Rathe's Council Chamber raids

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Rathe's Council Chamber raids

Postby Zzzapp » Mon Jun 29, 2009 3:24 pm

The Brothers Zek
Requirements- Showdown at the Crystal Core(raid)
Phrase- I'm Willing


The goal of this portion of the raid is to defeat Tallon and Vallon Zek who are attempting to break into the Rathe's sanctum.
Phase 1

Hardly qualifing as a "phase" you need to clear about 10 trash mobs to reach the brothers. Nothing fancy. Once dead you trigger the second phase by saying "We challenge you" to either Zek.
Phase 2

Arguably the most challenging event pre-tower. There are 4 main factors to handle for this raid:

* Tallon Zek - Rooted on the left side of the room. Has a significant, but avoidable, melee dps. He frequently casts Tallon's Balance, a long range AE that lowers all resists by 525. He also has an array of targeted AE's that do a variety of things (dd, dot, snare, hate reduction, etc). Also every so often he choose a spot with the most PC's and emotes to everybody at that spot:

Tallon Zek appears to be taking aim at this area

Everybody in range also gets a red text popup as well. Shortly after the emote he fires a Large DD to anybody still in that area.

* Vallon Zek - Rooted on the right side of the room. Also has a significant melee dps as well as AE rampage. He casts Vallon's Subversion on the tank, which reduces agro by 100% with 42 curse counters. He also hits the tank with Tactical Strike, an unresistable FD with a 4 sec stun. Additionally he has a 125 range AE Vallon's Precision which is a small dot, ac debuff, and an agro Increaser making it very easy to pull agro off a debuffed, FD'd tank. He has a self buff that can't be removed that decreases any nuke cast on him. And finally every so often he spawns 3 clones. The clones hit hard, but despawn after 6 seconds or so making them more like a temp swarm pet.

* The Adds - These comprise the major difficulty of the event. Periodically throughout the event you get waves of adds that can spawn from any door leading to the room. They come in a variety of flavors, each with a special weakness:

a Rallosian warbrute, Giant, Fire and Slash
a Rallosian provost, Ogre, Fire and Blunt
a Rallosian priest, Ogre, Cold and Blunt
a Rallosian skirmisher, Goblin, Cold and Pierce
a Rallosian flamespeaker, Goblin, Cold and Pierce
a Rallosian archer, Goblin, Stun and Pierce
a Rallosian salvebringer, Orc, Stun
a Rallosian marauder, Orc, Stun
a Rallosian warmaster, Giant, Snare and Slash

If the adds aren't picked up they will quickly go after healers, the flamespeakers will cast large damage AEs, the archers will start shooting, the giants will cast a short range AE stun, etc... In short, kill them as they spawn.

* Balance - To make matters interesting Tallon and Vallon must remain balanced throughout the event. If they get more than 10% out of balance the weaker zek heals up and they swap locations causing much havoc. Additionally it appears that the closer to balanced they are the fewer adds you get and Tallon does his location bomb less frequently.

When both Zeks are down to 10% they won't go lower until all adds are dead. Once all adds are dead And they are both at 10% you get some emotes about them leaving, the chest spawns, and the door south opens for the Eriak event.

Eriak's Downfall
Requirements- The Brothers Zek on lockout(raid)
Phrase- I'm Willing


The goal of this portion of the raid is to stop Eriak Zek from breaking the seal guardian the Rathe sanctum.
Phase 1

The first phase is dealing with Xadrith the Voice, an ikaav guardian Eriak. Saying "stop" triggers the event and activates her. Xadrith herself is permarooted and casts Beguilement, a single target charm, Discordant Feedback, an AE mana drain + dot, and Color Blaze, an AE stun. While dealing with Xadrith, peroidically ra'tuk adds spawn. These are mezzable, and if not killed or mezzed quickly they spawn additional adds. Meanwhile there are a half dozen non-targetable Kyvs around the room that send out targeted emotes about aiming at people. These are same emotes as MPG events, directing you to either "stand still", "you should move", or "you should duck". If you fail to do what you are told, you are DT'd. When Xadrith dies the kyv's stop emoting but remaining adds do NOT despawn.
Phase 2

When Xadrith and all of the phase 1 adds die, Eriak goes active. Eriak has a very strong AE rampage and during the battle every 5-10 seconds he chugs a random potion. These can either increase his melee mitigation, increase his DS, a significant HoT, grant a defensive stun proc, haste himself, or increase his melee output. He also casts Dirty Fighting which is an AE blind + accuracy debuff and Caltrop, an AE snare. Meanwhile periodically you get a wave of adds spawning, these are the same type adds you get in Brother's Zek portion of the raid. You must bring Eriak to low health and have all adds dead to win, at which point you get some lore emotes about Rallos being ticked at his sons' failure to break in.

Rallos Return
Requirements- Eriak's Downfall(raid)
Phrase- accept


The goal of this raid is to protect the Rathe Thaumatox from Rallos Zek.
Phase 1

When you open the door the event starts. You enter the room to see a wave of rallosian ogres attacking a few rathe mobs. Your first goal is to kill all the ogres, but be warned that the rathe creatures Will attack you even though you are trying to save them. Leading the ogres is Murdunk who "should" go inactive to continue the script. You have approximatly 3:15 before phase 2 begins, regardless if you have killed all the ogres off by then.
Phase 2

You will get an emote from Rallos telling Tallon and Vallon to kill the councilmen and they both spawn. At this point you need to kill both of them, but you can do so one at a time. Tallon constantly mem blurs and has a short range AE. Snare can land but has no effect, and root breaks easily. Meanwhile Vallon is rootable and has his normal deagro proc and small AE that increases agro. If either of them manage to kill a council member you lose and the event resets, but you can let the council members dps them to help get them dead.
Phase 3

When Tallon and Vallon are both dead Rallos himself spawns. He is attacked by some rathe themed trash and tries to make his way towards the back room where the Thaumatox is. If he reaches it you lose and the event resets. The Thaumatox can be picked up by a player but if that player dies you lose and the event resets. Rallos constantly memblurs and has some minor AEs, but isn't much of a force. DPS him till he despawns to win. The chest spawns in the back room along with Druzzil and Solusek who give a little speech about saving the Rathe Council.

The entire event is VERY prone to bugs and oddities. You will need to play a lot of it "by ear". If Murdunk doesn't go inactive you will need to root/kite him. If the council kills Vallon or Tallon, you'll need to be ready for Rallos when the other dies. If the initial ogres reach the council they can manage to fail the event quickly. Sometimes it won't properly reset on a wipe if people are hovering. It is never quite the same raid twice.
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