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Alt Access: Qvic

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2006 6:56 am
by Dashun
Can view alla's entry here or read below.
Raise Nihil faction
Raise Yunjo Slave Resistance faction

Walkthrough to Alternate Qvic Access

Tulima Erandi in Riwwi is the trigger. You need at least warmly faction, otherwise do the feed the slaves quest. Her loc is 849, -669.
Before you can hail her, you need to kill the three trash mobs around her.

You say, "Hail, Tulima Erandi."

Tulima Erandi breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Danaldor. I have no doubt that those hynids would have torn me to shreds had you not intervened. The legion is ruthless as it is cruel. They care nothing about their maltreatment of my land or its people." She leans forward and speaks in a hushed tone, "Listen up. On my last escape attempt I met up with a yunjo named Dramudi. He swore to me that he had overheard one of the Mastrug describing how to cross the barrier into Qvic, the Prayer Grounds of Calling without the need for fragments of the High Temple. This process is much less treacherous than venturing into the depths of Uqua and Ikkinz, but would require an escort to Qvic for completion. This may affect your decision on whether to pursue this, but the least I can do to repay your kindness is offer you a look. Are you [interested], Danaldor?"

You say, "I am interested"

Your faction standing with Yunjo Slave Resistance got better.

Tulima Erandi slips a Stone Statuette into your palm. "Give this to Dramudi. When we fled from our captors he carved it for me, as a gift. He will know that I entrusted you with it and give you further information. Farewell, Danaldor. I will attempt to leave this place for good. Pray that I am not recaptured."

You receive a Stone Statuette.

Next, head to Barindu to find Harvester Dramudi. His loc is -68, 472.

You say, 'Hail, Harvester Dramudi.

Harvester Dramudi pauses at his work. 'Hold up for a moment. That's the statuette I carved for Tulima! Let me see it, please!'

You give a Stone Statuette to Harvester Dramudi.

Harvester Dramudi says 'So . . . You saved her from a fate worse than death, eh? Thank you. I care little for my own life, but Tulima is precious to me. Her freedom and well-being is worth more than all the platinum in the world. I will tell you what you wish to know. I overheard Mastruq Oltix complaining a few weeks back . . . You see, Oltix is the overseer of the harvesters. He helps run things here but he has great aspirations: ambitions that far exceed his abilities. He wishes to [ascend in the ranks] of the legion and find a place in Qvic among the more powerful Muramites.'

You gain experience!!

You say, 'ascend in the ranks'

Harvester Dramudi says 'From what I was able to gather, this is how it works. The Muramites have organized their forces such that the most powerful and high-ranking officials preside over the temples of Qvic and beyond. They wear [ornamentation] that serves as both badges of accomplishment and as a means to break through the [barrier]. To obtain this ornamentation, they must undergo a series of tests to prove their adeptness in various aspects of strength, loyalty, cunning, and arcane power. Oltix was able to prove his loyalty to the legion without a shadow of a doubt, but his other abilities were found . . . Lacking. He was furious. He screamed and ranted for hours, and I took the opportunity to [eavesdrop].'

You say, 'eavesdrop'

Your faction standing with Nihil got better.

Harvester Dramudi says 'I listened while he fumed and carried on. Oltix has a decorative belt that he earned for demonstrating his loyalty. I've seen it myself. Though one would think he would show pride in his achievement, it only serves to remind him of his successive failures and that he will never realize his aspirations. He's gone nearly mad with rage, blaming everyone but himself for his shortcomings. He takes out his anger and frustration on innocent slaves, Danaldor. I want you to kill him, and I want to know that he died by my blade. Take this stone carving knife and plunge it into his black heart. As for me, I'm going to look for Tulima again. I hope she and I can be reunited. Good luck.'

You receive a Stone Carving Knife.

The next step is to kill Overseer Oltix in Barindu. His loc is -177, -38. The Stone Carving Knife must be equipped, and you have to hit him with it. Once you've hit him with it, it poofs.
When you kill him, you receive Riftbreaker's Belt and Oltix' Weekly Reports. Read the reports, they lead you to the next step in Kod'Taz.

Head to Kod'Taz and find Pixtt Nemis in the trial 8 area, loc is -490, -930. Pixtt Nemis does not see invis. With the belt in your possesion,
Pixtt Nemis says, "Aha, thought you could catch me off guard, didn't you? Sem'tach sent assassins but she didn't know I was prepared. Guards, kill them. Kill them all."

At this, two Pixtt Nemis's Guards spawn. They hit for about 600. Killing them makes Pixtt Nemis targettable and he auto attacks. Kill him, then Sem'tach spawns instantly in his spot. Kill him and receive Riftbreaker's Right Bracer and Nemis's Personal Diary.

Now, head to Yxtta and find a malicious trusik. It is at loc -1090, -1600.

You say, 'Hail, a malicious trusik'

a malicious trusik says 'Hail yourself, Danaldor. The mere sight of you disgusts me. You're just like all the rest of them - here seeking honor and glory without giving a second thought to those who were displaced by this invasion. Greed is your motivation. I can see it in your eyes. The only way to get your attention is by waving around artifacts and other magical trinkets. Hmph. No better than the Legion of Mata Muram. Oh, you think you're so different? [Prove to me] that you share nothing in common with the rest of the filthy invaders, then.'

You say, 'i will prove to you'

a malicious trusik says 'Very well! You should know beforehand that I have nothing to offer. All you will gain for assisting me is the unwanted attention of some extremely angry Muramites. Perhaps Ikaav Quyes herself would make an appearance if you do the job adequately. Yes, I said adequately. I would expect nothing more from you, Danaldor. From here in this dank cave, there is not much we can do to retaliate against the legion, but the indigenous creatures have given me a wonderful idea. If we were to forge a potent toxin from the denizens of these caverns and used it to poison the water supply in Yxtta, that would get their attention. That would remind the invader scum that we're still here, and that we're not about to let them thrive in comfort while we rot away in the darkness! [Still interested], Danaldor, or do you have more pressing matters to tend to?'

You say, 'i am still interested'

a malicious trusik wrings her hands, almost unconsciously, 'Yes. This will be quite a treat. Seek out the cragbeast and recover three globules of their bile. The spiders might put up a bit of a fight, but we will need three of their venom sacs. Lastly, you will need to crack open the mandibles of the crag beetles and find three helpings of their spittle. When you have all you need, combine them in this container and return it to me for the final touches.'

You receive Reinforced Poison Satchel.

From the Primal side in Yxtta, collect 3 cragbeast biles, 3 cavespider venom sacs, and 3 cragbeetle spittles. Combine them in the Reinforced Poison Satchel to create Full Reinforced Poison Satchel. Take the new satchel back to a malicious trusik and turn it in, text says

a malicious trusik goes to work immediately, extracting toxins from the components you provided. She mixes the results in a vial and presents it at arms length. "Ugh, this smells horrible. Get it away from me, Danaldor. Stop wasting time standing around here, playing with the beetles. Take this to the statue puring water into the basin, and prepare for a quick retaliation from the legion. They won't be pleased that their primary source of water has been tainted. "

You receive Vial of Foul Toxins.

You gain experience!!

The statue that the trusik refers to is in Yxtta. When you get close to it, Pixxt Quyes will spawn. Kill him and loot Riftreaker's Left Bracer and Centaur Figurine Sketch for the GoD charm quest. Be careful with this step, because it can be messed up and then you'll have to hunt the 9 drops from Yxtta again.

Head to Qvic and kill Cynosure Kvanjji or Iqthinxa Karnkvi and loot Riftbreaker's Binding.

...the required faction for this quest is both Nihil and Yunjo Slave Resistance. You MUST have warmly with both to complete this, unless you have someone else do the first parts as mentioned in previous posts.

"Once you have obtained the four armor pieces, equip them and zone into Qvic. You are now flagged for Qvic access."
You have to zone into Kod'taz FIRST at the zone before you can get to qvic using Madrona.