Warrens and Tosk raids

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Warrens and Tosk raids

Postby Zzzapp » Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:02 pm

Showdown at the Crystal Core
Requirements- 4 Ulgrin tasks + The Crystal Bloom(quest)
Phrase- Assistance


The goal of this raid is to destroy the Crystal Tyranont for the dwarves.
Phase 1

First up is a trash clear. You'll need to kill all the trash from the dwarves to the tyranont's area at least, the trash is fairly thin and dies easily. You can clear all the way around very quickly if you wish.
Phase 2

With trash clear head back to Kaigrun Darkhammer and gather the raid around him. Once around 90% of the raid is in range he will emote and trigger the script. The tyranont will begin to emote:
# My minions, arise and remove the dwarves from our realm.

When it does this a wave of crystal adds spawn at the tyranont and begin to path to the dwarves. Each wave consists of 1-3 sets of 4 mobs, each set being 1 Nexiont (sphere) and 3 others. If you kill the sphere the other 3 in that set are reduced to 0% health. All of the adds are mezzable. If these adds reach the dwarves they will fight and if any of the named dwarves are killed you lose. The duration between add waves is consistant between attempts but varies between waves. The time between waves goes like this:

35, 50, 95, 95, 95, 125, 165, 205, 245, 215, 185, 155, 125, 95, 65

So between the first and second you get 35 seconds, between second and third you get 50 seconds, etc... The add waves continue until the tyranont is dead. If you agro the tyranont and blur the event will fully reset so avoid agro'ing before you are ready. The tyranont is tethered to his room and tethering him strips all debuffs and spawns an extra wave of adds. If you push him into a wall it can cause it to tether as well

When engaged the tyranont has a varied bag of tricks. For starters is "Tyranont Crystallization", which gives you a crystal illusion, increases melee damage taken, and has 9 curse counters. Comes in both single target and AE versions. Next is "Tyranont Transfiguration" and "Tyranont Transformation" which all illusion you, damage the curer if cured, and either improve or debuff your healing, melee damage, and spell damage while doing dot damage as well. Luckily the fight is short enough that once engaged you can simply ignore most of the AEs, just keep your tank cured (so he doesn't take extra damage) and dps him to 0 hp. Anybody on a mount is immune to these AEs since they can't be illusioned.

When it dies any wave adds still standing despawn, loot appears, and the lockout is generated.

Fall of Toskirakk
Requirements- Rallos Returns(raid)
Phrase- liberate the Rathe beings


The goal of this raid is to stop Rallos from slaughtering the Rathe Council and absorbing their power.
Phase 1

The first step is a lengthy trash clear. Due to the timed nature of the event you'll want to kill as much trash as you can before you trigger. Avoid the circular room in the middle since you can start the event by agroing Warden Gulgreth. The trash here is not a joke, it hits fairly hard though still dies easily. Once everything is dead, including the north and south wings, move back to the central area to beging phase 2.
Phase 2

When you agro Warden Gulgreth you will get an emote from Rallos about performing a ritual to absorb the council's power, this signals the start of the hour long timer to complete the raid. Warden Gulgreth is a pretty trivial mob. He can cast Warden's Embrace, a single target snare + 3500/tick dot. While you are fighting him you will get a few ogre adds, but nothing serious. Once he is dead you will loot a Rallosian Prison Key from his corpse.
Phase 3

The next step is to rescue the councilmen in the north cells. Use the key to enter the area and open their cells. This will trigger a 5 minute ring event where waves of ogres will attack trying to reach and kill the council. Some of them are mezzable, some can be charmed, but all need to die. After 5 minutes the councilmen will tell you they have completed their gate and despawn, but 1 is missing. It is being experimented on by Rallos and the discordlings to the south.
Phase 4

Guarding the final councilman are 4 named ogres, Ward Sergeant Grothak, Razzok, Ulgok, and Kurg. They all have significant melee dps, AE rampage and each has a trick. Grothak constantly blurs himself. Razzok flurries. Ulgok randomly shadowsteps onto someone on his agro list. Kurg "dislodges boulders" which creates an aura at that spot which does 8k damage repeatedly as long as you are in the area. If that wasn't enough, all 4 need to die at nearly the same time. Shortly after any die the others gain its abilities, enhanced regen, and heightened melee dps. Once all 4 are dead the gate opens and you can reach the councilman. Simply kill the discordians (they don't fight back and have very little hp) and you win. Rallos will kill the councilman (which formed the Rathe Mountains) but not receive his power.
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