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Emporer Draygun Strat Discussion

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:48 pm
by Blabberpuss
Brother Dark Water can be found at -980, 750, 84 in Undershore. This is outside the building containing Jarzarrad the Prophet, in the South West of the zone.

Ruins of Illsalin: Enter the Nargilor Pits

Need task stage description.

The Nargilor Pits: Defeat Emperor Draygun, the Lich King

Emperor Draygun fears you now. He knows you gather an army to end his reign over the ruins of Illsalin. He knows the power you posess [sic]. And he knows that you will find him.

Confront him in the Nargilor Pits. He waits for you there.

Upon zoning in to the Nargilor Pits:

Your task 'Emperor Draygun (Raid)' has been updated.


You have entered The Nargilor Pits.

A powerful spirit is drawn into your own and you immediately recognize it as a shade of Draygun the Emperor. His dim essence causes a change in the Curse of Blood that you bear. Your blood burns. Your muscles and bones begin to ache. Your mind screams, but years of hard-won experience with the arcane enable you to silence it. Somehow you sense that Draygun also bore the Curse of Blood and in a brief moment you sense an even greater, darker presence that eludes you.

On zoning in to the Nargilor pits you will immediately be hit by an unresistable spell, Draygun's Touch. It cannot be dispelled and lasts 15 minutes. The effect depends on how many bosses in the "curse set" you have encountered:

1st: Decrease Mana by 5 per tick, Decrease Hitpoints by 10 per tick
2nd: Decrease Mana by 10 per tick, Decrease Hitpoints by 20 per tick
3rd: Decrease Mana by 15 per tick, Decrease Hitpoints by 30 per tick
4th: Decrease Mana by 20 per tick, Decrease Hitpoints by 40 per tick
5th: Decrease Mana by 25 per tick, Decrease Hitpoints by 50 per tick

The zone is patrolled by red-con Illsalin mobs such as:

an illsalin soldier
an illsalin war chaplain

Once killed, they do not appear to repop.

Emperor Draygun, the Lich King, stands in the middle of the south wall in the south-most hall in the zone. Next to him is an untargetable floating book "Shadow Spine".

Once you engage Draygun, Shadow Spine will spawn five undead "a lost soul" in waves two and a half minutes apart. In each wave, the five will spawn at intervals of a couple of seconds, helping with targeting.

The "a lost soul" are not fast movers but do warp badly. They hit for up to 1750. It is essential that they are killed fast or they will despawn and make Draygun stronger.

Emperor Draygun absorbs the power of the shadow into himself, growing in strength.

His hitpoints will go up and he will hit harder.

Killing these souls causes the following faction hits:

+ Scions of Dreadspire
+ Agents of Dreadspire
+ Free Traders of Malgrinnor
- Fallen Guard of Illsalin

When undead Draygun reaches 85% health then live Emperor Draygun will pop.

Emperor Draygun says 'Adventurers, normally I would slay you for even entering my fair city, but I see your efforts against this evil. Please, I must have your help to heal this corruption and restore health to my people.'

At this point, any damage done to undead Draygun will heal him, and any heals done to undead Draygun will harm him...

Emperor Draygun's lifeforce returns for a moment, as he feels enormous pain.

Emperor Draygun absorbs the magical energies of the spell.

It takes very little damage done to undead Draygun to return him to full health.

Live Draygun will vanish and you can get back to attacking undead Draygun. The same process will repeat at 60% and at 35% health. Note that Live Draygun will only appear once at each checkpoint. Undead Draygun can heal from 85% to (say) 100% health but you won't see live Draygun again until 60% health.

Once you win, you see:

You gain group leadership experience!!

You gained raid experience!!

Your task 'Emperor Draygun (Raid)' has been updated.

You sense something very sinister enter you. It feels warm and slow, purposeful and immense. You know that you have just gained some sort of curse because of the death of Draygun. You know that the thing you have just taken possession of is a curse, evil and frightening, but you also know that it might hold a promise of great power.

If you previously killed other bosses in the "curse set":

Draygun dies, but from his foul corpse is released a powerful curse. It's a curse you have already felt, one that you feel even now. His curse joins yours and brings with it a portion of his corrupt soul. He whispers to you but you can not understand his words. You do know that you will grow weaker as your curse grows stronger. But you also know that this is more than a curse, it is a path to power. If you can follow this path you may be able to seize that power, though it is the power of darkness and blood.

You have improved xxx of Blood y at a cost of 0 ability points.

Level 1: Curse of Blood
Level 2: Affliction of Blood
Level 3: Torment of Blood
Level 4: Temptation of Blood
Level 5: Invitation of Blood

PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 5:47 pm
by xileksis
oooooooo this is the sk path

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 05, 2006 2:01 am
by Speaknoevil
The strat above may seem semi-confusing, or complicated to some, but this is really a simple fight that with everyone paying 100% attention can be an easy win, since we have the dps and abilities to beat it.

I'm gonna keep this simplistic, as less words might help explain it better to some folks.

1) Every 2.5 minutes, Shadow Spine spawns 5 "lost souls." I think some, if not all, can be mezzed. Mez or get some tanks on them asap, and kill them before any can despawn and power up Draygun.

2) At 85, 60, and 35% health, a living version of Draygun spawns. It is essential that all dps stops on the Lich just before and while the live version is up. You can do additional damage to the Lich Draygun at this point in time by healing him. If you do so much as kick him for 5 damage, it could cause him to regen to 100% health.

3) He casts 1 AoE, Curse of the Lich. It has a -1000 Magic Resist check, so don't expect to be resisting this. 2k initial dd, then 500hp/250mana per tick, lasting 1 minute. RGC should do the trick.

Recap: AoE mez/lock down all "lost souls" when they spawn. Assist and burn them down. At 85, 60, and 35, stop all dps on Draygun. While live version is up, heal the Lich version to apply additional damage. When live version despawns, back to damage on Lich. While all this is happening, continue to AoE mez/lock down all "lost souls." Rinse and repeat, we win, and can search for a Feemee corpse. :wink: