Korafax Named

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Korafax Named

Postby Leiph » Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:13 am

Taken from TSW:

Attendant Xixkt: (shield)

Spawns during the first Korafax group instance task (killing the shearspawn). Spawns in the large circle room in the south east section room. Spawns directly on top of the west most of the mobs required for task (can't think of tehre name but they are red, short, ugly, and the only time they are found in Korafax is in this task). Will either spawn or not spawn 13mins 40seconds into the task. Seems very common (3 spawns in 3 Instances for me).

Chainrender: (2 handed weapon)

Spawns during teh first Korafax group instance task (killing the shearspawn). Spawns in the alrge circle room in the south east section of the room. Spawns as a static mob on the outside of the circle and will be the third static mob to your right if entering the room and going around the circle. Will either spawn or spawn as a PH 13mins 40seconds into the task. Seems more rare then Attendant (1 pop in 3x I did the instance).

Dire Feran Mindrender: (warrior only weapon)

Spawns in normal Korafax zone. PH is any of the 3 roaming Ferans located just outside of the castle area and right before the field area. Spawns fairly commonly (5 in 4 hours for me).

Grg`nok: (back)

Spawns in the field, almost always up.

Noc Bloodswarmer: (Mask)

Spawns in the first large circular room. Spawns in the upstairs of that room. Any Noc can be a pher, including the roamer. Seems to be more rare then the names located in the field (3 in about 9 hours for me).

Pixxt Deathbinder: (Neck/Earing)

Spawns in the large circular room to the south east. Any static Anuek or Ikaav can be the pher (possibly roamers but me, nor anyone else I have talked to, have seen it pop from a roamer). Been rare for me. (3 in 12 hours).

Spikemangler: (range)

Spawns in the third group instance task (Meeting Adjorned). Spawns in the same location that Mindrender does in non instance zone. Will either spawn or spawn as a PH a little over 14mins into the task. I had him not spawn in 5 straight tasks then spawn every time in the next 3 tasks I got. Every time I got him to spawn I was sitting outside of castle waiting for him to spawn and every time he didn't spawn I was sitting in the castle at the zone in, but I am almost certain that was just a coincidence (spawned 3 out of 8 times for me).

Hope this is helpful to someone. I know I couldn't find much information on the names in instances, and getting an instance waiting 15mins then checking every location in the zone to see if a named pop was a huge annoyance. If anyone else has any information on the rest of the names I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: Korafax Named

Postby Llayne » Tue Dec 23, 2008 4:17 pm

Grg'Nok is almost always up, unless they fixed this with the patch. He also drops a pretty nice earring: Fingerbone Earring. The other thing about him is that his assist range is insane....so if you're planning on hunting in the area, find him and kill him first or he'll drop in and say hello very unexpectedly. He roams.

Bazu Warsmasher also drops a nice back item (Cloak Impervious- the type 3 seems to be his common drop) and the chest essence for Tier 5 armor. Any bazu can be his placeholder.

Overlord Gevalark the Dread randomly spawns from the portals and roams around, and drops a nice priest ring: Signet of the Dread Lord. When you see him up, he's surprisingly easy to pull single, so don't hesitate to grab him before he despawns.

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