her midsection. It was from this point forth, that Firiona took the offensive. This time it was she who struck again and again, with Lanys continually backing up under the force of her blows.
Swarms of tiny insects began to swarm around the battle and the ground began to tremble at the Great Mother's displeasure. Firiona seemed to grow in stature and her golden hair began to shine brilliantly as she was filled with the love of the Mother and surrounded by her protection. She waged her battle against the chosen of Innoruuk without mercy, making known the full displeasure of Tunare.
Lanys was becoming weak and faltered under the righteous anger. Her eyes, once a blaze of hate and fury were now glazed and filled with exhaustion. Defending herself grimly, she called out, "Laarthik, please help me!"
Hearing the cry of help from his student and the chosen of his race and god, Laarthik was filled with a new found rage. Roaring like a lion, he drove the pommel of his sword straight across the temple of the tiring Galeth Veredeth. The savage blow was too much for the High Paladin of Tunare. Galeth, for the first time in his long life, fell before an opponent on the field of battle, bleeding and unconscious.
Seeing the gravity of the situation, Laarthik pulled the large glowing blue sphere found by the goblin Nurgal from out of his breastplate. The orb glowed brightly, pulsing and vibrating in Laarthik's hands. The air resonated and hummed with energy. Holding the orb to the sky, he cried out in a strangled voice, "Innoruuk! In the name of Lanys T`Vyl, I beseech you! Attend her!" The energy contained within the orb was released.
The screams of ten thousand damned souls filled the world as an immeasurable power opened a rift in the astral barrier. The hearts of even the most evil and twisted creatures in Norrath were suddenly filled with dread and fear from the terrible miasma of evil that spewed forth from the Plane of Hate.
Laarthik's borrowed body was encased in a pillar of fire emanating from the orb, as the energies of Innoruuk were unleashed. Nothing can withstand the presence of a god and Laarthik's body was quickly torn apart by the terrible power.
Lanys tossed her head and laughed throatily. She shouted out in welcome to the power of Innoruuk. Her body glowed with crimson flame as she was drawn upward by the Prince of Hate, her father. The Child of Hate disappeared into the swirling rift in the sky as the remains of Laarthik crumpled to the ground. A tremendous roar rose up from the very heart of Norrath.
Firiona Vie stared in dismay and shock as Lanys was swept into the Heart of Hate, dread filling her eyes with angry tears. The Chosen of Tunare called out to those around her as her heart was overcome by terror, "Flee! Flee for your lives! Doom approaches!"
Firiona rushed to Galeth's side and cried, "This is a portent of death! None can survive the Hate Innoruuk will cast upon us!" She helped her fallen mentor struggle to his feet and together, they both fled the scene of the calamity.
A vacuous wave of hopelessness and dread withered the souls of all in Kithicor as sight was ripped from their eyes from Innoruuk's presence. Hearts beating rapidly in fear suddenly stopped. In an instant, the terrible clamor of war was replaced by an unnatural silence. All life in the forest, whether dark elf, ally, or animal, was instantly extinguished.
And so ended the Battle of Bloody Kithicor. Both sides suffered terrible losses. The allied forces held what was probably the most sober and somber "victory" party in history at High Pass. The Dark Elves retreated to Neriak. The once quiet, sylvan forest that was filled with relatively peaceful woodland creatures had been forever tainted. To this day, Kithicor is haunted by the restless souls of the fallen soldiers that perished during that terrible war. The world was never the same again.
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Re: Domi SOD Progression

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Field of Bone
The Field of Bone was once a lush and fertile grassland located within the heart of the Sebilisian Empire. It is now scarred by a massive crater caused by a cataclysmic clash of magical energy. The bones of every race on the continent of Kunark litter the ground amidst the sparse vegetation and the ancient ruins of a once grand city continue to crumble and crack in the blistering, unforgiving climate.
The carpet of sun-bleached bones and rubble is the remnant of the great war fought on this open plain between the iksar and their innumerable foes during their empire's peak. It was here where the dragons chose to stage their attack on the iksar in an attempt to end their reign. It is said that the remains of the ancient dragon Jaled'Dar lay in the ruins where the child of Veeshan fell at the hand of Ganak, the last of the iksar emperors.
Under the rule of Rile Sathir, son of Venril Sathir, the iksar had left the dragon lands alone. With the growth of their empire, however, the threat the iksar posed was easy to see. The dragon lords convened the Ring of Scale and argued about how to proceed. Trakanon, the poison dragon, advocated swift intervention on behalf of all races against the iksar. However, he was voted down and the Ring of Scale decided to intervene indirectly.
Trakanon and a number of the younger dragons decided more direct action was required. They conjured a squall at sea that destroyed Rile's warship while the King was onboard. This action triggered a spectacular war amongst the dragons that lasted for almost a half century.
Over the next half century, dragonkind struggled against the airborne iksar army. Rile's son Atrebe succeeded him at the throne but he later perished in one of his own foul, necromantic experiments. After the death of his father, General Ganak acted quickly to assassinate his brothers and rose to the throne of Sebilis, claiming the title Emperor.
The war ended inconclusively over the open fields with an aerial duel between Ganak on his sokokar mount and Jaled'Dar, the leader of the Ring of Scale. Mutually incinerated by magic and fire, the explosion that vanquished both combatants carved out the sunken, destroyed area in the center of the field. Before retreating, the dragons destroyed Ganak's imperial palace within Kaesora and all the hatchlings within it, ending the royal lineage.

Field of Scale
The great war between the Sebilisian Empire and the Ring of Scale marks a high point of focus for the forces of discord. If Norrath's timeline can be corrupted at this point, they could usurp the warlike iksar and integrate them into their world-destroying armies. The iksar would be used as shock-troopers to make first planet fall in the "discord-riders" future campaigns. With this as the goal, a resourceful discord enchanter has been sent through the rift to beguile the iksar leaders with promises of power and conquest and to ply them with weapons powerful enough to defeat the Ring of Scale's dragons.
Even during the war against the dragons, there is a bit of tension amongst the iksar forces. Kurn, warmaster of the iksar military, is holed up in his stronghold working on his own plans for defeating the dragons and has little patience for Emperor Ganak. He remains loyal but feels that while Ganak is a strong leader, he is not aggressive enough and is unwilling to sacrifice enough for victory in battle. Ganak no longer trusts Kurn, if he ever did. This internal struggle has made the battle easier on the dragons than they had expected. But Jaled'Dar does not know why it is that the resistance has been rather weak, and so remains cautious.
Realizing that the critical juncture in time rapidly approaches, forces of discord tempt Emperor Ganak with a dragonbane shield that can deflect dragonfire and Warmaster Kurn with dragonbane defenses by teaching several of the iksarIksar necromancers how to perform draconic sacrifices to enchant weapons with a deadly dragonbane enchantment. The result is a sizeable squad of elite iksar combatants with the ability to dispatch dragons. These forces will be more than enough to turn the tide of this conflict against the mighty Ring of Scale… unless this corruption of time can be repaired.
Emperor Ganak
Ganak draws much of his power from Cazic-Thule. After two generations of warfare with the Ring of Scale, a war that was started by the radical actions of the more aggressive dragons, Ganak wants vengeance for himself and his royal bloodline as well as for the legions of iksar who have fallen to the Ring of Scale.

Warmaster Kurn
Kurn will pursue victory at any cost. He has made the watch tower outside the city his garrison and base of operations. It is from here that he commands the iksar legions, at the behest of his Emperor Ganak.

Eldest and most powerful dragon of the Ring of Scale, his goals include the suppression of the Sebilisian Empire through domination and warfare. Frustrated and enraged, Jaled'Dar is willing to enlist any assistance necessary to assert the rightful dominance of the Ring of Scale.
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Re: Domi SOD Progression

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Invasion of Earth
During the Elder Age of Norrath, the first Rallosian forces led by the great ogre Murdunk invaded the Plane of Earth - the realm ruled by The Rathe, Council of Thirteen. Under the command of Rallos Zek, the Warlord, Murdunk was instigated to invade this realm by Rallos Zek's son, Eriak. The goal was simple for Murdunk - he wanted to prove to Rallos Zek, the Warlord, that he was worthy to lead the forces of Zek throughout Norrath.
A great battle ensued and many guardians of earth perished along with numerous members of Murdunk's Rallosian army. To their dismay, the invasion was destined to fail because of the regenerating ability that The Rathe possessed. When a member of the Council of Thirteen was slain another would replace it. This gave them great advantage and although many of their guardians had been defeated, The Rathe emerged victorious. Those Rallosians not slain were thrown from the plane by the wards of The Council of Thirteen.
News of the defeat spread quickly across the Rallosian Empire. Such a dramatic failure angered Rallos Zek. He was not content to wait for the heavily scarred and injured Murdunk to recuperate and chose to enlist master tacticians and proven war heroes Tallon and Vallon. Although he was extremely disappointed with Murdunk's previous failure, Rallos Zek decided to allow him to accompany his horde in this second assault hoping to make use of the knowledge that Murdunk had acquired in his previous battles in the Plane of Earth.
With the power of the Warlord behind them, Tallon and Vallon rallied the legions of children of Zek and entered the Plane of Earth. This invasion was only partly successful – though the Rathelings' power source remained untaken, the members of the Rathe Council were captured and brought to Norrath, where one of them was executed. Where this Rathe member fell, the Rathe Mountains were raised, and Lake Rathetear formed. The Rathelings were incensed at these brazen attacks, and mourned the death of the thirteenth council member; for one of them to die in Norrath was permanent and irreversible.
While Rallos Zek was unquestionably the greatest warrior ever to exist, he knew little of the inner working of the Planes of Power. Rallos Zek was ultimately scarred and disfigured by the same wards that had banished Eriak and he lay silently regenerating in the Plane of War while the reborn Rathe exacted vengeance on the army's leaders. As the leader of the ogre nation and Zek army, Murdunk was slain.
To protect their realm from further fruitless attempts at invasion, the Rathe Council placed a curse upon all creatures of Zek. In this they were aided by several other members of the pantheon. The curse spread rapidly through the lush homelands of the giants and froze all of the lands, now known as Everfrost. The curse swept the lands of Norrath, striking any child of Zek that it touched, turning all followers of Zek into lesser beings in mind and body.
Tallon and Vallon, sensing their inevitable demise at the hands of the curse of the pantheon, called out to Rallos Zek to deliver them. Rallos Zek was sufficiently renewed by this time to summon Tallon and Vallon to his plane to escape the curse of the pantheon, but was unable to save the rest of his creations. Realizing that Eriak surely knew of the ward that protected the Plane of Earth and had failed to tell him of it, Rallos Zek brought the crippled form of Eriak before him. Rallos Zek tore from him the essence of warfare, tearing it into its more base elements and imbuing them to Tallon and Vallon, the two mortals who were able to succeed where Eriak had failed.
Eriak still retains a piece of the essence of war in his shattered and disfigured frame, but was banished to the lower levels of Drunder, the Fortress of Zek, to help in the menial tasks of forging weapons for his father's armies. To this day the great form of Rallos Zek bears the scars from the ward of The Rathe beneath his blackened war armor, a silent reminder of the failure of his son.
This is a pivotal moment in the history of Norrath. It is here that the forces of Discord plan to strike. Success by the Rallosians would mean that war would prevail on Norrath, and isn't war a form of destruction, of discord?

The Korascian Warrens
The Korascian Warrens is the key invasion route for the Rallosian forces as they battle their way into the Rathe Council Chamber. This area of the Plane of Earth is adjacent to both the Rathe Council Chamber entrance and the portal to Toskirakk. The bulk of the Rallosian Army is in a siege camp in the northern canyon, facing the entrance to the Rathe Council Chamber.

The Warrens is named for the great frog Korascian Prime, who has guarded the approach to the Rathe Council for centuries. Now he and his minions are sequestered in the west astride the line of the Rallosian advance, battling ill-equipped Rallosian slaves who are sent in to distract the frogs. Many such slaves end up succumbing to Korascian Prime's mesmerization powers and become thralls.
Korascian Prime's original lair was destroyed by the Discordians with a great magical disjunction. This left a massive rift in the northeastern limb of the Korascian Warrens, exposing the Plane of Earth's elemental crystal core, and venting out a new order of crystalline monstrosities which hate all other forms of life.
The Rathe Council Chamber
The Rathe Council Chamber is the original seat of The Rathe beings who govern the Plane of Earth. Its appearance reflects the essence of the powerful beings who rule here. Great stonework vaults linked with tunnels define the interior, which is patrolled by stone golems and guarded by many different kinds of creatures native to the Plane.

The Rallosian Army is attempting to destroy all thirteen members of The Rathe Council to seal Rallos Zek's dominion over the Plane of Earth as well as Norrath. Should this happen, with Rallos gaining control over the source of the Rathelings' magic, the balance of power among the gods would tilt inexorably in Rallos Zek's favor, and Norrath would enter an age of endless disorder and destruction.
Toskirakk is the original capital city of the ogres and the mightiest bastion of the ancient Rallosian Empire. The slave-mine within is a platinum mine where much of the currency used in Norrath's future would originate. With the growing dominance of their Empire, few outsiders remain as free people and the slave warrens grow crowded.
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